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Version 2.2.1
Initial Release September 24, 2020
Last Updated December 06, 2020
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Regional Airports
#Real-Life United States Drag and Drop


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  • Version 2.2.1 December 06, 2020

    The MSFS US World Update modified the field and added some large hills under the hangar that had to be flattened. I also modified one of the hangars on the south side of the field.

  • Version 2.2.0 November 07, 2020

    v2.2.0 11/06/2020 - *MAJOR UPDATE* A bug was introduced in v10.7.0/10.8.0 with the living world config subsystem which causes a CTD if you start at an airport other than KASH pretty much anywhere in at least the Eastern US and Canada. Removing the section assocated with the KASH_LWcfg.xml file from the layout.json will stop the CTD. This release does that, so you can just delete the old install and replace it with this. Unfortunately, it means there will likely be vehicles that normally aren't on the airport driving around.

  • Version 2.1.2 November 05, 2020

    No changes to the airport except recompiled the airport with SDK
    Well, a couple minor changes probably nobody will notice.
    Well, maybe they might, there was a plane that was parked in the wrong direction on the north tarmac, and I reoriented the vehicle parking spots over by the fuel station by Direct Air... You know, while I'm in there, might as well clean it up a bit....

  • Version 2.1.1 October 18, 2020

    Added the windsock over the Midfield Cafe, a couple other small edits.

  • Version 2.1 October 18, 2020

    v2.1 10/18/2020 - Minor revision, edited and properly sized the taxiway signs (I forgot the brackets for the surround around the location), and fixed the signs over by 14 to match what is actually there. Added lighting over by the tower shining on the apron, added another vehicle parking space where fuel trucks typically park in front of the hangar next to the hangar with the restaurant. I haven't confirmed with the airport authorities, but I extended Taxiway Frank to connect with Charlie by passing along the taxiway in front of the tower. I extended Taxiway Charlie along the taxiway in front of the North Hangars all the way to Echo. Added most of the rest of fencing, including gates (which I don't imagine work). Added the windsock over the Midfield Cafe.

  • Version 2.0 October 16, 2020

    MAJOR Update:
    1. Completely redid runways, aprons, taxiways, parking spaces, fuel stations
    2. Added further features such as the compass rose on the RWY14 runup area, some fencing (needs more) and many other details
    3. Added the missing Approaches for the airport ILS, Localizer, RNAV14, RNAV32

  • Launched September 24, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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artifact between 507-508 hangers

Will you make it compatible with SU5/WU6 ? 😊 ? Is it ?



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by FlyingsCool

Thank you so much!!! I hope you can do KLWM as well. I'll be waiting for it! thank you in advance

Love it! I worked at Daniel Webster College for many years and watched the students leaving and arriving at Boire Field. Nice job.

Hi this is amazing can you do KHMT because it is an amazing airport that I always went planespotting at before C-19
I am based at KASH. I have an Arrow tied down there in real life. Nothing like jumping into the JustFlight Arrow III and launching from KASH using your scenery mod. Its the next best thing to burning $50 of AVGAS an hour 😊 I use it nearly every day. Thank you very very much!
First let me say that I really enjoy your work. I wanted to let you know though that there seems to be some sort of conflict with your airports and the new AREX North America add on from LatinVFR. Have you added modifications to any of the ground vehicles? When I place KASH into my community folder, it overrides the new AREX vehicles and gives me back all the default vehicles at every airport.

Thank you for your efforts FlyingsCool. Hope your refresh flying goes well.

Nashua has a special place in my logbook. It was my first "Arrived Alive" endorsement. I flew from KBED my home airport.

Any chance you have fond memories of KBTV?
There's a file in marketplace whose name is too long when it comes to moving the folder.
Hi.. a request.. Could you add a runway texture that looks like this? Its a nice add on but for the runway. If its possible ofcourse. Thank you for the nice job.
Yes, Stephan reported it below and I've found the bug. I'm about to upload a temporary fix, but you can fix it yourself if you remove the following lines from the layout.json*****************************************************************************************************************

"path": "LivingWorld_Config/KASH_LWcfg.xml",
"size": 16505,
"date": 132467763663596029
If you delete those lines, it should cure the CTD.

P.S. Man, I hate that this comment section doesn't support any formatting.
I had constant CTD before entering into the game (after world map, during loading). I have excluded all the mods I have and I discovered that the crash disappeared without your mod only. Please verify.
Sorry, but this Airport crash in Montreal to CTD after the last Update in MSFS
I wasnt expecting someone to do anything with this airport but you proved me wrong! I fly out of Nashua daily as a flight instructor, thank you for giving this little class delta some love!
I had no idea this airport existed, but your history lesson made it a must download for future VFR flying. Thanks!
Excellent. Clever use of the default buildings to emulate the deck at the Midfield Cafe. One of my favorite breakfast places in Nashua! Nicely done.
Downloading now. Thanks for the effort and providing a bit of your history with the airport. I enjoy utilizing airport addons when they mean so much to the designer. I hope to dive in and do my hometown airport, Thanks and take care.

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