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Mosquito XE - XEL (40th Anniversary version)

Mosquito XE-XEL  Here is the new MXE/MXEL with all new native flight system! This Release has not only the new MSFS flight system but an entirely new set of textures, some modeling additions/edits, new console layout/model and more! Despite many many hours converting and updating this, there are...

Sim Update 12 1 1
Initial Release
December 23, 2022
Last Updated
3 month(s) ago — NS_1.1

Mosquito XE-XEL 

Here is the new MXE/MXEL with all new native flight system!

This Release has not only the new MSFS flight system but an entirely new set of textures, some modeling additions/edits, new console layout/model and more!

Despite many many hours converting and updating this, there are still some edits left to do, but these will come in future releases! (New soundpack will need more editing for one.)

It has been hard to find a perfect balance to the flight model and controls, but I have a decent setup for now. You will notice the power and lift capabilities work best below 4000ft 

Floats are modeled but serve no physical function, as Asobo seem to have forgotten to make helis able to float :(

Yaw string has been added and works fine.

New soundpack needs some sounds edited but will do at later time.

9 all new liveries!

If something is not working or whatever the case, kindly let me know and I will adress it as soon as I have the time, thanks!

Instructions and docs included.

Interior textures are all new and have new uv mapping as do the rotors/blades and the floats. All other uv mapping is the same as the old XE so most existing liveries will still work aside from before mentioned changes, however all these have new naming, so everything missing should default to the base tex folder.

I enjoy making these for you to all enjoy but I also have a family to support, and every minute spent making freeware items takes away from time I have to earn a living, so any donations are welcomed and appreciated :) As I don't think some people realize the time/work that goes into making any of this stuff. hint(Its on the topside of a whole lot and a bit more! )



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  • Updated to version NS_1.1

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Thanks for trying my helicopter! This is my first attempt ...



I have deleted it. It is almost impossible to fly smoothly

Thanked by HCG

I think I like it, but I'm not sure yet. I've never flown an actual mosquito model so I don't know how accurate the flight modeling is, but I can say from the limited time flying this in MSFS, it seems to have a fairly narrow range of speed where it achieves stable flight. Too slow and it bobs up & down a bit. Too fast and it porpoises a LOT. Like hundreds of feet up & down. But if I keep it in the sweet spot somewhere around 45 (kts? mph?) it's a lot of fun.

*edit to indicated speed feedback: it appears that IAS is accurate enough. My initial issue was apparently due to strong winds at ground level.

Anyway, I'll keep at it and see if I can tame the skeeter.

*I just happened to think about it, but have you thought of "borrowing" some sounds from Youtubers who fly these? I like the angry little noise they make (the helos, not the youtubers).

Thanked by HCG

Excellent except 1 weird thing, when I get up some speed flying low to the ground, all of a sudden it will try to do a back flip but then just levels itself, very sickening behaviour in VR, any one else care to try and see the if the same happens to you?

Thanked by HCG

Excellent little Helicopter easy to fly straight out the box many thanks x

Thanked by HCG

Thanks for creating this model, it's great!

Thanked by HCG

Thanks this is great!

I can't copy it to the mod folder. It says Path too long and I'm not gonna reinstall the whole game just for that. It would be great if that would be fixed but it doesn't matter. Also I can't rate it because I need to look at the error message for more than 15 minutes.

Thanked by HCG

A really great project.

The helicopter can be flyed great

And the additional gimics complete the whole thing.

Keep it up and thanks.

Roger dat, I will try... after tryin it i think the airland FS fly better , thi one has too much torque pulling right... airland fs is smoother

Thanked by HCG

I gotta say, you are doing a great job. As this is the first helicopter I can actually fly with the new system!, as I have not been able to fly the default helicopters. They gyro out of control, while this one is quite flyable. I have to yaw pretty hard to the left though, at some points.

Thanked by HCG

Fun little thing 😊 My 4K movie off it https://youtu.be/QSagnsns_2o

Thanked by HCG

Very nice. Thanks for your work.

Thanked by HCG

Aw hell yeah, I been waiting for this

Thanked by HCG

Thank you for this!!

no cockpit ??

Thanked by HCG

Is AirlandFS required? I assume not, like in your Cabri G2.

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  • Version NS_1.1 February 20, 2023

    Major flight model improvements.

  • Version 0.1.0 December 23, 2022

  • Launched December 23, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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