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Version 1.2
Initial Release October 05, 2020
Last Updated April 26, 2021
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Downloads 2,133
GPS Coordinates 49.620018, 6.145200
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#Photogrammetry Luxembourg Exclusive


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  • Version 1.2 April 26, 2021

    This version adds more prominent scenery objects to help navigate in Luxembourg VFR:

    -        The new football stadium “Stade de Luxembourg”
    -        The big white Drosbach Building opposite the stadium
    -        The distinctive Leudelange water tower
    -        The cable-stayed bridge in Hesperange, spanning the Alzette valley
    -        The Vianden hydro-electric plant towers overlooking the water reservoir.
    -        The Arlon Ikea store

    All of these models have been created exclusively by Chris.1008 and all credits go to him.

  • Version 1.1 April 18, 2021

    Version 1.1 includes the following changes to the LuxVFR file.

    - Tower at ELLX removed, since World Update 4 now includes an ELLX tower
    - Cathedral at Luxembourg City added
    - 40 new POIs added: Belval, Bettembourg, Capellen, Clervaux, Diekirch, Differdange, Dudelange, Echternach, Eischen, Esch/Alzette, Esch/Sûre, Ettelbruck, Fischbach/CARLI, Frisange/TANGO, Grevenmacher, Grunewald/BRAVO, Hosingen, Insenborn, Keispelt/ALPHA, Kopstal, Mamer, Mersch/MERSA, Mondorf , Moutfort/SIERA, Noertrange, Petange, Redange, Remich/REMIK, Schengen , Steinsel, Troisvierges, Useldange, Vianden, Wandhaff, Wasserbillig, Weiswampach, Wiltz, Wincrange, Wormeldange/OSCAR

    If you have already installed an earlier version of the package, just replace LuxVFR with the new version. That’s it!

    New users: Please install the scenery files of your choice:

    LuxVFR adds radio towers, water towers, a couple of churches and all POIs.

    LuxGare adds photogrammetry of the Luxembourg Gare quarter

    LuxKirchberg adds Kirchberg quarter, Red Bridge, Glacis (including the iconic annual fair Schobermesse), Pfaffental Elevator, Fondation Pescatore and the major part of Limpertsberg quarter. Please install Kirchberg_High if you have a high-end system, OR Kirchberg_Low for less resolution and better frames. Do not install both!

    For VFR pilots training current ELLX procedures, VFR reporting points have been added to the POIs. Example: Frisange/TANGO

    Outbound rwy 06: report at CARLI or OSCAR
    Outbound rwy 24: report at ALPHA or TANGO

    Inbound NW: report at MERSA, then BRAVO
    Inbound SE: report at REMIK, then SIERA

    VFR holdings at BRAVO or SIERA

  • Version 1.0 January 29, 2021

    Kirchberg is now expanded to Limpertsberg

  • Version 0.4 January 21, 2021

  • Version 0.3 January 11, 2021

    Version 0.4

  • Launched October 05, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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First of all i would like to thank you for the amazing work you did and are doing to make Luxembourg look great in Msfs! For me the Added buildings are much grayer than the normal one from Msfs. Is there any way i can fix this issue?

Moien, Again, Beautifull job you did there, Grew up in Lux, and i miss it so much. Thanks to you, it's less painfull. I can fly anytime I feel blue.
QUESTION : do you think it would be possible to add some lights on the radio towers in Jonglënster? now, they only have one each, at their base. But from what i recall, there should be 4 on the whole tower, plus a 5th on the very top, on each one of them...same for the radio towers at Beidweiler, btw.
Hi Guys ! I'm new to FS 2020. Is there a simple way to place a label over the VFR reporting points ? I'm working towards my PPL at the moment and that would be a gret way to get familiar with the location of the 8 waypoints around ELLX.

And BTW thanks for all those addons !

Moien, after the World Update the Kirchberg photogrammetry object is overlapped with some of the newly added objects from the update.

Having said that at this point I prefer photogrammetry as it gives you the actual textures of the buildings. Would you be able to release an update to address that?
Merci villmols 😊
This is awesome, as a ELLX-based pilot ! Thank you so much !
Thank you for this! is there a way to optimize/reduce the amount of files wihin the addon so that it reduces loading time like the other scenery creator Thalixte does with his tools?
i can now literally crash into my *lgl* school LOL
Awesome job, thanks you !
Verry nice work! I love it thank you so much
Thank you SO MUCH !! I grew up in Graulinster, and therefore also with the radio towers of Junglënster AND Beidweiler in the landscape...Had such a beautiful view over the Black Ernz valley.
Do you think you would be able to model the Red Bridge between Kirchberg and Limpertsberg?...and the trainstation of Luxemburg city, since it's juste under the path of Rwy06 ??
Thank you for your work.
Would be nice to have the Radio towers of Beidweiler and the one in Hosingen included in a future update.
Good Job, Thank you !
merci enormement
Great update, keep up the great work!
Looking forward to what’s next
Does it include night lighting ?

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