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Version 1.12
Initial Release September 18, 2020
Last Updated October 20, 2021
File Size 35.11 MB
Downloads 6,620
GPS Coordinates 53.448374, 5.685335
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Regional Airports
#Real-Life #Handcrafted Netherlands Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.12 October 20, 2021

    - Fixed LOD of perimeter fence
    - Improved ground coloring
    - Improved threshold marker positions

  • Version 1.11 June 06, 2021

    - Fixed floating cones
    - Improved runway and taxiway coloring

  • Version 1.10 April 30, 2021

    - Fixed elevation of terrain and some objects after World Update IV (
    - Changed runway numbers (now 08/26) according to real world changes

  • Version 1.9 November 23, 2020

    - Added perimeter fences
    - Extended wooden fences behind hangar (incl. small corrections)
    - Added ground wall and bushes around solar park
    - Added sand path along perimeter fences
    - Added parking area east of airfield
    - Added red cones at end of taxiway
    - Added static aircraft
    - Improved LOD configuration

  • Version 1.8 November 11, 2020

    - Added PBR materials
    - Improved normal maps
    - Improved night lighting
    - Removed ground services
    - Some general improvements

  • Version 1.7 October 31, 2020

    - Added night lighting
    - Fixed issue with pop-up distance of small objects introduced with MSFS

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4 month(s) ago / Thanked by SinusJayCee

looks good, thanks.

I just released a new version which fixes the issues after World Update IV. Furthermore, the runway numbers have been updated according to real-world changes.
The lighthouses on Schier are also still there.
Real nice job.
But with the benelux update, the tower and airportbuilding groundlevel is different from the airport and at the same time the bornrif lighthouse is gone, but not Brandaris.
Wow! I remember loading into this airfield with the default scenery and feeling lost, the grass strips and taxiways are pretty hard to see plus the hanger and tower area in the default scenery are just bad - see my video on Ameland here
really nice work , thankyou
Excellent airport!
Almost perfect. I love this kind of work makes flying around my homeland fun.

Is there any way to make it more clear where the taxi way is?
Would implementing support for taxi guidance be very difficult?
Looks great, thanks!
From update to update it looks more realistic.
I can recommend everyone a short flight from Ameland to the East Frisian Islands. 😊 Just awesome looking scenery in this area!
Nice looking airfield. Also enjoying the lighthouses! Thank you very much.
Thank you very much! There is another update coming, stay tuned 😊
Getting better and better!
I love this airfield.
Thanks a lot!
Hi! Very nice work! Where did you get the ground signs and the various runway objects (white blocks, taxi dividers, etc?)

If you have custom made them, could I use them for my EHMZ custom airport I'm currently building? Of course I will credit you.
Many thanks for this great (little) scenery. Flew here a few times as a student pilot. Is it possible for you to change the recreation areas into proper RV's/sta-caravan's? And perhaps to change those multi story houses into more realistic (low) houses?
Anyway love (your) Ameland airport
Beautiful airport, thank you!

But could you add a star to is so it is easier to find on the map?
For some reason this scenery, version 1.4, doesn´t want to load. No problems with the Waddenzee lighthouses from the other download or other addons. Any suggestions?
wow this is good quality!! any change you could do EHST and EHOW to? i fly out of those two airports in real life. would love to have good quality scenery in the sim as wel
Looking great! But the runway numbers are the wrong way around 😉
The first version of my Lighthouses Wadden Sea NL scenery has been released:

The Ameland lighthouse is now distributed with that package and is not part of the EHAL scenery anymore. Please make sure your update the EHAL scenery in order to avoid conflicts between both packages. Details can be found in the install instructions.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if there should be any problems.

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