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Discus-2c Standard

The Discus-2c is a single-seat, high-performance sailplane by German glider manufacturer Schempp-Hirth. This is the Freeware Version of the Discus-2c Glider by Got Friends. If you like this add-on, feel free to purchase the Discus-2c Premium for additional gliding features.


The Discus-2c is a single-seat, high-performance sailplane by German glider manufacturer Schempp-Hirth. The sailplane also comes in a front electric sustainer version (FES) available for purchase in the Discus-2c Premium Edition. The Discus-2c features composite construction, advanced flight control surfaces for precise control, and a state-of-the-art wing design that maximizes glide performance and aerodynamic efficiency. The 18 meter version has a 28.5 aspect ratio and each version has a top speed of 174 miles per hour. One of the most advanced soaring craft ever developed, the incredible Discus-2c allows aviators to master the heights in the purest form of flight. Stay aloft in the mountains by riding ridge lift, circle into a cloud base on thermals, or just glide along silently on laminar air. The Discus-2c allows aviators to become one with the sky.


JackBilbo, an avid Discus-2c Community Member, has developed a very exciting Navigation Replacement Addon. If installed to your Community Folder, this add-on will replace the default Navigation Display in your Discus-2c. This optional add-on is very robust and includes features like Customization Options, Color Grading, Visual Ballast Control, Topology Maps, Advanced Thermal Tracking, Additional Overlay Options, Task Management, Competitive Timers, Visual Polar Sequencing, Precise Unit of Measurement Customization and More! Consider flying with this Replacement Add-on if you are delving into advance gliding and wish to have more customization. His Replacement Package is Drag-n-Drop Ready for your Community Folder.

  • Locate your Microsoft Flight Simulator installation folder.
  • You need to locate and open the folder named Community. 
  • Copy the "gotfriends-discus2c" folder you just extracted to the Community folder.
  • Read the included Flight Manual for an in-depth look into all the aircraft features.
  • Start the game and your Discus-2c will be sitting in your hanger ready to fly!
  • NEED HELP? Follow this Flightsim.to Tutorial

Flightsim.To Official Release (Features):
  • Discus-2c (Original) Variant
  • Custom LX-Navigation and GPS-Navigation Display
  • Built-In Winch Launch
  • Built-In Multiplayer Towing
  • 4 Included Thermal Activated Weather Presets
  • 4 Base Liveries
  • Realistic Flight Model and Polar Curve
  • Custom V8 Variometer with Customization, Sounds, Netto/Total Modes, and MacCready Adjustment
  • 8k/4k Texture Sets with High Quality 3D Modeling
  • Ballast Dump Management System
  • Ballast Dump Effects, Vortices Effects, and Landing Effects
  • In-Game Checklists and Tooltips
  • Custom High Quality Sounds
  • Yawstring with Custom Animations
  • Included Got Friends Glider Club Airfield
  • Full Kinetic Assistant Compatibility
  • Full XCSoar Compatibility

  • Jonx: XML Coding, Navigation HTML Modifications & Weather Presets
  • Got Gravel: Flight Model, Winch Launch HTML and V8 Variomenter HTML
  • twoseventyinc: Liveries and Material Effects
  • MyKrode: Full 3D Modeling
  • GurtTractor: Custom Sound Design and Professionally Recorded Elements
  • Touching Cloud: FLARM System, Towplane System, and Supporting Code
  • Ian Lewis (B-21): Supporting HTML and Supporting XML Coding
  • Flying Hedgehog: Got Friends Glider Club Scenery (Airfield) (ICAO: GTFD)
  • JackBilbo: Navigation Modifications (Discus-2c/DG808S NavMod)
  • Asobo/Microsoft: General Assets & SDK

Glider Discus Discus-2c Got Friends Schempp Hirth Freeware Discus 2c
Sim Update 11 2 0
Initial Release
January 01, 2022
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  • Updated to version

  • Updated to version 2.0.5.

  • Updated to version 2.0.4.

  • Updated to version 2.0.3.

  • Updated to version 2.0.2.

  • Updated to version 2.0.1.

  • Initial File Release

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5 month(s) ago

Discus-2c Standard (Freeware) has been fully updated to 2.0.0! This long awaited update includes a variety of fixes. Please view the Changelog if you're interested. This update also directly coincides with our new Discus-2c Premium Edition. If you would like to know more about the extra features included in that paid version, please see the FAQ section.

