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#Photogrammetry #Buildings France Exclusive


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  • Launched September 19, 2020

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A QUESTION TO THE SPECIALISTS, PLEASE: Which one of the 3 Lyon-sceneries would YOU prefer? - This LANDMARKS, or the one by AdrianL? OR CAN I USE BOTH at one time?? Wouldn`t they disturb each other? -- By the way, to my regret I noticed that the third scenery by THALIXTE is much too heavy for my "normal"-good PC - one would need a really strong machine for it, to work fine...
Really good job, I have been using this mod since it came out!

However could you update it to be compatible with the new world update? we now have a modelled basilique de Fourvière/tour métalique/Groupama stadium. Is it possible to remove the 3D data for such model? And only keep the rest?

Un grand merci Vogel69, super les bâtiments de Lyon. Pourriez vous ajouter l'Hôtel Dieu et l'Opéra ?
Merci d'avance

Je suis nouveau, pourriez-vous m'expliquer comment l'installer correctement?
Merci d'avance.
Bien cordialement.
Thank you vogel69! The Fourvière hill without its basilica felt really bare and a little bit useless.

A small remark which wants to be constructive: would it be possible for this basilica to be integrated a little more colorically in its landscape, without giving this impression of addition, of superimposition a little shifted? This remark also applies to many other "landmarks mods". But I am well aware of it: it is certainly easier to say / write than to do.
merci super
Excellent, cela manquait fortement sur Lyon. Merci
@SIM2HEAVEN great! may be it was the way I pack the scenery... Sure I will have a look at your Youtube channel 😉 thx
vogel it work I created the folder lyonlandmark and put all the folder inside.
thanks for u help
fly safe
If you want to see my youtube channel I am talking about you landmark lyon
double checked... start from Lyon Bron ( LFLY) or start here 45.762359, 4.821950
humm... have you a path like that in your "Community" folder ?
..\Community\Lyon Landmarks\
and in this folder all ".json" files and a "scenery" folder
Hi please/ i drag the all folders on my community folder but it doesn't work. Thanks if you have somes ideas

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