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Airpower for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Feel the AIRPOWER - Join the largest airshow in Europe! This addon was created in a collaboration between Mikea.at , Littlekrg , AnelToro089 , LeRoi & me. Cheers guys! Please show these awesome creators some love! AIRPOWER22 will continue the success story of the AIRPOWER event series:...


Feel the AIRPOWER - Join the largest airshow in Europe!

This addon was created in a collaboration between Mikea.at , Littlekrg , AnelToro089 , LeRoi & me. Cheers guys! Please show these awesome creators some love!

AIRPOWER22 will continue the success story of the AIRPOWER event series: it will consist of a military performance show on the ground, as well as demonstrations by the Austrian Air Force, the Flying Bulls and international military aerobatic squadrons and participants from the field of civil aviation, a static show of civil exhibitors from the fields of aviation industry, research and education, and an extensive supporting event at the airfield site, including the Military Aviation Museum.

Airpower will take place at Zeltweg Air Base [LOXZ], now known as Fliegerhorst Hinterstoisser. It is the main airfield of the Austrian Air Force. It was also used as a motor racing circuit in the 1960s, whereas nowadays Formula 1 races take place at the nearby Spielbergring.
Make sure to have Zeltweg Air Base installed in your community folder!


Elevation: 690m / 2264ft
Runways: 08R-26L 2750x60m Asphalt
                 08L-26R 1480x40m Grass
                 02-20 870x40m Grass
Frequenies: Zeltweg Tower 135.375MHz
                    Zeltweg Tower Secondary 118.7MHz
                    Zeltweg Information 132.525MHz
                    Zeltweg Radar 129.475MHz
                    Zeltweg Radar Secondary 132.65MHz

  • Airpower feeling guaranteed
  • Complete Zeltweg area adapted to Airpower including static airplane display, crowd, animated video walls, loudspeakers, parking, an animated hot air balloon and much more
  • 43 different handcrafted airplanes on display
  • Realistic depiction of crowd with 2D people (300000 people in 3D are not feasible)
  • Can you find Waldo?

static display:

  • 3x Red Bull Alpha Jet
  • 3x Saab 105OE (incl. special livery)
  • Antonov AN-2
  • OEBH Cessna L-19 Bird Dog
  • OEBH Black Hawk
  • Red Bull Corsair
  • Olive Air DC-3
  • Xi'an Y-20
  • Belgian F-16 Dream Viper
  • Polish MiG-15
  • Saab Draken Ostarrichi
  • OEBH Eurofighter (including 7LWB and 7LWC special liveries)
  • OEBH Fouga Magister
  • North American Red Bull B-25 Mitchell
  • 7x Patrouille Suisse F5 Tiger II
  • Grumman E-2
  • Saab Gripen JAS39
  • 10x Frecce Tricolori MB339
  • Dassault Mirage 2000
  • Lockheed Red Bull P-38 Lightning
  • OEBH PC-7 + 20y, 30y & 35y special liveries
  • OEBH PC-6
  • Short Skyvan SC-7
  • Suchoi Su-35 Flanker
  • Bell UH-1N Huey
  • OEBH C-130 Hercules
  • Douglas TBD Devastator
  • + standard Asobo planes on display

How to install?

Simply drag the unzipped download  "fsdiscordaustria-airport-loxz-airpower"  folder into your community folder! Don't forget to install Zeltweg Air Base LOXZ, Zeltweg LOXZ Aerial Imagery & Mikea's AssetPack as well!


A big thank you to the awesome team that made this project possible! 
Thank you to Helijah, Robnewman76, Yi Tsung Lee, =rk=, Yksnawel whose airplanes were an awesome base for our modelling and texturing! 
Thank you to Mr. Haiböck & Rene (AirX) for designing and releasing the legendary Saab 105 for MSFS - Check it out!
A big thanks to Chris_Artcore for designing the awesome Austrian Tigers livery in real life.
And of course a big thank you to all of our testers, helpers and knowledgeable people out there! In particular thanks to LeRoi, Scooty and Joe666B. Without you it would not have been possible!

Start up your engines and join the show at AIRPOWER in Microsoft Flight Simulator!
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August 31, 2022
Last Updated
7 month(s) ago — 1.1.1



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Thanked by Troglodytus

salut, ok s11. superbe. J'ai mis des screens. Merci

Thanked by Troglodytus

Thanks Guys, what a great addon - here is a little showcase video https://youtu.be/xxciNoim4G8

Thanked by Troglodytus

Bonjour, merci de France cette scène est géniale, couplée avec l'airport. Merci

absolutely fantastic scenery, but I have only one note.