Discus-2c Premium: https://flightsim.to/product/discus-2c-premium

is there a way to save the adverse yaw setting? when starting a new flight it's always at 50%

will this be updated to work with the programming done for the 40th anniversary gliders thermals/wench and Cessna tow?

I am a pilot, but not on gliders, am familiar with airspeed indicator markings, but that yellow triangle and blue marks must be glider specific. What do they indicate?

Best glide speed and/or minimum rate of descent speed?

Update: Ok, now I found that the yellow triangle is the best L/D speed, aka best glide speed. Is it then with or without water ballast?

Still have to figure out the blue marks. On twin engine planes it means the best rate of climb speed with one engine inop., it must be something else here 😊

Before getting into my issue, thx for developing and sharing your Team's work with the community !!! The bird looks fantastic 😋

I've installed the Discus-2c folder in my Community folder and all looks fine until I close the canopy :-/ The glider's interior is all ok but the view looking out is immediately and entirely blocked by some sorts of "Star Wars warp speed" graphics -- all dark with rays of lights had zoomed by.

I do not have this issue with any other birds in the sim. Am I the only one?


Would it be possible to implement the adverse yaw number into the monitor?

Because sometimes there is a reset and the only way to check it is to activate the helping tool to see the number.

You should update the aircraft.cfg file parameter ui_typerole to "Glider" so this aircraft will be identified and organized in the Hangar aircraft filters as a "Glider" instead of an "Other" aircraft type.


Loved it and have bought the premium version! Thank you for this excellent and beautiful piece of software 😊 I am currently flying Floyd's Alpine Odyssey with the Discus which I would very much recommend as well! Take your time, take in the views...

How do I use the towing function in multiplayer?



3 month(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

ça me rappel des souvenirs!! merci beaucoup! 😊

After loosening the rope I fall like a stone. all included weather presets same problem. location doesn't matter either.

hi.thanks for this freeware. everything was working. but suddenly i have a white screen and white gauges in the cockpit. any fix? thanks

I love this glider. It's a great way to pass time soaring around the many scenic places. It's a new & different experience in the sim from flying anything with an engine. The freeware version is great, but I bought the payware version (which itself is great value) because I appreciate this great addition to MSFS. Thank you again to the devs, really enjoying it. One of these days I may even read the manual!

Thanks for this wonderful glider! How do you get the ballast dump vapor effect? Opened the ballast valves and did not see water vapor.


Since last update 2.0.3, all my digital displays (FES FCU, V8 and Navigation) are black. I downloaded and installed twice without success. Even with both battery switches and the FES switch on, the FES Motor won´t start. I reinstalled 2.0.2 and everything is o.k.

Edit: Sorry, this Info refers to the Discus-2C Premium



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends


No expert on glider flying but this is a great way to take in the beautiful scenery we have in this sim, Austria is a great location of course.

I've featured the Discus in my latest video, well done for bringing us gliders nearly a year before we are due to officially get them.


Comment has been deleted due to rule violation.


5 month(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

Thank you for that great glider and for the updates. I wish you the best for your surgery.😉

Thanks for the freeware version, but downloading new versions every day is annoying to me.

Doesnt work for me, since new update

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version October 11, 2022

    Version Changelog:
    - Fixed Tow Rope Disconnect Animation
    - Added Real Adverse Yaw, adjustable In-Flight (0-100%) Using Lower-Left Knob on LX-Nav System.
    - Adverse Yaw Default = 50%, Try 50-100% for Rudder Pedal usage, Try 0%-50% for NO Rudder Pedal usage.
    - Fully Custom AoA/Lift wing profile providing highly accurate Polar curves and stall behaviour for all wing loadings
    - Actual Discus lowest sink of 0.52m/s at 350kg/772lbs and 0.63m/s at 565kg/1246lbs
    - Actual Discus best glide at 100kph (350kg/772lbs) and 125kph (565kg/1246lbs)
    - Actual Discus stall speeds of 75kph/40kts full ballast, and 56kph/30kts empty.
    - Tuned roll rates to match the manual (3.2 seconds +45 to -45 at 120kph)
    - Dive brake effectiveness according to factory specifications, able to stay just below VNE (280kph/151kts) at 45 degrees with 20% ballast, and 30 degrees with full ballast (perfect drag)
    - Drag and lift loss due to rain retuned (52:1 glide ratio could go down all the way to 15:1 in heavy rain)
    - Suspension retuned to 30% compression at static
    - Tuned wing and horizontal stabilizer angle of incidence
    - Side slipping in a straight line possible till about 80% rudder travel, gives a yaw angle of about 40 deg and a bank of about 15 to 20 deg

