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Version 0.7
Initial Release October 31, 2020
Last Updated January 17, 2021
File Size 193.96 MB
Downloads 2,511
GPS Coordinates 46.580593, 13.629586
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Regional Airports
#Real-Life #4K Original #Nature #Handcrafted #Buildings Austria Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 0.7 January 17, 2021

    Changes v0.7:

    Important: Please use Mikea's Asset Pack and Airport Markings!

    * Changed modellib (CTD issue)
    * Retextured tower
    * Used Mikeas markings as field markings
    * Repaired some terrain issues occuring because of the latest Flightsim update
    * Added several details visible on approach (Details for sawmill, sewage treatment plant and the nearby church of Noetsch)

  • Version 0.6 November 22, 2020

    Changes v0.6:

    * Fixed some material parameters/textures. They should now look better in certain lighting conditions.

  • Version 0.5 November 16, 2020

    Changes v0.5:

    * Small improvements to runway, parking spots, 3D model positions
    * Hangar now has life inside
    * Added more details, 1 spotlight for basic lighting (there isnt much going on at night anyways)
    * Added custom water treatment plant nearby and some details to saw mill, visible while on approach.

  • Version 0.4 November 15, 2020

    Changes v0.4:
    Small update
    * Improvements to runway, parking spots, 3D model positions
    * Added more details and one spotlight for basic lighting (there isn't much going on at night anyways)
    * Added a few water tanks, wood piles and crates to nearby water treatment plant & saw mill

  • Version 0.3 November 03, 2020

    Changes v0.3:
    * Refined apron
    * Added signs to clubhouse/tower.
    * Removed some wrong vegetation.
    * Added details.
    * Fixed grass on runway.

  • Version 0.2 October 31, 2020

    Changes v0.2:

    * Remodeled tower/clubhouse. Roof is not shiny anymore. Flickering of signs removed.
    * Added Mikea's Asset Pack for a better overall experience.
    * Removed Dobratsch radio tower for future patching convenience. Download here:
    * Added missing concrete apron
    * Added additional hangar signs
    * Added more details, cars, construction, cones, etc.

  • Launched October 31, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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It's a nice change from asphalt runways all the time!
Veilen Dank für diesen Flugplatz! Schaut super aus!
Oh my god thank you for the airfield it´s my main airfield in real life it´s perfect thank you very much!!
Sadly, the grass situation is not improved after the latest update.
Thanks... By me, the original grass is coming up after landing and taxi to the clubhouse.
Excellent work. Thanks a lot. I wanted to convert the buildings of LOKN from the freeware of by using ModelConverterX (unfortunately only for me, because I wouldn't have the right from the creators to publish it), but luckily this scenery came today. Thanks also for the Sender Dobratsch, the skyscraper was disturbing for everyone who knows the area. Please keep up the good work!
Wow, that is really a beauty! Thank you very much for sharing it with us 😊
Thank you very much, especially for the ORF tower. That 30-story skyscraper on top of Dobratsch gave me nightmares lol
Love the VW Bus 😊

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