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Can you suggest an unusual and interesting airport? ))
Yes thank you! I am still working on the details. I learned a way to get rid of the traffic flying over the road. Update soon!
Yes, the church is located on the top of the mountain. This is the first reference point for the approach.
Even ASOBO will not help you with traffic)) They have other priorities. haha.
Apparently the lines along which the cars go have a mesh smaller than a terrain mesh. Therefore, do not follow subtle terrain changes. They fly around the world) Planes bounce for the same reason. As you get closer, the mesh is drawn more accurately. It's in the simulator engine. There is no such thing on a flat airfield. And here there are only holes, hills, slopes and mountains!
Version 1.7 available. The north side of the airport is now photorealistic. Go line up and look around.
Update soon. Photorealistic northern part. https://abload.de/img/3yskhz.jpg
you need to reset the cache in the settings
With the update, TBM takes off perfectly
Did you manage to get rid of the trees?
The cone does not pop out at a great distance now
Version 1.6 is available. Now the runway is perfect!! And I leveled the roof of the hangar with the ground. Uff ...
Thanks for the link) And what artists can help with exact replicas of buildings? I could do it myself, but if there are craftsmen who know how buildings look in reality, that's great.
I saw a thorn from afar too. Apparently this is due to dense terraforming. The reason is that there is a pit. For some reason, its slope is incorrectly displayed at a distance. I can free up space in the hangar))
I am trying to improve the terraform of the runway. It is difficult in such a gorge and with a slope. Now there is a small springboard in the middle that helps to take off, but I will try to get rid of it.
Check the update. Your problem should be fixed.
Version 1.5 is available. The runway is maximally increased. All foreign objects and runway markings have been removed. Adjusted the location of trees. Added custom office building. Other minor fixes.

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