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Version 1.84
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#Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop

Asobo Cessna Citation Model 700 Longitude Performance and Flight Dynamics Modifications Project Version 1.84
Featuring Optional OnAir Virtual Airline Compatible Installation Package

Please check out the chatter and follow the progress of this project on the offical MSFS 2020 Forum:

  • Simplified installation allowing drag and drop installation into community folder. No overwrites of Asobo official content required.
  • Adjusted (increased) nosewheel steering turn angle limit to improve low speed taxi and ground handling.
  • Adjusted the induced drag scalar to correct high altitude performance after Asobo SU4 (update to

Please see version notes in the included install_readme file for a list of all changes made since project inception and a list of open items / known issues.


  • Download the .zip file and extract to desktop or other location of choice.
  • Install either the standard or OnAir folder in your Community folder (not both)
  • Start the sim and enjoy the modded Longitude.
  • Please read and follow the installation instructions in the included Install_ReadmeV1.84.txt file carefully.

Installation Note:
To confirm correct installation, when in the livery selection menu for the Longitude in MSFS2020, the default Asobo Longitude livery will display the following in the variant area "FDE Fix V1.84" or "FDE Fix V1.84 OnAir" depending on the install version you choose. This will help you quickly identify whether installation of the package was successful and identify package version - this will only affect the default Asobo livery listing and not other liveries, however the performance modifications will be applied to all livery versions.

The Cessna Citation Model 700 Longitude Performance and Flight Dynamics Modifications Project:
After reading user comments on the forums regarding the Cessna Citation Longitude model from Asobo concerning major autopilot problems, inaccurate weights, fuel load, fuel consumption, handling, etc... and due to my own poor experience and frustration with Asobo's starting efforts, I started work on revising a wide variety of parameters in the configuration files borrowed from the Cessna CJ4 model to match the specifications for the Longitude. I modified the default layout.json file for the Longitude to bypass the encrypted configuration files and point to copied versions of non-encrypted files from the CJ4. These files have all been heavily modified and with a fair amount of guesswork I've been able to produce a working version of the Longitude that is more docile in handling and produces performance numbers that much more closely match the real-world specs. I'm not a Longitude pilot, so my modifications are based on comments on forum topics from those who fly the type, and generous contributions of real world C700 aircraft performance charts, flight manuals, and checklists from fellow flight-sim enthusiasts who also fly IRL for a living. Input from type-rated pilots with knowledge of the aircraft handling and envelope will always be greatly valued.

NOTE: My adjustments are generally focused on performance and handling. Any issues with the G5000 suite and avionics in general are not the subject of this modification (check out the Working Title G3000 modification package for a major upgrade to the default avionics for the Longitude). If Asobo chooses to decrypt the xml files associated with the type, a motivated person could presumably start modifying and improving the avionics suite much like has been done with the CJ4 and other un-encrypted aircraft.

I have modified a great many variables and parameters in the available configuration files. I would greatly appreciate feedback on handling, control sensitivies, or other performance related parameters from knowledgable sources so I can continue to improve and update these modifications. If I missed something or you find a performance "glitch" please let me know.

Contribution credit and acknowledgements can be found in the Install_ReadmeVX.XX file included. 

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  • Version 1.84 May 28, 2021

    updates installation, resolves induced drag increase from FU4, increases steering angle at low speeds.

  • Version 1.83a March 10, 2021

    -Fixes omitted removal of ai.cfg reference in layout.json. Version name stays 1.83 for all other references.

  • Version 1.83 March 10, 2021

    -Restores compatibility with March 9 2021 Asobo update. The mod should work for all users once the Asobo update is installed.
    -Important note 1: As of the March 9 update, older versions of Working Title G3000 suite are not compatible with the default Longitude or with the modified version (I have not tested their most recent version). Revert to default avionics (remove Working Title G3000 modifications) until Working Title has an update available that is compatible.
    -Important note 2: Asobo have implemented a mach meter and mach hold setting indicator in the PFD speed tape. They have also fixed the Mach Hold functionality to work properly as altitude changes. These are welcome fixes / improvements. However, the barber pole in the speed tape is now further bugged and is now tied to the Mach meter transition speed (transition between True Airspeed indication and Mach). This is set to Mach 0.78 in the mod (0.79 in Asobo's latest update). This means that once transitioned to Mach readout above approximately Mach 0.78, your airspeed will be in the red. There is no clear fix for this other than doing away with the mach meter except when above Mmo overspeed (Mach 0.84). I've elected to leave this alone for now so we have a functional Mach meter and hope that Asobo will correct in a future update.

