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Version 3.0
Initial Release February 27, 2021
Last Updated April 06, 2021
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  • Version 3.0 April 06, 2021

    Resolves the problem people had with file paths that contain spaces. Also adds a stop server EXE

  • Launched February 27, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Downloaded yesterday, and it works for me under SU6! Like it very much...

Only when i copy additional files in the ebag folder and run the "prepare script" i have to restart the sim to see the new files .

I have over 100 Charts in my ebag folder, and it takes a while to scroll all the files to find the right one. Is it possible to sort them by country e.g.? Perhaps with subfolders?

Ugly. Look at the picture. The giant plus and minus signs and arrows cover the contents. The icon on the toolbar is also blank.

Don't waste your time. I think this software is abandonware as of Oct 2021.

pleasse update!!!!!

All installed OK. But in the ebag window I get a message "Service Unavailable" HTTP Error503. The service is unavailable.

Any suggestions

Hi, I like your addon very much. I'd like to report a minor problem since SU5. Ebag icon in toolbar is empty, no "notepad" image anymore.

Issue: eBag image is only white or translucent.

Possible cause: Win update, PDF settings, ... ?

Testing: Have been using eBag every day for months... works great till now. If I clear all files in \ebag and replace them with old files including file_index.js it works fine.

Update: Appears to be a permissions issue. 403 Forbidden.

IS it possible to use joystick buttons to control the functions. Open, close, page, zoom.

I need your advice. I would like higher rez JPGs from GhostScript. I have never seen so many line parameters... ever. Am I wasting my time trying to get higher rez? Is not possible or practical?

"-r300x300" Failed to improve rez and could not create JPGs for simBrief and SkyVector PDFs... hmm

Excellent addon. Many thanks for this!
Pretty excellent addition, if you favor to use checklist or to do list right on screen ... Thank you very much for sharing this excellent tool with the community...
I love your addon. 😃
I did edit index.html so the buttons are on the bottom not covering images. Glad to share with you Spit.
hii...every time that i try to start the server i get the message ``Access to C/win/systen32/index.html falied . Reason is that system cant find the file... Tinyweb/1,94 service failed to startt ....Help meee pls
Thank you. If the interface arrows and +- had a more transparent option instead of blocking the image that could help.
hello after installing the 2 files as indicated , I find myself with a totally empty window exactly like Bobo 1348 Can we have an explanation Thank you
Unfortunately it does not work for me. I did put the folder in Community. The folder Images in my Documents. After using the BAT file to convert, all images are there. Then i fire up the server. The server is there and running. I start the flightsim and voila the icon is there, i open the icon and get a nice empty window with + and - and arrows. BUT not one document. so what is wrong? Tried reinstall, new download etc. different folders as well. nothing works.
Thank you, I am so glad you did this. Immensely helpful and immersive in VR. I use it for charts, POH, checklists. The included pdf_to_jpg converter is great too.
As VR pilot, I have been waiting for something like this. Great tool! Thank you!
Ebag not refreshing: I checked with my Firefox on localhost, and there the file_index.js is updated and the browser displays the changed and added files (takes a moment).
Within MSFS however, no such luck. Stranger is, that in MSFS the EBAG keeps showing older deleted content? How does that work?

EDIT: when I "RESTART" the flight the EBAG does update ......
EDIT: another problem might be that Little NAV MAP also runs a server (a mod) for the Toolbar. And prob also on port 80. That could cause problems of not refreshing? EDIT: nope LNM defaults to port 8965
I was looking for exact such a tool. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work. Always says "FORBIDDEN" in the EBAG window. I have the ebag_images folder under "documents" (I think it is not relevant, that my folder is in german named "dokumente". It is the defautl windows folder for documents). Ebag folder is in community folder (MS store version). Somebody any idea? I have load tiny.exe als admin. Thanks. Great tool.

Update: After resinstall the FORBIDDEN error has gone and I see only a empty window

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