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Version v0.5.11
Initial Release February 18, 2021
Last Updated March 09, 2021
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Greetings! Glad to present TBM930 Improvement mod! It is based on the initial mod by guifarias31, which was abandoned for some reason. Many thanks to him for the work done!
I picked up this project and made a number of changes and improvements that you can appreciate.

Workingtitle G3000 mod is highly recomended!

INSTALATION: Unpack with 7zip archiver to community folder.

- If something going wrong, and something not work - double check your MOD's. Other TBM930 mods can cause conflict!
- Please read FAQ before question!

So. What's changes is included:
- Removed the 30% throttle gap.
- Corrected some numbers for pitch_takeoff, starter_cutoff, rated_shaft, aft_limit, rotation_speed, glide, cruze_alt
- Ajusted torque vs air density table: (Calculated using POH Maximum Cruise Chart)
- Landing gear creates more drag (by PositiveZero)
- Added angle for nose steering wheel
- Fuel flow ajusted
- Added Audible Alert Fixes by PositeZero
- Integrated Uwa's light mod
- Integrated Pilot / Copilot mod
- Reworked cockpit lights
- Dim switch now dim displays and panel lights by half (for night flight)
- Pedestal light now work from Access switch
- Backup display brightness now controlled by G3000 Mod brightness
- If G3000 mod not installed, display brightness controlled by panel light knob
- Removed dead bugs from Windshield (no more CHEERKASHI!11)
- Unlocked sun visor animation
- Added logic and unlocked animation for front / passenger / cargo doors
- Added lock mechanism logic
- Unlocked passenger table animation
...and something more, what i can miss.

Now, the project is continue in my Github TBM930 Improvement mod page.

All news/dev builds/suggestion/request in my discord chanel.

I want back my dirty windshield

Remove two blocks (with TBM_930_COCKPIT_WINDSHIELD_COMP) from layout.json file (via text editor)

How to change door state in hangar and C&D start?

Edit hangar.flt or/and apron.flt there is three variables in [LocalVars.0] block with state: 0 - closed, 1 - opened
- XMLVAR_TBM930_FrontDoor_Init=1
- XMLVAR_TBM930_BackDoor_Init=0
- XMLVAR_TBM930_CargoDoor_Init=0

I want to change my pilot/copilot to male/female


How to remove or hide pilot/copilot?

For hiding - pres red button near PFD (Display Backup) or set in Payloads Pilot/Copilot weight less than 100lb

If you wish to remove pilots by default, add to all .flt (apron.flt, runway.flt) files these strings (in [LocalVars.0])


I have opinion about changes or bug report

Use GIThub ling to make issue, or contact me through discord

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version v0.5.11 March 09, 2021

    - Sim Update 3 compatible
    - Added default pilots state to all .FLT files (you can change it if you want)
    - Changed non-moded G3000 lighting logic
    - Experemental: pilots always hide if you seat at pilot/copilot position

  • Version v0.5.10 March 02, 2021

    - Revert flaps hotfix for landing problem in
    - Revert slightly open door when unlocked state
    - Changed showing pilots logic (Show it by default)
    - Added show Pilots depend of weight (set less than 100lb in payload panel to hide pilots)
    - Ctrl-6 instrument camera always hide copilot

  • Version v0.5.9 February 22, 2021

    - Added four new Instruments camera (Ctrl-7/8/9/0)
    - Changed hotfix for landing problem in (Keep only half lift_coef_flaps, all other revert back)
    - Changed lock mark logic (green - locked, red - unlocked)
    - Unlocked door now slightly opened

  • Version 0.5.8 February 19, 2021

    - Added handle in copilot side to close passenger door
    - Hotfix for (landing speed)