  • Version 2.0.5. October 06, 2022

    Discus 2.0.5. Shared Changelog:
    - Improved Textures
    - FPS/Performance Improvements
    - LOD Optimization
    - Fixed Compass and Animations
    - Added Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    - Improved Adverse Yaw
    - Improved Spoiler Drag Model
    - Tuned Ground Effect
    - Fine Tuned Polar Curve
    - Better Icing Effects
    - Custom Flight Model Physics (Rain, Dynamic Pressure, Spoilers)
    - Improved Max Control Surface Deflections (Higher Speeds)
    - Improved Water Ballast Effects
    - VR Improvements and Cursor Collision
    - Navigation Latency Improvements
    - Ground Roll Vibrations (Flight Stick & Wingflex)
    - Better Flight Stick Animation for Joystick Users
    - Wing Flutter (High Velocities) (Above VNE)
    - Got Friends Gliding Club Improvements (ICAO: GTFD)
    - Canopy Cover Additional Checks
    - XML's Re-Organized for LX-Nav Modifications (JackBilbo Mods)
    - Manifest Updated to 2.0.5.

    Discus 2.0.5. Additional Premium Changelog:
    - Slew-Proof FES-FCU Unit

    Discus 2.0.5. Additional Freeware Changelog:
    - Added Multiplayer Towing Function (Visual Elements not Included)
    - Added All LX-Nav Buttons/Knobs (For JackBilbo Future Mods)
    - Added Display Brightness Knob
    - Added Glaresheild Brightness Knob

  • Version 2.0.4. July 31, 2022

    Discus-2c Version 2.0.4. Changelog:

    Livery Artist Request:
    - Added Additional Texture Layer: DISCUS2C_EXT_EM.PNG

    LX-Navigation Modifications by JackBilbo:
    - Added "Speed-to-Fly" Calculation
    - Fixed "Estimated Arrival Height" based on Polar Sink
    - Simplified Wind Indicator for Battery Readability
    - Added Unit of Measurement swap to Ballast Levels in Status Screen
    - Added Unit of Measurement "Remember/Preservation" Clickable to Status Screen
    - Improved Clickability to Navigation Screens
    - Added Hover and Active States to Navigation Screens
    - Added Swappable "Estimated Arrival Height" between Height Above Waypoint and MSL-Altitude
    - Smoothed Out "Arrival-Height" Display
    - Added Swappable "Sim-Time-Clock" between Local and Zulu-Time
    - Added Manual Task Timer: Click to Start, Stop, Reset, and Restart Timer
    - Fixed Wind Indicator Unit of Measurement Swap
    - Map Zoom Works with Transponder +/- Hotkeys
    - Added "Task Timer" with Auto-Start
    Timer starts and stops automatically when passing a waypoint named *Start and *Finish.
    Works with tasks generated with B21's task planner: https://xp-soaring.github.io/tasks/b21_task_planner/

    Got Friends Glider Club Update by Flying Hedgehog:
    - Changed Off-Runway Spawn Points
    - Added Night Lighting to Runway
    - Increased Runway to 600 Feet
    - Modified Car Parking Area

    Visual Cables/Towplane Fixes by Touching Cloud:
    - Fixed Tension on Towplane Cable
    - Fixed Tension on Winch Cable

    Xbox Series X|S SU-10 WASM Support Preparation:
    - Added Visual Cables/Vehicles (Hopefully Works after SU-10 Update)
    - Added Multiplayer Towplane Connectivity (Hopefully Works after SU-10 Update)
    - Added FLARM Collision Tracking (Hopefully Works after SU-10 Update)

    FES Control Unit:
    - Temperature Hotfix for Ventilation Warning with Thermal Weather Presets
    LOGIC: If Temperature is over 60°C, FCU Assumes Weather Preset is Active

    Discus-2c Standard and FES:
    - Improved Adverse Yaw
    - Netto Variomenter Calibrated & Improved
    - Digital Variometer Calibrated & Improved
    - Fixed Temperature Gauge Textures
    - Reduced Cloud Cover in Cross Country Weather Preset
    - Fixed Battery Off/On Issues on Runway
    - Added FES Animation to Freeware Model Matching

  • Version 2.0.3. July 06, 2022

    Sorry Everyone for the 3rd Update this Week! We are doing our best to address the variometer!

