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Asobo Cessna Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics Modifications Project Version 1.96

Sept. 26, 2022: SU10 Compatible update now available.  IMPORTANT, READ FIRST Installation / Mod Package Notes:  You must have the deluxe premium edition of MSFS 2020 with the stock Longitude model to use this Mod. This mod is not a stand-alone aircraft. If you install...

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Sept. 26, 2022: SU10 Compatible update now available. 

Installation / Mod Package Notes: 

  • You must have the deluxe premium edition of MSFS 2020 with the stock Longitude model to use this Mod. This mod is not a stand-alone aircraft. If you install without, you will see game crashes.
  • You MUST only install one or the other of the two package folders included - the Standard or the OnAir - NOT both, or you will have conflicts or game crashes. Installation is drag and drop into your Community folder - installation elsewhere will not work. If you don't know how to do this, there are many resources available to show you how to do this.
  • After the SU7 update, if you haven't done so already, you must also update the premium and deluxe premium content from the in-game content manager or you will not be able to use the Longitude (and other aircraft) properly.
  • With some limited exceptions, this mod doesn't address ANY major avionics modifications to the PFD or MFDs or general cockpit functionality. Unless you can clearly demonstrate otherwise, any bugs or issues with the cockpit functionality are not related to this mod. Please DO NOT inquire about avionics or instruments faults or bugs that you find with WT G3000 or the game's default avionics - I can't help you. These are not the subject of this mod. If installed correctly, the mod is fully compatible with the Working Title G3000 mod package. If you have problems with WT G3000, please inquire with the publishers of that mod - I have no affiliation with them.
  • You must have Modern flight model enabled to use this mod. It will not work properly with Legacy flight model settings.
  • To confirm correct installation, when in the livery selection menu for the Longitude in MSFS2020, the default Asobo Longitude livery will display the following in the variant area "FDE Fix V1.90" or "FDE Fix V1.90 OnAir" depending on the install version you choose. This will help you quickly identify whether installation of the package was successful and identify package version - this version information will only show up under the default Asobo livery listing and not other liveries, however the performance modifications will be applied to all liveries you have installed.
  • The mod does not work with all third party liveries. Some third party liveries are old/out of date and never did or no longer follow proper file structure / installation guidelines and are not compatible. As a result you may see instability or crashes when you do attempt to use these liveries. 
  • If your install doesn't work initially, before posting here or on the forum, please close the sim and remove the mod from the community folder. Start the sim and completely reinstall your default Longitude from the Content Manager under your Profile area to ensure you have the latest version. Verify the stock / default Longitude is present and works correctly. Close the sim. Re-download the package here and then re-install the mod as directed (downloads from this site can become corrupted, so that can be a cause of problems with the mod). Restart the sim and verify installation. If this doesn't work, PM me. 


Asobo Cessna Citation Model 700 Longitude Performance and Flight Dynamics Modifications Project Version 1.96
Featuring Optional OnAir Virtual Airline Compatible Installation Package

Please check out the chatter and follow the progress of this project on the offical MSFS 2020 Forum:

-Fixed problem with SU10 causing white or blank gauges 
-Corrected position of passenger weight locations
-Increased distance from centerline of passenger and pilot locations (more realistic distance apart).
-Adjusted Mach overspeed aural indicator speed to better balance the Mach trigger point between high and intermediate altitudes.
-Increased reverse thrust max power level available.
-Updated panel.xml to include improved "don't sink" logic from SU8+.

Please see version notes in the included install_readme file for a list of all changes made since project inception and a list of open items / known issues.


  • Download the .zip file and extract to desktop or other location of choice.
  • Install either the standard or OnAir folder in your Community folder (not both)
  • Start the sim and enjoy the modded Longitude.
  • Please read and follow the installation instructions in the included Install_ReadmeV1.96.txt file carefully.

