Asobo Cessna Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics Modifications Project Version 1.85

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Version 1.85
Initial Release November 18, 2020
Last Updated August 02, 2021
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  • Version 1.85 August 02, 2021

    -Restored External view Head Up Display instrumentation after SU5 update
    -Corrected flaps setting indicator in HUD to show flaps percentage (previously was showing 0% for all settings).
    -Improved rudder performance for heavy crosswind takeoff and landing and more docile rudder handling in flight.

  • Version 1.84 May 28, 2021

    updates installation, resolves induced drag increase from FU4, increases steering angle at low speeds.

  • Version 1.83a March 10, 2021

    -Fixes omitted removal of ai.cfg reference in layout.json. Version name stays 1.83 for all other references.

  • Version 1.83 March 10, 2021

    -Restores compatibility with March 9 2021 Asobo update. The mod should work for all users once the Asobo update is installed.
    -Important note 1: As of the March 9 update, older versions of Working Title G3000 suite are not compatible with the default Longitude or with the modified version (I have not tested their most recent version). Revert to default avionics (remove Working Title G3000 modifications) until Working Title has an update available that is compatible.
    -Important note 2: Asobo have implemented a mach meter and mach hold setting indicator in the PFD speed tape. They have also fixed the Mach Hold functionality to work properly as altitude changes. These are welcome fixes / improvements. However, the barber pole in the speed tape is now further bugged and is now tied to the Mach meter transition speed (transition between True Airspeed indication and Mach). This is set to Mach 0.78 in the mod (0.79 in Asobo's latest update). This means that once transitioned to Mach readout above approximately Mach 0.78, your airspeed will be in the red. There is no clear fix for this other than doing away with the mach meter except when above Mmo overspeed (Mach 0.84). I've elected to leave this alone for now so we have a functional Mach meter and hope that Asobo will correct in a future update.

  • Version 1.82 March 05, 2021

    Fix restoring tail registration graphic for users who installed 1.81b after reinstalling the default Longitude. Should represent a stable version going forward and avoid this bug appearing in subsequent modification package updates.

  • Version 1.81b March 03, 2021

    fix for users who were having problems with vanishing Longitude or CTD with version 1.81

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Thought I should mention I got here because *stock* longitude gives me a right engine cutout no matter what I do 1-15 minutes after runway start. Problem may go deeper. I was here to look for a possible mod solution.

SU6 has broken this mod for me, warning lights remaining on and constant warning noise relating to i believe the parking break. Also heads up display pitch indicator is not working at all. Hoping for an update as this is a fantastic mod.

according to the thumbs down in the SU6 compatible bar on top, it seems this mod is not flawlessly working in SU6 ?

Most everything works in SU6.

A few of the engine warning lights remain on, though. Asobo fixed the CAS system for the Longitude. These show up on the right side of the PFD.

CAS indicators like Cabin Diff Press (not always), Oil Press, Main Gen, Ignition, AP ON YD OFF and Auto Sel

Fantastic mod! It seems that SU6 has fixed the dreaded Direct To problem in the avionics. The Longitude with this mod is now almost perfect.

If possible, when updating for SU6 can you fix another long-standing issue: the Avionics bus is never enabled in this aircraft, and there is no switch in the cockpit to turn it on. The result is that my Saitek panels won't activate unless I hotkey avionics on.

Any chance for a timely update for SU6? MS broke so much stuff once again... it's a real pity they force those updates on us. I'd love to be flying my Citation soon again!

Thank you! The oscillation was making me seasick... 😊

OUTSTANDING!!! Give this guy a medal! No more sloshing left and right. Now my OnAir passengers won't get seasick.

Hello! Sorry to ask a question here, the whole site is in German and I don't know where I could ask, so my apologies.

What is the difference with the "OnAir" version compared to the regular version? My friends and I are heavily invested in our AirHauler2 company and I didn't know if maybe the OnAir version would help affect the cargo capacity, MTOW, or any of the other important values for a virtual airline company.

Finally, you made Longitude flyable. I always liked it more than CJ4, so I'm really glad that you made this improvement add-on. Thanks and keep it up!



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by dakfly0219

Loving this! Microsoft, hire this guy 😉



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by dakfly0219

Love this mod. Thanks for your hard work darkfly, brilliant work



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by dakfly0219

NAV lights are no longer working on my end after WU6.

EDIT: Looks like when using 'Travel To' you have to toggle the light switches on the over head panel. Sorry for the false alarm.

Anyone having problems with incorrect altitudes from ATC. started after update 5

I was on a flight just now and midway the captain PFD & MFD went blank then after about 15 mins the 1st officer's displays went blank, in fact the whole cockpit was dark and I had to abort the flight. Has anyone seen this? I will try again without the WT G3000.

CTD with this mod, even thought it says it works with SU5. OEM Longitude does not CTD.

Hi, I ask a question, is it possible to add Cessna Longitude to the standard MSFS (not Deluxe) ?

Does the mod affect all other liveries of the Longitude we add into the sim?

I down loaded and installed 1.85 but it doesn't work for me since sim update five. Not sure why. The aircraft basically doesn't fly. The other aircraft in my community folder like the working title CJ4 and fly by wire A32O were also effected. I have managed to get the A320 working. Any suggestions?

I am experiencing an instant sim crash when trying to load this mod. G3000 mod by WT is also installed. Does anyone know a solution for this?

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