  • Version 1.82 March 05, 2021

    Fix restoring tail registration graphic for users who installed 1.81b after reinstalling the default Longitude. Should represent a stable version going forward and avoid this bug appearing in subsequent modification package updates.

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April 23, 2021
Longitude Flight Dynamics Modifications Project
December 06, 2020

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Seem to have lost my altitude annunciation on approach (500,400,300,...) unloaded and reinstalled both standard Longitude and Mod. No change, any thoughts? I am using the Working Title G3000. Awesome mod by the way.

thank u so much for this

Hello, the exterior lights don't work.

But it works without your mod.

By the way the discord link is invalid

I just created a discard server for the longitude


Anyone having Auto pilot issues with the Garmin3000? THE FMS seems to be slow on following any flight plan. I entered the flight plan manually into the Garmin. Does this matter?

Got an issue. May not related to this mod but hope can find solution here.

After last majority of my longitude liveries lost their metal reflection. Anyone have has issue?

is the speed dial, knob not working in the MCP or is it just me? it seems to click and turn but no changes to the speed setting for the auto throttle.

UPDATE: Never mind I found out you have to switch it to MAN from FMS, feel so stupid.

Lights is not working.

This is great, thank you very much. On the latest version, I don't have any exterior lights however. Is this a problem for anyone else?

I have placed the folder aircraft-longitudeFDEfix in the Community folder but do not see the words "FDE Fix V1.83" as detailed below. Would be grateful if someone could tell me where Im going wrong, thanks!

"To confirm correct installation, when in the livery selection menu for the Longitude in MSFS2020, the default Asobo Longitude livery will display the following in the variant area FDE Fix V1.83."

Something that's been dogging me for awhile is why there's 11 seat positions in the cabin for an 8 at the most capacity aircraft. There breakdown on AOPA is 2+9=10.

Two Pilots, one stewardess, 8 passengers. Then there's cargo.

Not sure what is going on, but once I replace the .Json in the official longitude folder, the aircraft disappears from the menu. I followed the instructions above about deleting the package, but it still doesn't show up in the sim.
I fixed a couple things:
1. Gear Indication is not Down when launching in a new flight.
The Value read is not 1. It is 0.9999...........
I also added UNSAFE while in transition.

2. I changed the format of the Trim to look similar to IRL. The problem with my change is it takes more space, pushing the Battery Amps below the screen. I am not sure how to adjust the column height (expected but that did not work. IRL, all these above numbers, etc. are closer together. Also, IRL does not have the Comms at the top of the engine gauges. Not sure how that is put there or how to remove it. We have 5 readings for Comms and removing this section would not hurt anything.

Personally, I would really be grateful for someone to upload a YouTube Video of this latest version of the mod plus W.T 6.2 and talk through all the options from dark to flight to landing.... any chance?
Hi am using this MOD & WT-G3000 6.2 Yesterday did 2 flights without issues. Today, i tried 2 flights and the autopilot went crazy both times and the A/C spun out of control. Only thing i updated was the Navigraph NAvdata to Rev2. Everything else was the same. Using live weather...
I have followed the installation instructions attached, and every time the Longitude is not available in game. I have tried your solution for the issue 3 times without effect. Any ideas? Thanks
Currently, I'm super impressed with this mod! Plus, the WT G3000 is great for this thing as well. Right now VNAV seems to be unfunctional atm, though it may be because of the G3000 0.6.2 release. Other than that, its awesome.
I re-installed this mod after the update on the sim with the WT Garmin 3000 0.6.1 mod.. The map doesnt show the route I put in and says UNRES at bottom-right... and the frames after a few seconds drop to really low... Hasn't done this before??? What am i doing wrong?
Looks like some awesome work you have put into this! Bravo! However, is it possible that you could make this mod a drag and drop install like most other mods? The thing is, is that MSFS encryption is preventing me from handling files in official content folder even though I have full access according to the security settings for the folder. I can't even make a backup of the file mentioned in your installation instructions because apparently I have insufficient privileges... 😂
Hi, I'm Japanese and not familiar with English, so I use a translator. I have a problem. The problem is that the mod doesn't work when I put the files in the Community folder. Please tell me what to do. Perhaps if I could use English without any difficulty, I could understand, but there is a language barrier.😢

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