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KBKL-Burke Lakefront Airport V3.0 Cleveland, Ohio

BKL - Burke Lakefront Airport Cleveland, Ohio Version 2.0 Since its inception nearly a century ago, Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport has been the region’s premier business airport, providing travelers with safe, enjoyable and hassle-free transportation.Situated on the shores of Lake Erie, the airport gives...

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BKL - Burke Lakefront Airport Cleveland, Ohio Version 2.0

Since its inception nearly a century ago, Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport has been the region’s premier business airport, providing travelers with safe, enjoyable and hassle-free transportation.
Situated on the shores of Lake Erie, the airport gives beautiful climpses of the lake.
Annually, the home of the Cleveland Airshow on Labor Day weekend featuring the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels or the U.S. Airforce's Thunderbirds.
I hope you enjoy this scenery pack for MSFS2020. 

This version was a major overhaul! Now includes Levels of Detail (LODs) for better in Sim performance.

In this version:
1. New LODs
2. Reconstructed models

3. New Air Garden

4. New ground Textures

5. Wigwag lights at Hold-Shorts

6. New Main Terminal interior which include part of the Internation Women's Air and Space Museum (more to come)

Parking Guide:

    Spots are: Gates 1 thru 5: Gate 1A, Gate 1B, Gate 2A, Gate 2B, etc

                      Signature Flight Support spots = GateA1, GateA2, GateA3, GateB1, etc...

                      Aitheras spots = NE Parking 1, NE Parking 2, etc....

                      Signature FS Old Hangar = E Parking 1, E Parking 2, etc....


HUGE special Thank you to User Kingof305 for his "Boots on the Ground" assistance....couldn't have done it without you buddy!
What to expect in future versions:
1. USS Cod and Lean Dog vessels
2. More museum displays

3. Highway signs and road construction out front of main terminal


Unzip the download file and replace the old version (myphysicalworld-bkl) into your community folder.

Sim Update 10 0 0
Initial Release
March 23, 2021
Last Updated
6 month(s) ago — 3.00



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  • Updated to version 3.00

  • Updated to version 2.01

  • Updated to version 2.0

  • Updated to version 1.5

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Thank you so much for your rendition of Lakefront airport. It brings back good memories when I used to fly there with 727s and 737s. Very beautiful approach along the lake on the ILS to runway 24R.

Just one thing I have noted. Your windsock points in the opposite direction of the wind in v 3.00. Without your addon, the default windsocks are correct. Maybe you could have a look at this. Thank you!



10 month(s) ago / Thanked by Areographer

Beautiful!! Is it possible for you to look at 1G1, Elyria airport just 30 miles or so west of KBKL? This is my home airport and I fly to KBKL a lot. MSFS2020 did not add the buildings and it is so disappointing... Is it possible for you to make a mod and add the buildings and hangers to it? Thank you for your excellent work!

I'd like to see better photogrammetry of the city, hate looking at melted buildings. First Energy looks decent, but the bridges along the Cuyahoga could use a bit of work..

I can't believe no one has made Dayton KDAY yet. Basically the birthplace of aviation.

Thank you so much. I can see the airport from where I worked. Did quite a few airshows here.

Was wondering why this name was ringing a bell ... old Indycar track, of course!

Thanks for this and KCLE!!!

KBKL is my "home" airport. Only improvement would be to populate the car parking area packed with Browns' tailgaters 😉

You're the best, buddy!!!

I bought the KBKL payware in the MSFS store mainly as it was my first oppurtunity to purchase something and I wanted to see how the Marketplace worked out. Turns out although I do like the modeling a bit better the airport layout and functionality itself was not improved - taxi signs were still wrong, improper slope lighting, unset taxiways for ATC, etc. So I downloaded this, deleted the textures and modelLib file and that removes any conflicts with the payware scenery. Just an FYI for anyone. Thanks to the author for a more functional airport!

ICAO for pilots please

Is there away that I can private message you, I might be able to help you out with the two hangers on the east side of airport.
Excellent job! Only thing I noticed, which may be out of your control, is that it rainss and snows inside of the buildings.
Installed it but nothing has shown up unfortunately. There's just a square of vertical concrete a few feet high were the buildings are supposed to be. I'd send a photo if I could.
This is awesome! Thank you!!
Should we delete the previous version or leave it in the Community Folder? Thanks for doing Burke!
Any chance you could fix the taxiways designations, they're all wrong?
20 minutes from my house. Thank you for doing this. Hoping they have the Airshow this year.
Thanks so much for enhancing KBKL! I consider it my "home" airport in the sim, so I was praying someone would improve upon the default. I look forward to your future updates, but already enjoying the much more life-like version! Would it be possible to get the break wall added that runs along the shoreline about a 1/4 mile (I'm guessing at the distance) out on the lake?
Based out of Cleveland. Thank you so much for this!

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 3.00 April 21, 2022

    New Textures
    Reconstructed models
    Wigway lights
    New Air Garden
    New Signature Flight Support Quonset Hangar with helicopters
    New ground markings

  • Version 2.01 August 03, 2021

    Verification that it works with SU5.

  • Version 2.0 May 21, 2021

    Reworked runway, taxiway, apron textures
    Reworked taxiway assignments
    Reworked Signage
    Reworked Parking

  • Version 1.5 April 02, 2021

    This revision makes changes to Signature Flight Support and utilizes real 3D building materials rather than just textures. Much of the Interior to the FBO has been done with the help of user kingof305 as our "boots on the ground". Many thanks to him for his great input!

    Also the Aitheras hangar has been added using the same modeling technique.......LOOK FOR THE FROG!

    Also....modelLib.bgl file now has a unique name as not to cause conflicts with other scenery packs.

    Explore the Signature Flight Support FBO for some interior treats.

    The Main Terminal will be the focus of the next revision, so keep checking for updates....Thanks for downloading!

  • Launched March 23, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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