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Version 0.8.1
Initial Release October 07, 2020
Last Updated May 31, 2021
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Intl. Airports
#Real-Life #4K Original #Nature #Sightseeing #Buildings Austria Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 0.8.1 May 31, 2021

    Changes v0.8.1:

    * Fixed Terraforming. Made a small mistake in v0.8, landscape was slightly off. Now elevation really is matched to reality up to 10cm.
    * Fixed doubled windsock
    * Added some custom ground textures.

    More to come soon!

  • Version 0.8 May 25, 2021

    Changes v0.8:


    Complete Makeover & not finished yet:

    * Renamed Modellib - no more CTDs
    * Redid the whole airport
    * Terraformed runway and airport area in accordance to hgh detailed LIDAR data. Runway slope is now like reality (~0.1m accuracy)
    * Completely new model for Clubhouse/Tower in high res PBR materials
    * Lots of new ground textures
    * Corrected com. frequencies
    * Custom airfield markers and added Wind-T

    Stay tuned for more.

  • Version 0.7 October 20, 2020

    Changes version 0.7:

    * Custom Clubhouse / tower model. Needs to be refined though.
    * Added more scenery while removing wooden fence completely now.

  • Version 0.6 October 18, 2020

    Changes version 0.6:

    * Removed wooden fences, they are not there in reality.
    * Optimized GA parking ramps. Hopfully no more jets spawning, not sure what caused this.
    * Added Com Frequencies (Please report if I did it correctly).

    * Working on custom model for tower / clubhouse for next patch.

  • Launched October 07, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Hallo und danke für die viele Arbeit!

Ich hab mir bis gestern gedacht: 'wofür brauch ich Völtendorf?'.

Und jetzt ist mein Sohn nach Obergrafendorf gezogen und ich bin gestern 4x vorbeigefahren.

So- und jetzt hab ich ihn. Sehr schön gemacht.

LG Hermann

Hello, I like the scenery, but I am using zinertek enhanced airport graphics and the grass runway has black wear and tear marks on it.

could you make another version for EAG users?

First, let me give you my deepest respect for creating all this content for our little country. Your work makes it much more enjoyable to fly here. 😁

However, I am sad to report that LOAD crashes MSFS in the latest version ( on loading. Even if not starting at this airport. Having it in community folder is enough. 😥

I hope a quick recompile can fix this. Thank you again for your hard work, Austria would not be the same without you.
AU & grass landing strip = Sweet!
Thanks for creating this scenery, however I see that you have fallen foul of the ModelLib problem. If you check the forums, you will see that using a standard name for 'ModelLib' can cause probelms and even CTD's for FS2020. If you could rename your ModelLib to something less generic like egxx_ModelLib, where egxx = your aiport icao, or scenery name , that would solve the problem.
Super Airport! Vielen Dank!
Hast du noch weiter kleine Airports in Planung wie LOGM, LOAS?
Danke, auch für deine anderen Projekte!
Dankeschön 😊
As I see you deleted the old file and with it my comment, Like I said Im already working on full LOAD airfiled, models are already done some texture work is left and coding, release is within a couple of weeks. But nice try tho.. Liebe Grüße aus Wien 😊)
LOAG/N/V wären auch geil!

Vielen Dank für Völtendorf!!!

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