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Version 1.6
Initial Release December 26, 2020
Last Updated January 12, 2021
File Size 285.50 MB
Downloads 3,653
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Intl. Airports
Italy Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.6 January 12, 2021

    Added ItalFly area

  • Version 1.5 January 09, 2021

    Fixed problem with ModelLib

  • Version 1.4 January 09, 2021

    Added "AVUT Associazione volo a vela UniTrento" area on the south side of the airport

  • Version 1.3 January 03, 2021

    - The construction of the fire station was completed.
    - Improved night lighting in front of hangars.

  • Version 1.2 December 30, 2020

    Added second part of fire department buildings

  • Version 1.1 December 28, 2020

    - fixed compatibility with Bolzano
    - fixed hills on the river
    - added LAGORAIR building
    - fixed runway marking in accordance with the real one.

  • Launched December 26, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Just amazing, better than Payware 😊

Good job! Thanks! Just a little note, the writing of the fire department is wrong, the correct writing in Italian would be "VIGILI DEL FUOCO", not "VIGLI DEL FUOKO".
Amazing, please anyway fix the name of the Fire Station, the correct spell is "Vigili del Fuoco" (not "Fuoko").
great mod! i like very much!
Version 1.6

Added ItalFly area
Version 1.5 is available. Fixed problem with Modellib
Modellib causing scenery issues, Once this is fixed it will work and be a 5*
You need to rename modellib.bgl to something else unique. With the file name modellib.bgl, it gets overwritten by everyone else's mod making the same mistake of using that same file name. The file name was an example used by Asobo, and was not intended to be the actual file name.

This mod will be great when you rename modellib.bgl to some other name. Try LIDTairport.bgl for instance, or anything unique, and then everyone can use your mod without it getting overwritten by the next mod in their Community folder with the same problem! Everyone is getting rid of their mods that have the modellib.bgl file name in them. Thanks!
Thanks for your amazing creations!
In all of your mods you have the generic file location format scenery-mycompany-modellib.bgl would you be able to change the name of the .bgl file to something unique, maybe LIDT-modelLib.BGL to avoid possible conflicts with other mods that have the same location order. this forum thread explains in more detail -
Thanks a lot!
once again, thank you for all your hard work this region and your airports are my favourites they feature on my group
Hi! I really enjoy this airport, however, the parking 999A seems to be completely overgrown by trees for me? i dont know why that is!
Spectacular.. thank you so much
This is way better than some of the stuff you see at simarket this is as payware quality as you can get😊.
As always a wonderful airport thank you so much here in the wet UK and the winter it is a joy to fly into your airports, keep up the good work.
Thank you for these great airports in the Alps !
Version 1.1 is available.
- fixed compatibility with Bolzano
- fixed hills on the river
- added LAGORAIR building
- fixed runway marking in accordance with the real one.
Bolzano and Caproni don't work at the same time yet! There are problems with the texture of the apron. I have found a solution to the problem and will release an update for both airports soon. For now, use only one of these airports in your community folder.
Your airports are excellent! Did I do something wrong with this one?
I see grass in the tarmac and entrance to the runway.
bello se seguivi da google ti accorgevi che il capannone dei pompieri sono due e non uno e cosi piccolo e poi il parcheaggio idroscalo non si puo vedere.
vuoi un consiglio? quando fai un aeroporto attieniti alla realta' cmq bravo alcune cose sono ok
Another nice airport 😊 Respect 😊

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