(This was just a fun and silly project I forgot to upload a long time ago!)

Introducing the Barrel Heli BYOB-2000

Discover a world of aviation creativity with the Barrel Heli BYOB-2000, a one-of-a-kind helicopter crafted from spare parts and backyard treasures. With a body made from an oil barrel, glowsticks and flashlights for lighting, and a 2-stroke engine, this unique aircraft is designed for fun, adventure, and low-and-slow flying.


Creative Construction: The BYOB-2000 is a masterpiece of backyard ingenuity, using spare parts and unconventional materials for a one-of-a-kind flying experience.

Unique Lighting: Illuminate your flights with lights made from flashlights and glowsticks, which automatically adjust to the time of day.(interior flashligt has on/off switch)

Suspension Fun: Enjoy animated suspension on both the front wheel and wheelie bar wheel, adding a touch of realism to your flights.

Solar Panels: Harness the power of the sun with integrated solar panels, a sustainable and creative source of energy.

2-Stroke Engine: Experience the thrill of flying with a 2-stroke engine, offering a unique auditory experience powered by a custom Wwise soundpack.

Removable Rollcage: Customize your flights by easily adding or removing the rollcage via the payload menu.

Low and Slow: The BYOB-2000 is the perfect aircraft for leisurely, low-altitude flights, making it great for exploring landscapes and soaking in the sights.

**Safety First:**

The BYOB-2000 is a fictional and creative aircraft for entertainment purposes within Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Always fly responsibly and follow simulator safety guidelines.