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Version 0.16
Initial Release November 03, 2020
Last Updated September 26, 2021
File Size 173.28 MB
Downloads 7,628
GPS Coordinates 46.7985286, 8.2296061
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Regional Airports


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  • Version 0.16 September 26, 2021

    All but LSZK and LSPG (these need some more extensive rework) have been made compatible with WU6:
    - New patches for artefacts on the ortho photos (LSZI got an alternative aerial picture over the whole field)
    - Heightmaps to make the airfields conform to the lovely SwissAlti3D Mesh. This is really not a pretty solution - but unfortunately for several reasons we still have to do this.

    Some other upgrades:
    - Custom runway lighting for LSGE, LSGC and LSGY. Every single light has been put in the correct place (we hope).
    - Slight improvements in ground markings (with custom painted lines) for LSZI and LSPH
    - Active runway indicator panel for LSZF

  • Version 0.15 May 12, 2021

    Added LSZN Hausen am Albis
    Improved LSZT Lommis
    New Building in LSZF Birrfeld
    Improved LSGC Les Eplatures

  • Version 0.14 April 10, 2021

    Added LSGT Gruyere

    Substantially improved LSZF Birrfeld (details, custom buildings)

  • Version 0.13 January 02, 2021

    Added LSGY Yverdon-les-bains
    * Working landing tee

    Known Issues:
    * The rows of trees are "Conifers". There is no vegetation type that can reproduce the uniform rows around this airfield.

    * Taxiway signs
    * Lights

  • Version 0.12 December 17, 2020

    Added LSZE Bad Ragaz:

    Known Issues:
    - Grass parking "taxiways" difficult to see when on ground

  • Version 0.11 December 06, 2020

    Added LSGE Ecuvillens:
    - Working landing tee

    Known issues:
    - Taxiway lights only, removed runway lights again because they are always on and dominate the scene in daylight. They look wrong anyway.
    - Windsock mast height setting doesn't seem to work.

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Downloaded and installed this, however I have a request: can you please add at least a single screenshot of each airport you've updated? Otherwise I'm unsure if I have it installed correctly. For example my first flight was out of LSZV and I can't tell if it's yours or not.


LSZI looks now much better but its still far away from the real thing. The smaller Building should be more like a regular Restaurant with a outdoor dining area and the Spielplatz is missing.



26 day(s) ago / Thanked by SACrafters

Great work. But it looks like most of your airfields cause huge terrain spikes from far away. Once you get closer, they disapear... but from the distance, most airfields have huge terrain spikes :/



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by SACrafters

Im Anflug auf die Bahn 12 von Bad Ragaz (LSZE) steht eine Reihe von Bäumen. In Fotos vom Flugplatz scheinen mir das nur Gebüsche zu sein, die die AI wohl zu ausgewachsenen Bäumen aufgeblasen hat. Wäre es möglich, diese Bäume zu ersetzen oder zu entfernen?

Salü Zäme

Danke für die schönen Flugplätze! Mollis wäre jedoch noch noch super!!

mollis wäre schön

Thank you for the wonderful sceneries. I took part in an event that used your package and I was really impressed. Is there any chance of adding LSMF? It is breathtaking scenery and I'm sure many flight simmers will love it. Thanks!

Would it be possible to add the white symbols for Bellechasse LSTB?

it is a 450 m grass runway used IRL for practicing but in the sim, it i barely visible from the sky (runway limits are missing=


Wie siehts mit Dübendorf aus? XD

Lg aus Zürich

Thanks, good work.
Great work and thank you for continuing this important project. May I humbly request your beautification efforts also include Bad Ragaz? One of my absolute favorites, given its magnificent centralized location, from which I fly to my other favorites all within an hour or less flight time.
Großartig dass du weitermachst, ich freue mich auf die nächsten Szenerien.
Ist es möglich das Gras auf den Pisten (z.B. Gruyer) als gemäht anzuzeigen? So hoch wie das dort steht, hätte ich Angst zu landen 😉!
une nouvelle version de LSGY Yverdon-les-bains vient de sortir par une autre personne
Comment modifier votre package pour enlever LSGY de votre pack et éviter les conflits ?
ne serait-ce pas plus simple de séparer chaque aérodrome ce qui permet à chacun de pouvoir en supprimer l'un ou l'autre ?
merci pour votre retour
These look fantastic! Thank you for your efforts!

Have you considered breaking out the airfields into separate folders in a future update, rather than a single one, in case someone wants to install your airfields but might want to use an airfield or two from other authors that duplicates something in your list?
hi, more 'life' with assets should be great
great work what you've done!
Is LSZG also on your list?
Can you add
Luzern-Beromünster (LSZO)
Hey. What is the difference between your LSPG (Kägiswil) included in your package and the standalone LSPG here:

Kannst Du auch LSPF Schaffhausen machen? Das wäre echt klasse.
could you make lszf more accurat?

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