Aircraft Carrier Group - Worldwide Locations

#Experimental United Kingdom

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Version 3.4
Initial Release December 20, 2020
Last Updated July 19, 2021
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  • Version 3.4 July 19, 2021

    Lots of tweaks to the various models and added more for the volume 2 upload.

  • Version 3.3 June 11, 2021

    Main supercarrier replaced by the Dwight D Eisenhower CVN 69.

    Existing models and locations tweaked.

    Juan Carlos L61 added and variants.

    Various new support ships and aircraft added.

  • Version 3.2 May 14, 2021

    Should have cured the carriers that have been eating certain planes on takeoff.

    Three new locations. Two for the USS Midway. One for the Charles de Gaulle, MIstral and Cavour.

    Nimitz replaced.

    New deck vehicles and static aircraft.

    Added the USS Gerald R Ford and HMS Prince of Wales here and there.

  • Version 3.1 April 14, 2021

    Added the USS Midway with Vietnam era aircraft.

    Two new locations for it - ACDS Dixie Station off SE Vietnam and ACGU Guam and it's added to ACYS Yankee Station.

    Added parking spots on each runway so you can start cold and dark.

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Pretty empty over here.


where can i find these when i have installed them? are they at set locations?

Hi there.

another masterpiece, and we also got vol.2 also, wow.

one question though...

I used to rename all mods to have them all well organized but now I wonder

can I still rename this one cause vol.2 will looking the original path, won't it ? :-S

I just spotted A Sea King Chopper on one of the carriers, I used to work on them back during the Vietnam War.

Thanks again!

Great update!!!!!!! It almost makes them look REAL!!!!!!!

I'm currently flying my T45, F15, F22 off the carriers, great work

My throttle cuts every time i try to take off but nice carriers

Absolutely love it - thanks for the fantastic work here. Been having a blast flying in and out of carriers. Out of curiosity, are there any fleets placed that are just one carrier and support ships, rather than all types of carriers together?

How can I add carriers to more locations? Amazing work btw...

Yesterday I took a C208 off the Hebrides carrier, fantastic amount of detail. Today I tried to fly off the SD one but it kept spawning me on, I think, the Zumwalt, so I took of from SD int Airport and flew around the bay. Landing on the QEC is going to be a challenge 😊

Great job as usual dude.

You do some incredible work Superspud. Loved your Scilly Isles and Channel Islands sceneries, and of course - the carrier groups.

I just posted this on the thread for the F22 Raptor freeware plane by Top Mach Studios

"I then managed to do my first ever MSFS CATOBAR landing and launch tonight with this gem of a plane, Superspud's superb Carrier Groups (one just off Uist in the Outer Hebrides) and Touching Cloud's excellent Kinetic Assistant. Several hours of fun!!!" 

Thanks mate!

Wow, this is one of the coolest mods you can add to this sim.

Has been working perfectly for me with damage ON 😊) THANK YOU !

Absolutely unbelievable – if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never have thought that such magnificent aircraft carriers could be hanging around off the Isle of Wight, just waiting for my helicopter to land on them – and so detailed.

Superspud, you are a superstar!

Allways when taking off the simulator sais, you crashed into the water, but I was high enough to normaly not crash.

Can you create a catapult system and maybe some cabels for landing?

I like this a lot.Thanks.Question?? Where does the CSV file for Little Navmap go once i have downloaded it please.Cheers.

Nice to have the aircraft carriers! 😃

But there are no shadows of the aircrafts.


Many many thanks for MIG-29 and SU-33 on the Kuznetsov. Very much appreciated !

very funny and original ... An aircraft carrier in Lake Garda

how do I land on one of them is there a rope or do you have to mainly stop with reverse thrust and brakes?

thanks a million.

this pack has bring a smile to my face since first day and your comments are making me laugh for that same period. "Serbian curling team" omg XD

and please don't sideline Nimitz, that's a true legend and better imho representative of carriers than this new, generic, one.

my favorite period is actually '70 and '80 time, Kitty Hawk, Forrestal, bigE, Midway time. and the planes from that time... sigh. sadly time has tendency to flow as you know.... =(


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