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Version 1.2
Initial Release September 16, 2020
Last Updated October 07, 2020
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Intl. Airports
New Zealand Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.2 October 07, 2020

    MSFS patch changed the way MSFS looks for textures, meaning a new folder structure is required. This revised version applies that revised structure and now means both the NZAA Tower and Novotel are both correctly textured.

    Older versions should be removed completely and replaced with V1.2.

  • Version 1.1 September 19, 2020

    Fixed an issue of some trees nor appearing after MSFS patch 1.8.3

  • Launched September 16, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Crashes the sim - needs update for SU5 compatibility

update to support with Sim update 5 please

Thanks for this welcome improvement! I notice that, in my installation, the MSFS World Map does not appear to display the 'wrench' icon denoting third-party content. The scenery seems to work correctly for me - it's just that the 'wrench' doesn't show up in the World Map. In my installation, the wrench icon shows for your other NZ airports but not this one.

this does not work for me is there anyone that can help, i am installing it as the read me says

Well done guys

Great update, like the tweaks. Thanks!
Wow Wow Wow, Your New Zealand airports are awesome. I am in Oz but now fly in New Zealand because of them. No issues with the A320NX using them at all. Now if someone could fix the marshellers that would be awesome lol.
Hey can you add this as a waypoint thing so it shows up on the map of NZ, its the only one that doesn't for me.
Excellent work as usual! Well done! One thing i noticed was after install, i still have trees surrounding in part, the runway..seems the mask didnt work for me... uninstalled a few times, no conflicting scenery..still no joy! Any ideas? Everything in the other packs works fine...hmmm
Great work man been landing here lots with a Air Nz VA could we see invercargill. and maybe NZPM??? good work tho!!
Really amazing work mate!
Awesome work, could you do Dunedin Airport?
@PilotMathews Hi, thanks for the feedback. I wasn't able to duplicate this at the airport but I have experienced the same thing but it was at Honolulu. This makes me think it may be a sim issue? I will keep an eye out. Thanks.
I have some issues with yellow ground markings being glitched out and laying across the runway, and also projecting off into the distance...
Awesome work. Looks great.
If you're interested there is a group of Kiwis and Aussies making NZ and AU Scenery. Currently done a major overhaul of Brisbane CBD and Auckland CBD including port.
Would love to combine our efforts. Join us here.
Nice work guys.

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