The Cessna Citation Model 700 Longitude Performance and Flight Dynamics Modifications Project:
After reading user comments on the forums regarding the Cessna Citation Longitude model from Asobo concerning major autopilot problems, inaccurate weights, fuel load, fuel consumption, handling, etc... and due to my own poor experience and frustration with Asobo's starting efforts, I started work on revising a wide variety of parameters in the configuration files borrowed from the Cessna CJ4 model to match the specifications for the Longitude. I modified the default layout.json file for the Longitude to bypass the encrypted configuration files and point to copied versions of non-encrypted files from the CJ4. These files have all been heavily modified and with a fair amount of guesswork I've been able to produce a working version of the Longitude that is more docile in handling and produces performance numbers that much more closely match the real-world specs. I'm not a Longitude pilot, so my modifications are based on comments on forum topics from those who fly the type, and generous contributions of real world C700 aircraft performance charts, flight manuals, and checklists from fellow flight-sim enthusiasts who fly IRL for a living. Input from type-rated pilots with knowledge of the aircraft handling and flight envelope will always be greatly valued.

NOTE: My adjustments are generally focused on performance and handling. Any issues with the G5000 suite and avionics in general are not the subject of this modification (check out the Working Title G3000 modification package for a major upgrade to the default avionics for the Longitude). If Asobo chooses to decrypt the xml files associated with the type, a motivated person could presumably further modify the avionics suite much like has been done with the CJ4 and other un-encrypted aircraft.

I have modified a great many variables and parameters in the available configuration files. I would greatly appreciate feedback on handling, control sensitivies, or other performance related parameters from knowledgable sources so I can continue to improve and update these modifications. If I missed something or you find a performance "glitch" please let me know.

Contribution credit and acknowledgements can be found in the Install_ReadmeVX.XX file included. 

Sim Update 10
Initial Release
November 18, 2020
Last Updated
11 day(s) ago — 1.96



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  • Updated to version 1.96

  • Updated to version 1.95

  • Updated to version 1.90a

  • Updated to version 1.90

  • Updated to version 1.85

  • Updated to version 1.84

  • Initial File Release


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© dakfly0219 - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden. This Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on was created by dakfly0219 and shared in Aircraft » Aircraft Enhancements for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


im having a hard time in the install its not working and i dont see any differences i was wondering if i did it right i have no mods installed and even the livery is showing up idk what i did wrong

What is the diferent between the standart version and the OnAir version?? Thanks

e a problem with altitude. it is no corret

Has anyone had a problem with this latest mod capturing the ILS?

I'm having some trouble with this mod while trying to move the barometer wheel, it won't let me change it...

excellent! is there a simbrief profile for this aircraft? thanks.

Heya. Love the aircraft. But today I have experienced 3 consecutive crashes when climbing somewhere above FL250. It suddenly disappears after freezing for 10secs or so. Event viewer doesn’t help me at all. I am thinking something gpu related, but It was showing normal figures. I am on the latest update with SU10 and the WT G3000



11 day(s) ago / Thanked by dakfly0219

Big thanks for your the update! I really appreciate your work and time that you dedicate to this!

Do I have to use the FED Fix V1.96 Livery for the flight performance to be correct? Or if I use a different livery your flight model still works correctly?

Will this excellent mod be *officially* updated for SU10 compatibility at some point?. Thanks!

Will this be updated soon? I'm not savvy on going into files.

Made the Change, copied the panel.cfg file,...THANKYOU VERY MUCH !!!!

Thanks Dillon that fix worked for me also. Thank You

Temp fix for display issue for SU10. Copy and paste this into your panel.cfg file located in your mod's panel.FDEFix folder, replacing the original entries:






htmlgauge00=NavSystems/AS3000/PFD/AS3000_PFD.html, 0,0,1280,800






htmlgauge00=NavSystems/AS3000/MFD/AS3000_MFD.html, 0,0,1280,800






htmlgauge00=NavSystems/AS3000/TSC/Vertical/AS3000_TSC_Vertical.html?Index=1, 0,0,480,640






htmlgauge00=NavSystems/AS3000/TSC/Vertical/AS3000_TSC_Vertical.html?Index=2, 0,0,480,640






htmlgauge00=NavSystems/AS1000_BackupDisplay/AttitudeSpeed/AS1000_AttitudeSpeedBackup.html, 0,0,512,350






htmlgauge00=Generic/Misc/HourMeter/HourMeter.html, 0, 0, 230, 45


size_mm            = 2048,512

texture            = RegistrationNumber

location         = exterior

painting00=Registration/Registration.html?font_color=black, 0, 0, 2048, 512


size_mm            = 512,128

texture            = RegistrationNumber

location         = interior

painting00=Registration/Registration.html?font_color=white,   0, 0, 512, 128

It's official, mod is incompatible with SU10. The displays no longer work with this mod.


