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Hong Kong - South Island & Ocean Park

This scenery started off as just a small project only to make the theme park 'Ocean Park'. But I just kept going adding more areas until pretty much the whole south of Hong Kong was covered! The scenery spans from Repulse Bay, Ocean Park, Aberdeen and...


This scenery started off as just a small project only to make the theme park 'Ocean Park'. But I just kept going adding more areas until pretty much the whole south of Hong Kong was covered!

The scenery spans from Repulse Bay, Ocean Park, Aberdeen and Telegraph Bay. I have made all the scenery in 17-20 hight detailed LOD

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January 25, 2022
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Thanked by John_Lovell

Thank you! I can fly outside my apartment now

Thanked by John_Lovell


Thanked by John_Lovell

Wow, great work. Great quality! Thanks

Hi, would you like to accept an offer (business) if I have two places in UK where to be made. I wish you can help. Can discuss on e-mail?

Could you try and remake Lantau as well?

Thanked by John_Lovell

You are a good man. Appreciated. Excellent Work! Let 200% more beauty on my installed SamScene3D - Hong Kong City Times. 

Thanked by John_Lovell

Hi John,

I'm a local Hongkonger and really appreciate the amazing effort you've put into recreating the Southern district of HK Island!

Just wondering if this addon is compatible with FreakyD's Hong Kong V1.11, and whether or not you plan to complete the Central and Western District of HK Island as well.

Keep up the great work!

-- Isaac

Thanked by John_Lovell

I had a chance to fly around for a while with the samscene addon and this together and I've read the other comments here; there actually seem to be a LOT of overlapping duplicate buildings in the southwestern corner of the scenery; for instance the iconic floating restaurant in the bay is doubled up, and a lot of high rises around that area. It's actually kind of crazy how far off some of the samscene buildings are from where they're supposed to be, e.g. 20+ floors too short or too high, or rotated by 10 or 15 degrees from reality, or hundreds of feet off in the wrong direction.

A couple notes: 1) That being said I'm not sure you should even consider bothering to make exclusion files because there are so many terrain issues and the quality of samscene is so ridiculously inconsistent; some of it is FSX quality, and 2) on that note have you tried FreakyD's Hong Kong? It's been a while but I'm going to boot that up soon and see if the overlap is better because I don't think much of the south side of the island has been done, if any... but from what I remember it might actually win over samscene on overall quality in spite of being similarly inconsistent, partly because it's compatible with the Port of Hong Kong mod which is much better quality than the samscene version. 3) Using the enhancements together it becomes clear that to really look the best in this engine, the aerial imagery and the topo data is actually a significant problem because of all the hills, highways, and high rises in such close proximity. The photogrammetry looks SO good but the main problem with this mod is that it makes me want more! The whole area in full photogrammetry with perfectly trimmed coastlines, water masks, custom night lighting and maybe just a tiny bit of samscene-style modeling 🥵🍆💦💦💦; but instead we have all these different partially overlapping mods that are all pretty great on their own but come together to put on a clown show. Just sayin', if a group with the right skills came together and took a few months to make the entire area truly take advantage of the sim engine to the fullest extent, they could probably set a new price point for scenery!

I am unable to unzip it. I get the error message "Extracting Hong Kong - South Island & Ocean Park\Hong Kong - Ocean Park .pdf Unable to create file"

Thanked by John_Lovell

So awesome!

I visited this area in 2004, 2005 and 2006, went to Ocean Park and also sunbathed at Repulse Bay, had such a great time in HK all those years ago. Sadly I cannot see that I will ever return given how much the world has changed, especially in HK, but this addon makes me smile and think of happier times. Thank you!

Thanked by John_Lovell

Thank you for your scenery it is really appreciated. Compatible with Samscene Hong Kong city is a big plus !

Thanked by John_Lovell

Thanks very much for your hard work. I am a Hong Konger and I know how hard it is as i used to try to convert google map for Hong Kong too. Really hope you could convert more areas of Hong Kong. I tried to convert Kowloon area in a very immature way long time ago and it was much denser and more gorgeous then Samscene. It really worth a try if you have the skills. By the way, Google map doesn't have Stonecutters' Bridge, Tsing Ma Bridge, and Yuen Long areas. However it has detailed Tuen Mun and Shatin areas. Samscene has its own good points with good framerates, file size, lights and some landmarks, but once you convert the google map successfully it will be another level of realism.

Thanked by John_Lovell

Pretty nice. Thank you.

If would be great if you could do the Gold Coast Hotel and the surrounding areas.

Wondering whether you know if this is compatible with SamScene Hong Kong scenery?

Thanked by John_Lovell

Looks great! I'm curious, what scenery do you use for, y'know, the other side of the island?

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