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#Fictional #Experimental #Sightseeing France Exclusive Drag and Drop
I would like to introduce my new concept of missions to MSFS. Story missions to be continued. This is the third part of a total of five missions in which you will perform various tasks and be accompanied by a story. Although the storyline is more or less straightforward and the tasks are just to fly from A to B or to search and rescue, but custom audio and story will add some personality to this mission. In addition, in the last part, you will have a choice of how the story will end. Yes, the most cliché thing from AAA games is now coming to MSFS!

Please read this description to improve your experience

Whiteout. A severe snowstorm that Europe has not experienced for decades has paralyzed the old continent. The French Alps are no exception. Many Alpine villages and towns have been cut off from the outside world. Rescue teams have to reach them for long hours. The only way to service the affected areas with the necessary medical supplies is by civil defense aircraft. The storm does not stop. But you are the only hope for these people.

This is a story mission so make sure you fly previous parts.

PART 1 -
PART 2 -

PART 3 - After a few days in Courchevel, it is time to head south. The Grand Caravan is filled with supplies. Your stop will be L Alpe D Huez, Saint Crepin, and last Saint Pons. You managed to convince MONIQUE that it is a better idea to fly during the day. The wind above 8,000 feet is deadly, but at least you will see something during landing. You have to fly low to the ground. This will again take you about an hour.

PART 4 -
PART 5 -

Parts will be added separately, so be sure to subscribe to my profile or check Bush trips regularly.
I don't know how long it will take to create the whole story, but I assume no more than three weeks. So if you want to play missions all at once just wait. Or you can take it as a series and play it gradually.

Unzip and put it in the community folder.

Here you will also find two weather difficulties for parts 1,3,5. The default is EASY. If you think you are a good pilot, you can use the "Weather" file from the HARD folder and replace it with the same name file in the mission folder. Please note that in this case, you will face a crosswind of up to 44 knots and a nose wind up to 100 knots. During landing!!! Difficult but possible.

NOTES: Please read this to improve your experience.
There are custom sounds. The end of LEG is delayed. Apply the parking brake and wait for the LEG exit screen to appear.
Stay as low as possible, wind is savage above 4k and deadly above 8k. Especially in hard mode.Set your G1000.
There is a lot of useful information you can work with. Use Primary flight display, there is a small map with the route.
Hard mode is really hard. Seriously.
There are subtitles in NAV LOG in case you have a problem with spoken English. So far, I haven't figured out how to write subtitles for custom wav. files on the screen. It's such a workaround but there's nothing better now.
I do not recommend using autopilot, it can get you in trouble.
You really have to pay attention to your speed. I do not recommend more than 150-160 IAS. Gusts of wind can suddenly change speed and your plane can be overstressed = end of mission.

Known bugs (don't know how to fix them)
If the leg restarts or you crash, it is necessary to play the whole mission again and delete the save file in \LocalState\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES (same root folder as Community folder). Otherwise, custom sounds will not work. Under investigation
Thanks to the strong wind at the beginning of the mission, the plane jumps a few meters forward. Hold the brake and be ready to maneuver.
Each leg always starts at 12:30. Some elements on the plane are reset to each LEG. You have to turn them on again. Especially interior lighting.

My other creations

Created by using the f99mlu’s Bush Mission Generator program.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1 January 26, 2021

    Added subtitles directly to the screen and deleted them from the NAV log. No more changes, just a better quality of life for those who download it for the first time or want to play the mission again.

  • Launched January 23, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

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    January 24, 2021

    Hi DonDone Thank you for the bush trips.....with the audio/voices and plot/story it is really enjoyable to do some flight with the sim......especially in VR. Now I just did white out part 2. Greetings from switzerland...didn't went skiiing this weekend but saw enough mountain terrain in your bush-trip

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    DonDone replied Author
    January 24, 2021
    Im glad you enjoy this mission. And you can look forward for more 3 missions in this amazing part of the world.
    ttop replied
    January 24, 2021
    bought you a beer ;)
    DonDone replied Author
    January 24, 2021
    Thank you so much!
  • image
    January 24, 2021

    That was amazing! Incredible job! Everyone must fly this one, my favorite bush trip!

  • image
    DonDone replied Author
    January 24, 2021
    Thanks for the feedback. Happy you enjoy it.

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