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Adjust position - Save Locations - Broadcast to ForeFlight/SkyDemon/MDFlight garmin watch app

Your best companion when flyinging online or using navigation apps.Broadcast your position and attitude to: ForeFlight ForeFlight - Electronic Flight Bag and Apps for Pilots SkyDemon Welcome to SkyDemon, VFR Flight Planning Software and GPS Navigation MDFlight Garmin watch application MDFlight (@mdflight_watchapp) • Instagram photos and videos Adjust the position...

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Your best companion when flyinging online or using navigation apps.

Broadcast your position and attitude to:

Adjust the position of your aircraft:

  • Rotate/Flip (mousewheel support)
  • Move
  • Teleport
  • Fine/large control using control and shift keys

Save/Load in memory and to disk your preferred locations:

  • Assign shortcuts to save/load from memory positions to fly your final approaches many times
  • Save/load locations in plain text on your disk to start from personal locations

Installation and quick how to:

Install outside of MSFS folders. Create a shortcut to the executable MDAdjustAircraft.exe and launch it.

Using the tool is pretty straight forward and self-explanatory. Try it and you will learn quick !
If MSFS is already launched, the tool will connect automatically.
Click on Settings in order to set the multiplication factors when using mouse on the icons to move, rotate and flip the plane.
For fine control use control key, for bigger moves use ths shift key while using the mouse.
Edit the mdadjustaircraft.cfg file do add shortcuts to save/load positions. Do not touch the other settings.

Save/Load in memory and to disk your preferred locations:

Assign shortcuts to save/load from memory positions to fly your final approaches many times
Save/load locations in plain text on your disk to start from personal locations

Creating tools like this is time consuming, if you like it and find it very usefull, please consider contributing (a little/a lot!), this will help me making it better !
And do not hesitate to propose evolutions and features you would love to see in the future !
Happy flying !

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December 18, 2020
Last Updated
2 year(s) ago — 2.8



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  • Updated to version 2.8

  • Updated to version 2.7

  • Updated to version 2.5

  • Updated to version 2.4.4

  • Updated to version 2.4

  • Updated to version 2.3

  • Initial File Release


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Hey, man.

The restore speed/pitch/bank feature no longer works with the latest version of the sim.

Can you please fix this feature cuz otherwise the plane will go all over the place after the restoring speed/pitch/bank.

any chance of an autosave to disk every 5 minutes be a seriously great feature

How exactly I send ACFT position to my Skydemon on my iPad?

Outstanding tool my friend.

Are you planning on adding some more features? like the AOA and VS that kind of stuff.

Not working for me. Steps... (after loading MSFS & AP

1) Go to desired departure location

2) Save location to disk.

3) Shut down both apps.

4) Launch MSFS and then AP

5) Open saved file from disk.

6) Then teleport. Click Yes

Nothing happens. Still still on Maps screen, doesn't go to the location I saved as a startup point.

UPDATE: It does work, but ONLY if you are already on a runway. It was expecting it to load a location from the Map screen. Guess AP doesn't do that.


Can you allso add arrows to controll the altitude?

OMG thats AWESOME😍😍😍

OUTSTANDING...good job

I might be overseeing a piece of very clear available info, but ... I cannot find a installation instruction nor a usermanual kind of something.
Is it someplace I have missed?
And if not. Can you write something short?
Main question now is: Should the programfolder be placed in Community or outside the MSFS directory?
If inside, how to start and stop it?
Does this work with FLTPlan Go?
One of the best add-ons in the freeware community! this was the add-on I´ve been looking for! If you are unhappy with your choosen gate at unknown airports or jetway is not good adjusted you easily can change/adjust aircrafts position! It´s a very very nice add-on, no CTDs, works perfect! Thank you!!!
Thanks a lot. Often times I find the freeware addons much better than the payware. Keep up the good work!
Thank you. It is perfect to place the bird where we want it. If it was possible I
give 10 stars.
I downloaded the latest version (2.4.3) but can´t find the keyboard shortcut features. Are they somewhere hidden or not just present?
Please disregard my redundant previous "suggestion" - that's what comes of writing something with a poor memory. Many thanks for v2.3, though..... 8-)
Excellent utility - thank you! Just what is needed for gate positioning.

Suggestion - might you consider adding the ability to "bump" the position by 1 metre left or right, forward or back from the current position? (And also, rotate by 1º clockwise or counterclockwise?). This would make fine positioning a breeze, and be rather more intuitive than working with lat/lon when applying small corrections. 😊
Thank you very much!!!!
Thank you very much! Now I can rotate the plane at the airport to the desired angle in the screenshot. I really missed this feature. Super helpful!

It would also be great to be able to relocate airport workers. But this apparently requires a separate utility.
A Very Very handy tool. Special for online flying @ IVAO, when you have to start at a
assigned departure gate.
wonderful, works now! Thanks for ur patience, I really needed this add on!!!

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 2.8 February 08, 2021

    Added capability to broadcast position and attitude to specific IP addresses comma separated

  • Version 2.7 January 05, 2021

    Broadcast position and attitude data to:
    >>MDFlight Garmin watch application

  • Version 2.5 December 27, 2020

    Double-click on title bar to reduce size while listening to keyboard shortcuts to capture/restore position

  • Version 2.4.4 December 24, 2020

    Fix for deleted comments in mdadjustaircraft.cfg file that explain how to set shortcuts to capture/restore from memory saved attitude and speed.

    Thanks to stamflyer for having reported back that issue !
    Merry xmas to everyone !

  • Version 2.4 December 23, 2020

    - New feature: optional keyboard shortcuts to capture position in memory and to restore it (examples in MDadjustaircraft.cfg). I use it to work on my mountain landings.
    Need to have the app in focus to work, FS2020 seems to disable other apps to listen to keyboard when FS2020 is in focus :-(
    - Settings window now displays shortcuts if any
    By double-clicking on the orange plane, you can reduce the size of the app to something very small and yet have it in focus for the shortcuts to work.
    - Variable sim refresh rate (high when pressing SHIFT or CONTROL)
    - Pitch, bank and speed now saved/restored from memory (not in disk where in my opinion does not make sense)
    - Other minor adjustments like autoconnection on startup and more

    Enjoy !

  • Version 2.3 December 21, 2020

    Click on the heading value to flip 180 degrees with one click ! Do we still really need pushback ? Of course yes but this feature can still be helpful online or not ;-)

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