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Version 3.1.0
Initial Release September 16, 2020
Last Updated December 15, 2020
File Size 607.30 MB
Downloads 14,244
Status Not Downloaded yet
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#Photogrammetry #Real-Life #Buildings Canada Drag and Drop


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  • Version 3.1.0 December 15, 2020

    Version 3.1.0 - updated to conform to new and stricted MSFS scenery requirements to avoid potential CTD issue. Toronto v3.1.0 is updated to be compatible with my new CYKZ airport scenery. Go buses are added to appropriate locations in GTA. A basic representation for David Dunlap Observatory is added.

    Split into 3 regions. Remove the old version.

  • Version 2.2 September 24, 2020

    - Wilson Station at Downsview
    - Custom modeled and painted TTC Buses and Coach Canada buses at Wilson and my custom Toronto areas
    - Mesh and placement fixes, terraforming fixes
    - Additional 3D objects

  • Version 2.0 September 21, 2020

    File size: 857Mb - make sure you downloaded the latest zip file. 

    New areas:

    CN Tower - improved detailed model, realistic night lighting, red and white strobes

    Bloor One building (missing in default photogrammetry)

    Midtown highrise area

    North York - Younge street highrises area

    Humber Bay Shores, Humber Bay Arch Bridge

    Oakville Trafalgar Hospital with helipad and surrounding area

    Downsview Airport CYZD enhancement - cars, buildings, objects etc.

    Burlington Executive Airport CZBA enhancement - photogrammetry, cars, buildings, objects etc.


    Buttonville CYKZ enhancements - cars, buildings, objects etc.

    Radio towers with beacons in Missisauga/Oakville area

    Scarborough City Centre

    Canada's Wonderland

    Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

    Exhibition place animated Windmill with flashing night beacon


    Oakville Downtown - added lighthouse with beacon

    Mississauga - fixed mesh problems, added a missing building

  • Launched September 16, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Haven't flown night flights in a while (at least 2 updates ago), but night lightning seems to be disabled now. Otherwise great addition

Great Pack, I have confirmed it works in SU6 and featured it in my video here:

Thank you for your generosity! For what you have done to the GTA I am eighty two and not tech savvy by a long stretch! It sure is nice flying over what I am familiar with. I guess the young simmers out there would like everything to be picture perfect but for me the GTA is 100% from the original. I must ask my son how to get you some reward.

has someone tested does this work with SU6

Is this working with SU5

Good job!

This addon is really awesome! For instance it fixed the 'horrible' CN Tower that comes by default with FS2020 (the default tower isn't even lighted at night like the one of this addon). It also does an awesome job improving many areas of the GTA.

The only negative point is that this hasn't been updated for awhile and I suspect that this could be the reason why it takes so much time to load when for example you start a flight from Toronto (specially from the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport).

Really excellent job on this. Especially great work on Canada's Wonderland by blending in the sim vegetation and cutting out the photogrammetry trees. Superb!

Can anyone confirm that its compatible with Update 5. It doesn't look like it is too me but I might be wrong.

EDIT: Yeah just took another flight over downtown and Yonge and Eglinton and I can see why people think this is still compatible after SU5 because the default Toronto Photogrammetry was pretty good to begin with. However, Romans upgrade is monumental.

Even from the screen shoot on this page I can tell they are far superior than what I am seeing in the sim. The first screen shot, 1 Bloor Street east completed (I think that's the correct address). It's one of the tallest building in Toronto but in the sim with SU5 and the pack installed I'm seeing a building under construction with only a few stories up. Hopefully Roman will fix it if its broken and hopefully Asobo will stop reducing the veg and building draw distance. They are ruining the SIM

c est de l excellent boulot modération super bravo

Thank you so much for making this awesome scenery pack! This greatly enhanced GTA VFR flying experience. Great job!

One thing I'm wondering if it's just me or the 2 wind socks at CZBA are pointing the opposite direction?

ROMAN - Thank you very much for your Fantastic Scenery

Excellent work - have had this since your early versions (as well as your payware fields in the area, which are also superb). The one major missing object for the area is the Burlington Skyway bridge, which is a major VFR landmark. Any chance of adding this?

hey wonderful job - Thank you !!

can you just please tell me what is wrong with my FS202 - i get these jagged lines all across the coastline

Thanks in advance.

is this mod still working for anyone?
Unfortunately for those having FPS issues, this is unavoidable when any attempts are made to enhance or improve scenery. Especially using the technology FS2020 uses. It is still a remarkable enhancement to the GTA. I also have been experiencing heavy FPS drops, my question for RomanDesign would be is it possible to use only one or two of the included packages... meaning if I’m more concerned with Mississauga, could i avoid installing Toronto and Oakville? This could in theory help with FPS
Great work, I purchased CYKZ to support your effort. Any chance you expand the scenery pack to Markham/Vaughn/Richmond Hill? Thanks!
I was born here and still to this day live very close by...there's no place like HOME!
I love the extra realism this addon adds. But I do have to turn it off when playing VR, seems to do a hamper on FPS.
Well done, love your work, I am going to purchace CYKZ, 15$ is reasonable for all the hard work, and as a real life pilot flying from that airport it is well modelled and very very accurate, Keep up the good work

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