    **Version 2.0.3. Official Changelog:**
    - Fully Re-Built Variometer HTML
    - Fully Re-Calibrated Polar Curve
    - Variotone set to +-10 m/s
    - Variometer Gain/Loss Fine Tuned
    - Panel.cfgs Updated for new HTML
    - New Steam Netto Gauge Coding

    Thanks Everyone for your absolute patience with this project this week. This will more than likely be the last update until the Official Marketplace Version is Released.

    Livery Artists: If you are using a custom panel.cfg, you will need to update your liveries with the new panel.cfg with the new VCockpits.

  • Version 2.0.2. July 04, 2022

    **CHANGELOG: Standard 2.0.2:**
    - Further Updated Variometer (Digital)
    - Further Updated Variometer (Static)
    - Further Updated Variotone
    - Fine Tuned Jittery Needles
    - Edited Instrument Panel CFGs
    - Further CTD/FPS/Performance Tweaking

  • Version 2.0.1. July 02, 2022

    **Discus-2c: Standard (Freeware) Changelog:**
    - V8 Variometer Calibrated
    - Steam Variometer Calibrated
    - Variotone Adjusted
    - LX-NAV Stability Fixes
    - Added FES Standard to Multiplayer Model Match

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

What are the differences between the Freeware & Premium Packages?

Buit-In Winch Launch: Freeware & Premium
Built-In Multiplayer & AI Towing System: Freeware & Premium

Digital V8 Variometer: Freeware & Premium
LX/GPS Navigation Systems: Freeware & Premium
FLARM Detection System: Freeware & Premium
Ballast Managment System: Freeware & Premium
Professionally Designed Sounds: Freeware & Premium
Got Friends Glider Club Scenery: Freeware & Premium
Rain/Snow Drag System: Freeware & Premium
Icing and Visual Effects: Freeware & Premium
Imperial/Metric Gauge Swapping: Freeware & Premium
4 Base Liveries: Freeware & Premium
Cloth Canopy Cover: Freeware & Premium
Weather Presets: Freeware & Premium
Online Model Matching: Freeware & Premium
Kinetic Assistant Compatible: Freeware & Premium
Front Electric Sustainer (FES) Variant: Premium Only
FES Control Unit: Premium Only
FES Thermal Dynamics: Premium Only
Visual Winch Launch & Winch Launch Vehicle: Premium Only
Six Additional Premium Liveries: Premium Only
Cockpit Accessories Customization Options: Premium Only
Clear or Tinted Canopy: Premium Only
Onboard Oxygen System: Premium Only
GoPro Vision Camera: Premium Only
Cockpit Pilot Visibility Option: Premium Only

Do I need Kinetic Assistant to use this Glider?

No, the Discus-2c has a fully functional Winch Launch built into the Navigation Display upon loading onto the flightline. You may choose cable length and cable speed prior to hitting launch. Thermal Activated Weather Presets are provided in this download and may be used to enhance your gliding experience. If you would like to use Multiplayer or AI Towing you will need to purchase the Discus-2c Premium Edition or download Kinetic Assistant. The Discus-2c has been designed in partnership with Touching Cloud and is 100% Compatible with Kinetic Assistant if you choose to use that application.

Why does my Navigation Display looks like the Matrix and not working?

Please update your GTN-750 Addon or remove it completely from your Community
Folder. PMS50 is aware of the compatibility issue and we are working together to ensure this gets addressed in the future.

What Additional Hotkeys can I assign with this Glider?

The Discus-2c uses Lights as Multiplayer Variable Triggers. Therefore, you should never press "L" on your keboard in-game. Pressing “L” in-flight might make your flight, features, and experience broken and unflyable.

Here are the additional Hotkeys available with the Discus-2c:

  • Spoiler Axis: Recommend Assigning this to your Throttle for Variable Speed Brake Control.
  • Throttle Axis: Recommend Assigning this to a Slider or Knob for Realistic FES Control.
  • Strobe Light: Ballast Valves (Open/Close)
  • Glareshield Light: Glareshield Light (On/Off)
  • Panel Light: FES FCU (On/Off)
  • Pedestal Light: Canopy (Open/Close)
  • Wing Lights: Winglet Navigation Lights (On/Off)
  • Cabin Light: Ventilation Lever (Open/Close)
  • Taxi Light: FLARM (On/Off)
  • Logo Light: Towplane Connection Switch (Connect/Disconnect)
  • Pitot Heat: Pitot Heat (On/Off)
  • Nav Light: Skip/Next Waypoint
  • Recognition Light: Quick Winch Disconnect
  • Water Rudder: Kinetic Assistant (Functions/Connections)
Where can I get Official Support?


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Pretty empty over here.