All 29 New York Bridges - Sample

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Love your bridges, but 2 bridges remain default with the black below. the Queensboro brige. and Roosevelt island bridge (next to UN building)



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by mngydg

Thank you TAURUS for your concern about the bridges and the scenery of New York from SamScene ... and thank you, MNGYDG, for the kindness of allowing an alternate file to correct the problem. I am sure my next purchase will be the Pittsburgh bridges.

Hello again

Unfortunately, I found 2 surplus construction parts that can be assigned to your scenery after various tests.

I'm using your version adapted for SamScene3D.

2 floating building blocks 😱

at the intersection of 116th Street and West 117th Street and

at the intersection of 5th Avenue and West 116th Street

I'm sure you pay your construction workers well, but you shouldn't allow them alcohol. You can see what happens 😉

PS: I uploaded a picture for it.


There is a conflict with "New York City Times" for MSFS2020 by SamScene3D.

Is there a way to disable these 2 bridges?

"Williamsburg Bridge" and "Queensboro Bridge"

These two overlap with the bridges from SamScene3D

greeting Tauro


I bought the 29 bridges. Without a doubt, they look fantastic.

Wow, really nice work. So good to see the NY area getting the upgrades it needs. The default is terrible when it comes to these details. So my next question/request. The Robert Moses Causeway bridges. There are 2 , the Single and Double the small drawabridge. I'm a local FD in West Isllip (we cover this whole span and the RM beaches) and this is where I grew up as well. Being an avid FS'er... no one has ever covered these bridges in any higher quality form that I have seen in over 20 years of flight simming. Would you mind being the first? It's sad that these bridges are such a part of flying the South Shore of Long Island and have never been seen in the Sim. (well... other than the flat default garbage FS tosses in there)



Thanks so much for this! Just bought your package! Even tho I had DL'd a bunch of your stuff of, I wanted to compensate you for your efforts!

Quick question, is there a list of the bridges in the package somewhere? I want to clean up my Community folder and I have bridges in other parts of the world so dont want to remove the wrong ones

Can you fly under (!) each and every one of them, with collissions on and is there a collision detection, when you do hit the bridge? That´s important for flying stunts, where you go to "the edge" as as close as possible.

Looks really interesting. You did a great job.

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