Intl. Airports Mongolia

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  • Version 1.1 January 11, 2021

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    +fixed modellib-bgl (see

  • Launched December 18, 2020

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very nice and in an interesting location, Thank you for making this 😀

Super work and thank you. I used to fly into Ulgii regularly before any RNAV; 16000' MSA and unless you could visually cloud-break it was a one-eighty and return to Ulaangom or Khovd. The guy who would marshall you was ex-military, I'm guessing, because he would give you a crisp (Soviet style) salute as you taxied off stand. Happy days!

If you could continue your Mongolian project with Ulaangom and Khovd airports that would be the west of the country covered.

Nice 'dressed' airport for an extraordinary country!

As far as I can notice no problems in SU6.



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by Blinn

Amazing scenery, what an airport! Just completed the RNAV/Visual approach to runway 31 on a cloudy early evening flight and it was magical. Your sceneries are encouraging me to explore places I've never flown in flightsim!

PAPI lights appear to be misleading on the approach but it's really no problem.

thank you, fantastic work, a safe haven in unforgiving steppe 😉
Wow it's breathtaking. It reminds me so many memories of my time there. Very accurate and beautiful. Fantastic job.
Hi, I put 2 screenshots in Community - Walpapers. #3627 and #3628. Thank you!
Magnifique job
Thank you, and as a Kiwi I really like the Milford Sound scenery
Hey, first of all I really adore that you brought so many unknown aviation gems in such a great detail! One of those interesting locations is also a small airport in South Africa, located in Kruger national park. It have really interesting African traditional design and I will absolutely love to see it in the MSFS. Do you think you could consider making it one day?
great job!

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