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Version 2.0
Initial Release October 06, 2020
Last Updated November 30, 2020
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#Real-Life #Nature #Sightseeing Japan Exclusive


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  • Version 2.0 November 30, 2020

    -Fixed the last of the river mouth dark patches.
    -removed water covering features.
    -added water to fix coastline edges.
    -added some ships when appropriate.
    -added some water to a couple of rivers where it was missing.
    -completed first pass round mainland japan.

  • Version 1.9 November 15, 2020

    -fixed more black marks across river entrances.
    -removed water covering terrain
    -removed water hiding features underwater.
    -added water to several rivers and lakes that was missing
    -fixed some terrain height issue's.

    Next update 2.0 should finish the first pass round the main island of japan.

  • Version 1.8 November 11, 2020

    -added around 30 missing windmills.
    -Fixed more black marking in river entrances.
    -uncovered more hidden features.
    -added a couple of appropriate ships.
    -fixed some water issue's along beaches.

    Almost completed the first pass around mainland japan.

  • Version 1.7 November 04, 2020

    Made my way around most of the north side of the main island of Japan now.
    -Fixed loads more black lines across river entrances.
    -added a cargo ship.
    -uncovered lots of objects and terrain hidden under the water.
    -fixed water masking along edge of pert of the north cost of japan.
    -fixed some terrain height issue's

  • Version 1.6 October 23, 2020

    Made my way round the north west of mainland Japan:

    -Fixed more dark lines at river entrances.
    -added water to some rivers.
    -removed water covering scenery.
    -uncovered more hidden objects under the water.
    -added more solar panels.
    -added water along the coast to cover areas missing water.

  • Version 1.5 October 06, 2020

    Worked my round the north east side of mainland Japan:
    -Fixed more dark lines at river entrances.
    - uncovered hidden objects in water.
    -added more solar panels.
    -added water to some missing rivers
    -added water to missing areas along coast.

  • Launched October 06, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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I've been using this with SU5, so you can update your pink warning bar to green OK.

in the Community folder?
Nice Work ! thx
Thank you for this. I don't know Japan so the more detail the better as I am enjoying looking around.
Such dedication! Thanks so much, it really looks great!
"completed first pass round mainland japan."
Great job!! Only 6999 islands to go 😊
You should send Asobo a bill for all of this though something tells me your not done. This stuff is so beyond me but nobody likes water that acts like ground. Thank you so much for all you've done on this !
Thanks for the update to Japan!
Appreciate your hard work! Thanks very much!
Great work! it is possibile in SDK improve the quality of water mask? With more transparent water from Orthophoto?
This is awesome, as good as the legendary Thames update. These kind of fixes should have been really included in official Japan update. It may not seem like much but for an island country surrounded by water, these seemingly small water fixes make a lot of difference. Harbors and river outlets are much more interesting areas to explore now. One tip - I assume that a lot of us here will already have other Japan addons installed - please outline the procedure to remove conflict with your mod in the description. Bear in mind we may all not be tech savvy here. Also a question. Which area did you focus so far the most? So i can know where to explore first.
Thanks for making Japan even better in MSFS2020. If able, pls add 'Buymeacoffee' and I'll shout you a mocha!
Thanks matey also appreciate the rating. I have to finish another add-on first but that should be finished in the next few days then I will resume work on this japan update.

I will fix the whole north side of Japans river entrances for the next update. Then I will start uncovering hidden items and add water to rivers that are missing it.
appreciate the hard work

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