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Version 1.4.2
Initial Release January 30, 2021
Last Updated July 29, 2021
File Size 697.37 MB
Downloads 6,094
GPS Coordinates 54.638036517256445, 25.28660131210083
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Intl. Airports #Real-Life #Handcrafted Lithuania Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.4.2 July 29, 2021

  • Version 1.4.1 May 15, 2021

    reworked apron night lighting
    added construction site which is in real airport at the moment
    tweaked elevation in some areas
    added missing parking number sign

  • Version 1.4 May 11, 2021

    added new apron which was opened on April 27 2021 in real airport
    reworked some apron lights
    added more taxiway signs
    reworked runway slope to match real world as close as possible

  • Version 1.3 April 26, 2021

    added custom fire rescue and aircraft maintenance buildings
    added custom GPU, fire extinguishers, cones and FOD bins models
    terminal model now has parallax interior textures
    reworked tower building window textures
    reworked apron night lights
    added more ground markings
    added more taxiway signs

  • Version 1.2 March 12, 2021

    all models remodeled and retextured
    finished old VIP building
    modeled custom boarding stairs (only a static object at the moment)
    fixed taxiway sign size
    added more ground markings
    some other small fixes

  • Version 1.1 February 04, 2021

    added taxiway signs and ground markings
    added more details around terminal building
    added fences near apron and taxiway F
    added old VIP building (still work in progress)
    fixed a bug of apron night lights appearing only when near them
    corrected spawn locations on parkings
    other small fixes

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23 day(s) ago / Thanked by Ch3rka

10/10, dėkingas!



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by Ch3rka

Thanks for version 1.4.2!


kada planuojamas sekantis Vilniaus orouosto atnaujinimas ir kas naujo planuojama? 😉

Love the construction area! I flew in this morning planning to exit at Bravo, but it was closed due to construction. I should have read the NOTAM! Very well done.

When to expect airbridge's update?

For freeware that's an incredible job done. Especially with the construction site. As usual, I read through the NOTAM and saw that there was some construction going on but never thought to actually see it. Remarkable!

Wow, that looks great! Thank you for your work, very well done! 😊
Didziulis aciu eilini karta, orouostas tiesiog auga 😉
Outstanding scenery! Nicely done, thank you so much dude ; )
very good thanks for that
Отлично! Спасибо!
aciu labai
love the new apron but how did you get the layout of it??
Thanks for your update!
I thoroughly enjoyed this for my brief visit to Vilnius!
It is fantastic work. Payware quality. I never heard of that place before but thank you for making me discover it. You are a very talented designer. Please continue, it is appreciated.😍
Excellent scenery! Easily one of the best sceneries I have flown to. Can't recommend enough.
Orouostas darosi vis grazesnis ir grazesnis, aciu uz paskutini V1.3 atnaujinima😉
P.S. ar jums neatrodo jog vis dar per tamsu orouoste nakti?
Ledovas. 😉

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