There are 11 MB-339 of the Frecce Tricolori instead of 10

Thanked by Troglodytus

Traumhafte Atmosphäre;es gibt so viel zu entdecken...da wirds so schnell nicht langweilig

und die Jungs haben sich mit dem hier getriebenen Aufwand ganz nach vorne katapultiert;

einfach ein must have!


Thanked by Troglodytus

Thank you , very,very, very much.


Again a big "Thank you" for this awesome scenery!

Just one little note: On the Fouga Magister there are the letters 4D-YL painted on both wings. This is not correct. There were never any registration numbers on the wings of the real Fougas. Only the Austrian insignias were on the wings. Is it possible to remove those registrations?

Many thanks in advance!

Super Idee mit der Airpower!

Leider kann ich bei mir nur der "leere" Flughafen sehen, so, wie er normalerweise ist. Keine Zusachauer, keine zur Show gehörende Flugzeuge, nichts.

Die Daten habe ich mehrmals gedownloaded, mit verschiedenen Programmen entzippt und in den Community-Ordner gezogen, aber leider hat es nicht funktioniert.

Habt Ihr eventuell noch eine Idee woran es liegen könnte?

Thanked by Troglodytus

Ohne Worte, Einfach Genial, DANKE

Thanked by Troglodytus


Also ihr seit echt krank, das man so etwas tolles machen kann, vielen vielen Dank und meinen größten Respekt

Thanked by Troglodytus


ich habe es heruntergeladen, doch irgendwie bekomme ich keine ZIP DATEI, sondern nur eine 7Z datei die nicht funktioniert. Leider kenne ich mich nicht so wirklich aus!


Wow!!!!! Very detailed and immersive. My only suggestion for an update would be to include "Where's Waldo?"

Thanked by Troglodytus

Nothing to say ... Just amazing. Thanks a lot

Thanked by Troglodytus

Incredible work, thanks!

Thanked by Troglodytus

Genial. Vielen Dank!!

Thanked by Troglodytus

I just had some great fun flying around, and will have to explore more on the ground. Thank you for the tremendous amount of effort you must have put into both the airfield and the display.

Thanked by Troglodytus


Thanked by Troglodytus

Thanked by Troglodytus

Thank you for a fantastic experience. It's a terrible idea to create something like this. The flight sim has a new direction. Enjoy with the plane in front of the public.

Thanks again to everyone for the downloads - fantastic job.



7 month(s) ago
Thanked by Troglodytus

looks so impressive, will try it out later today! is it dynamic or static? i mean assets will appear if you set the date to the date of the airshow, or will they be there all time?

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.1.1 September 13, 2022

    Changelog v1.1.1:

    * Removed unnecessary registration of Fouga Magister texture
    * Revised texture of DC-3
    * Revised normal map of MiG-15

  • Version 1.1 September 09, 2022

    Changelog v1.1:
    Revised addon after real-life Airpower22

    * Adapted airshow layout
    * Adapted parking position of aircrafts
    * Added signs, exit routes, more tents, Red Bull pylons, details ...
    * Added Olive Air DC-3 (base model by Helijah)
    * Added Xi'an Y-20 (base model by =rk=)
    * Added Belgian F-16 Dream Viper (base model by Yi Tsung Lee)
    * Added Polish MiG-15 (base model by Yksnawel)
    * Added descriptive signs to all static planes
    * Fixed scaling of Eurofighter Typhoon (was 10% too small)
    * Fixed texture issues on C-130 and added a second livery
    * Corrected Red Bull Corsair to 4-blade prop instead of 3-blade
    * Corrected car park locations

    * Where's Waldo? Can you spot him in the crowd?

  • Launched August 31, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

Why is plane XY or object YZ not included, even though I saw it at the real Airpower22?

Even though the real Airpower22 is template for our addon and we want to give you as close of an experience as possible, including Airpower22 signage, it is simply not possible to model every little detail.
Additionally, sticking to a single event - the addon would be outdated very quickly. That's why our aim was to provide a general "airpower" feeling with planes that used to be at other Airpowers in the past and planes that might be at airpowers in the future!


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