Thanks for your hard work. Just wondering, after SU10 I know you will try to make this mod. compatible however with that, will you be adding any new mods/updates/features/improvements?

Thank you

is there any ways not to have synchronized fms ?

Exelente trabajo. Muchas gracias...



3 month(s) ago / Thanked by dakfly0219

For those of you seeing white screens with the SU10 Beta, check out Nerbulus' posts at the end of this thread. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/cessna-citation-longitude-flight-dynamics-modification-project/325768/2795



3 month(s) ago / Thanked by dakfly0219

I am having trouble with power in the longitude. Is anyone else having this issue? Other than that this addon is amazing.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.96 September 27, 2022

    -Fixed problem with SU10 causing white or blank gauges
    -Corrected position of passenger weight locations
    -Increased distance from centerline of passenger and pilot locations (more realistic distance apart).
    -Adjusted Mach overspeed aural indicator speed to better balance the Mach trigger point between high and intermediate altitudes.
    -Increased reverse thrust max power level available.
    -Updated panel.xml to include improved "don't sink" logic from SU8.

  • Version 1.95 January 11, 2022

    -Restored thrust reverse toggle control after SU7 patch update - thank you Nezz
    -Activated fuel transfer pump function using in cockpit fuel transfer switch (approx. 6 gallons per minute (20 pounds / 30 seconds) per spec). This was inop previously.
    -Fuel Transfer and Boost Pump Advisory CAS (implemented basic logic)
    -revised fuel low warning to spec (500 lbs / 75 gallons or less per side)
    -revised glideslope pid to match stock a/c (better or not - can’t tell, but best to match the Asobo code if there’s not discernible reason to deviate)
    -revised nav hold pid
    -updated some minor panel.xml code to match post SU6 Asobo changes
    -“fuel valve closed” CAS caution logic
    -“spoilers disarmed” CAS caution logic
    -Fuel Boost Pump 1 CAS advisory
    -Fuel Boost Pump 2 CAS advisory
    -APU Gen Off CAS Logic updated (only triggered when APU% above 80)
    -Fuel Pressure CAS warning deprecated (couldn’t trigger in my testing but others have?)
    -Revised pitot heat CAS based on temperature (vs altitude) - Ubergeek
    -ISA deviation now displayed in MFD - Thank you Nezz
    -Green Trim range color now displayed in MFD - Thank you Nezz
    -Added Icing Caution CAS if Pitot or Airframe accumulates more than 10% icing coverage.
    -Revised Autothrottle PID to reduce autothrottle overshoot at high Mach number.
    -Minor electrical circuit pathway changes (real world circuit diagram and electrical bus assignments is proprietary, so this just constitutes some minor improvements based on pure guesswork).

  • Version 1.90a October 26, 2021

    Restores lighting effects omitted from 1.90

  • Version 1.90 October 26, 2021

    -Improved/corrected coefficient of lift settings to reduce unexpected / unrealistic accelerated stall warnings and stall warnings during takeoff and approach / landing.
    -Further improvements made to rudder to improve rudder performance in low speed flight.
    -Flaps modified to simulate more accurate flaps down stall onset speeds with small improvements to approach performance.
    -Incorporated further rudimentary engine overspeed and overheat protections (now it's very difficult to overheat or overspeed the engines).
    -Corrected flaps setting indicator in external view HUD to show correct flaps angle for Flaps 2.
    -Cabin pressurization altitude corrected to real world settings (5000 feet up to FL400, 5950 at FL450)
    -Removed all irrelevant PFD annunciators introduced in SU6.
    -Corrected, Modified, or Added annunciators and respective logic flows.

  • Version 1.85 August 02, 2021

    -Restored External view Head Up Display instrumentation after SU5 update
    -Corrected flaps setting indicator in HUD to show flaps percentage (previously was showing 0% for all settings).
    -Improved rudder performance for heavy crosswind takeoff and landing and more docile rudder handling in flight.

  • Version 1.84 May 28, 2021

    updates installation, resolves induced drag increase from FU4, increases steering angle at low speeds.

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