MSFS Touch Panel is a proof-of-concept web application for MSFS 2020 which focuses on touch inputs to make your flying more enjoyable! It is designed for an iPad, Android tablet, or touch screen monitor with Arduino's input controls in mind to provide a simple DIY cockpit for all the casual sim fans out there. This application can also be used in any modern browser on PC or tablet with all features enabled.

The application contains two major features, a touch panel to control common flight instrumentations and a feature for web-based rendering of in-game pop out panel and provide bezel support for pop out panel.

Touch Panel Feature
Input control profiles for (Default plane, C152 and C172 G1000 - using G1000 NXi addon)
Flight controls including the following:Telemetry display
NAV/COM controls
Autopilot controls
Basic electric controls (lights, pito heat / de-ice, power)
ATC menu buttons
Sim rate control
Moving map with Open Street Map / Google Map selectionAutomatic flight plan loading
Configuration settingsShow / hide control panels as you see fit
Customizable data refresh interval for UI controls and maps
Configurable input methodDIY Arduino knob / joystick input (similar to DIY Knobster by Sim Innovations)
Touch direct input
Touch knob input
Server side logging for programmers out there who want to see what is going on behind the scene