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EGHQ - Newquay Airport/ St Mawgan AB - Upgrade

This is a reworkathon of EGHQ Newquay Airport /RAF St Mawgan. Back in olden times before we donkey punched grannies who came within 10 metres of us I often used to take the night train up to Gatwick to fly back to Newquay for...


This is a reworkathon of EGHQ Newquay Airport /RAF St Mawgan. 

Back in olden times before we donkey punched grannies who came within 10 metres of us I often used to take the night train up to Gatwick to fly back to Newquay for the pure living hell of it. The seated carriage for the deadbeats who didn't book a bed made for superb pick pocketing too. 

Nothing beats arriving in Newquay with grimy eyes and a greasy chuff knowing you have another 4-5 hours on buses and trains to go to wind up exactly where you started from 16 hours ago. Take it from me. 

I've seen worse in sim airports but this still needed going over big time. Not too far off every single building has been liquidated and replaced or installed where there wasn't one before. I can't help that not too far off every single replacement building is beige. Did Asobo lose a bet? 

On the industrial estate side there were roaming packs of tower blocks so they've all been wiped out and that whole section has been fiddled with too. It has been fenced to within an inch of its life but they couldn't cope with some gradients so they're a bit daffy in places. Other outlying areas have been populated such as the fire training bit. Lighting has been smeared liberally. 

Other than the runway every single ground texture has been binned and replaced with something closer to reality but I did start to lose the plot with that so some are a bit cheesy still. The autogen terminal has been replaced with something much tastier than the real thing. You deserve it.

Lots of diverse things happen here like plane scrappage and museums and there are a few bits and bobs for you to browse in those areas. Does it reflect reality? Nope, it's sexier. 

This has a new taxi system. Planes now point the right way on the main apron which was my prime irritant. I tried and failed to change the name back to Newquay. 

Spaces 20-23 on the main apron now have all of the ground services, but 20 and 21 are the ones for you if you're a big un, plus two on the south apron. The correct GA parking has been added on the top right. 

There are two separate versions. 

The main download is standard Newquay. the second separate download is the G7 edition to commemorate the sheer weirdness that G7 in Cornwall was. 

This adds Air Force 1 and 2, some presidential vehicles, helicopters and V22s, the HMS Prince of Wales off St Ives - ICAO ASCI - lots of police and a few other bits and bobs. 

The G7 version is a fair bit bigger so you may prefer to download the standard one instead. You download the version you prefer, there's no overlap. 


V 1.7

Updates both editions with some better ground textures, some added detail and sorting out some models made weird by SU6. 

The G7 edition also gets a heliport at Treganna Castle in Carbis Bay - ICAO EGG7. 

cornwall south west president
Sim Update 11
Intl. Airports
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Anyone tested with SU11?

As of October 2022, now the world's most unassuming spaceport! probably an extra portakabin somewhere....

This and Culdrose are my goto sceneries for testing all addons etc. Since day 1 they've been great. work well in SU10 as well.

Any possibility of changing the parking zone radius to allow easyjet flights to park at the terminals, presently they seem to always go to the southside.

Still hoping 1 day you could add some static Nimrods over on the south side as they used to be..for old times sake.

Is this compatible with SU8?

Fantastic Scenery as always!

Wonderful scenery but I think the ILS needs a bit of work. I've only tested on 30 but the DME over-reads by about 0.6 NM (seems to be reading from the runway mid-point whereas 0 is at the threshold (for either end)), the GP goes above the PAPIs and past the touchdown zone and there are marker beacons which aren't there in reality. Any chance of a fix - it would be perfect then! 😀

Bwahahahaha...love the description and the scenery!

To compliment this scenery...any chance of creating some of the Tin Mine engine houses dotted around the North coast?

Not sure why this only came to mind now ( maybe coz I've not been doing IFR much ) - is there some way of patching the name of the airport into ATC? I just get "Approach" or "Tower" on ATC for some reason. I had a brief look to see if I could fix it by editing one of the core text files & apparently not, so is there a way you can patch it in in your next build?

Either that or... what on earth have I broken now?


Any plans to update for Sim update 5? :p. Can't go too long without my fav airport that's all XD xx

Great job. Would like to see a few Nimrods on Static park. Thanks.

I decided to check out the G7 2021 Conference security in St. Ives Bay and have a go at landing on the aircraft carrier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9fkJnQcq18

Its sad there are no Nimrods there... That's progress I guess.

Yet another tour de force from SuperMan - err I mean Superspud...

Do I install both mods or just the one?

Excellent on adding the G7 treats, nice 😊

I commented on this 6 months ago, and rated it 5 stars, but if I could give you ten stars, I would. You have done my home airport proud. Thank you once again !!!

Why would punch a granny .... ????
I tried this mod for the first time ever yesterday (10 March), just post the latest MSFS update. I seemed to spawn in water with no scenery instead of the gate (Gate 20/21)?
Realised I did not rate this which is terrible of me as I have flown here a lot in the sim. Love it and brings back memories of flying in and out up to London. Great scenery as always from superspud. Agree with Archer374's comment that you need to add the spitfire in the chaps garden 😊 Look forward to your next project!

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  • Version 1.7 November 10, 2021

    Sorts out some bent taxi lines.

    Improves some ground textures.

    Adds a bit more extra detail here and there.

    The second download, the G7 edition, adds a heliport at Treganna Castle in Carbis Bay EGG7

  • Version 1.6 June 13, 2021

    No change to the main file.

    A separate download with a bunch of G7 detail has been added along with an aircraft carrier as a separate airport off St Ives.

  • Version 1.5 April 09, 2021

    Added helicopter parking spot to the Air Ambulance site.

    Also fleshed out the Draken Helicopter academy with more parking spots, detail and ground markings.

  • Version 1.3 March 08, 2021

    Filled out the air museum.

    Added Spitfire Corner.

    Better runway lights.

    A few more autogen buildings replaced.

  • Version 1.2 February 17, 2021

    Kills off some dodgy autogen.

    Adds a few models to spice things up.

  • Version 1.1 November 19, 2020

    New taxi system and parking spaces with proper services.

  • Launched November 14, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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