  • Launched February 18, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Low speed warning
April 08, 2021
March 03, 2021
  • Ritchy61
    3 hour(s) ago
    One of the best mods in MSFS.
    Only the copilot sometimes has a bug.
  • cy3
    3 day(s) ago
    Your mod is fantastic. I have been enjoying it. Just one curious thing about the tendency of the plane to roll right (default or with this mod) (even before WU4).
    I noticed that in the .flt files (both default or with this mod), there is the line "AileronTrimPct=-0.019999999552965164185" in cruise, approach... (airborne) and taxi; that sets the aileron trim to 0.2 degree left. But in the runway, apron and hanger.flt (on the ground except for taxi), the aileron trim is zero.
    That 0.2 degree left is exactly the amount I need to keep the plane from rolling right. Do you know why it is the case?
    • Mugz
      3 day(s) ago
      I have no idea why is it
  • Elliot09
    4 day(s) ago
    with the latest update the mod wont let me reduce throttle lower than like 30-40%, if i disable the mod the TBM works just "fine"
    in other words, AWESEOM work on the mod, thanks ASOBO for constantly breaking things!
    • Mugz
      4 day(s) ago
      Check your control configuration. Just checked now, throttle work perfect
  • titan3805
    4 day(s) ago
    The new update makes the TBM disappear from the list of planes avail. I had to remove the update to restore the TBM. Please update if you can.
    • Mugz
      4 day(s) ago
      Got it. Will check
    • sydicek
      4 day(s) ago
      There has to be a mod or livery conflict somewhere, because I can see the TBM with the improvement mod without a problem.
    • Mugz
      4 day(s) ago
      Check your other mod, i dont see any issue with mod.
    • titan3805
      3 day(s) ago
      Yours is the only one I have in the community folder. I took all the TBM liverys out. And when I insert yours it removes the plane. If I delete it the plane comes back.
    • Mugz
      3 day(s) ago
      Strange think. Try reinstall my mod (download new) if not help - try reinstall asobo aircraft tbm930.
  • hpk
    5 day(s) ago
    last short sim update:
    pilot an co pilot are changed between left an right
    how i can set it back?
    or change the place from pilot and co pilot?
  • hpk
    7 day(s) ago
    die tbm fliegt den kurs ab , rollt aber auf 10° AP an, Nav an
    the tbm flies the course, but rolls to 10 ° AP, Nav

    hat sich erledigt
  • leobacha
    9 day(s) ago
    when in low idle, hi idle or even when we apply reverse the ITT rise fast to above the limits...is this like a bug or something ?
    • Mugz
      9 day(s) ago
      Aircraft not have beta mode. Reverse mode rise ITT, seems like in real. But not sure.
  • Kajinek
    9 day(s) ago
    From the last MSFS update does not work HDG AP. ALT AP works. Aircraft continuesly turn to left with "steering" to right. Any solution?
    • Mugz
      9 day(s) ago
      Switch to modern flight model. This mod not modified any AP logic
    • Kajinek
      9 day(s) ago
      I did not have newest G3000, I will try...
    • Gualdemar
      9 day(s) ago
      Do you have WorkingTitle g3000 installed? Try to update it. I've just done it (v0.5.1) and TBM worked perfectly again. Cheers.
  • BanditRoad
    10 day(s) ago
    Impressed by your work for the TBM at the level of the animated openings I wondered if you had not planned to do this same work for the diamond da40ng, it would suit him so well! In any case, thank you for this fabulous work that you share with us.
  • babybird
    10 day(s) ago
    Is this mod only compatible with default livery(the one shown in thumnail)?
    I tried with the livery that MSFS recently provided (the one that exitsted in FSX) and I see outline of the livery when I open the door and when opened, the livery stays still so I cannot see inside in outside view.
    • Mugz
      10 day(s) ago
      Yes in .12 version all fsx liveries is also compatible. I need more time to test it.
  • tamf2201
    10 day(s) ago
    when doing two or more flights when i go to take off all doors open even when they are locked and the front hold opens as well any ideas
    • Mugz
      10 day(s) ago
      I don't have any ideas, flight model set to modern?
    • tamf2201
      10 day(s) ago
      yes set to modern. its only when continuing to do other flight and when i increase throttle, very strange.
    • Mugz
      10 day(s) ago
      May be something wrong bind, like open doors.
  • Juyced
    11 day(s) ago
    For me this Mod, together with the G3000 Mod makes the TBM-930 to the best plane in the sim. Just a lovely and reliable mod never had problems with it. gj guys !

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