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Version 0.9
Initial Release September 27, 2020
Last Updated October 04, 2020
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Intl. Airports
#Handcrafted Seychelles


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  • Version 0.9 October 04, 2020

    Changelog 0.8 --> 0.9

    - FSIA - add ILS to Runway 31 (Freq. 110.30)
    - FSIA/FSPP - add Com frequency (TOWER/ATIS/GROUND/APPROACH)
    - FSIA/FSPP - corrected apron and taxiway layout with help of aerial images (not included)
    - FSPP - add handcrafted 3d model of the tower and firestation

  • Launched September 27, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Still works great after SU7 for me, nice to have somewhere to fly the A32NX with Air Seychelles livery.

Sorry to have perhaps disturbed you, the Seychelles airports are active again. I don't know for what reason, I did not do anything and I am sure they had disappeared since I noticed it a few days ago. I had then checked several times to see if they were there.
Hello Mcbolid

Fine job you made and I appreciated you having filled the gap about the Seychelles airports. Unfortunately your mods do not work any more. It happened after but they reappeared spontaneously after several hours. I suppose update has deactivated them. If you still use the sim, could you check if Mahé and Praslin are still visible or not?

Many thanks in advance.
Fine work. I wonder why airports of Seychelles are not in MSFS.
But i have double RW @Praslin. So i will give only 3 Stars.
great work
Beatiful job done here.
Definitely anyone can appreciate all the passion and love put in this couple of airports.
There is only one small "but"...runways are doubled, I think you should exclude the original airport
Nice airports but unfortunately double runways when using navigraph.
As leo, I also have double runways when navigraph is installed. Can you fix this?
Wow! can't believe these aren't in the base game! great work.
Mille fois merci, Super travail.
Thank you ! good scenery ! But I have a problem, I've got 2 runways when navigraph is installed...
I can send you a picture if you're giving me an email or something
Thank you ! Used to fly virtual charter with Africa, Seychelles and Madagascar. This will bring back great memories and hope to see more. Thanks again
Any idea where we can get a livery for air seychelles to complete the experience.thank you
Nice job, looking great.thank you for this file.

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