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Agua Dulce (L70)

Agua Dulce Airpark (ICAO: L70) is a small public-use airport located 35 nm north of Los Angeles. Also known as Agua Dulce Airport, it has one single asphalt paved runway (4/22) measuring 4,600 x 50 ft (1,402 x 15 m). No jet traffic permitted. No...


Agua Dulce Airpark (ICAO: L70) is a small public-use airport located 35 nm north of Los Angeles. Also known as Agua Dulce Airport, it has one single asphalt paved runway (4/22) measuring 4,600 x 50 ft (1,402 x 15 m). No jet traffic permitted. No ATC, use unicom 122.8, no IFR dep/app and no night operations. But self service fuel is available (only 100LL) and plenty of picnic tables, clean grass and clean bathrooms;) Expect the flight a little bumpy because of the surrounding terrain. It's a challenging approach on gusty days. 

If you want to play as-real-as-it-gets : Agua Dulce airport is open to the public... when there are no filming activities, for example "Ford vs Ferrari" in 2019 or the final act of the TV series "Bones". The historic Star Trek movie site "Vasquez Rocks" is just 3nm South-East of the field, south of freeway 14. 

If you want to know more:

  • Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agua_Dulce_Airpark
  • Airnav: http://www.airnav.com/airport/L70
  • Skyvector: https://skyvector.com/?id=L70&zoom=2

Author's note
As for all of my MSFS mod, this small scenery is made from a pilot-eyes perspective. The scenery is inspired by aerial views from Bing and Google maps. It's a mix between the satellite imagery displayed from MSFS and more accurate data found on Internet. I did my best based on online video and online pictures available. Hundreds of objects have been added to the default scenery to make in more live and bring a touch of an active area. If you have local pictures to help being more accurate, please let me know!


  • Add all iconic red barn hangars. PBR textures. Some hangars have their door opened.
  • Add the FBO Agua Dulce Airpark Ranch main building with PBR textures.
  • Add the (also iconic) fuel station with PBR textures.
  • Add local signs at holding points.
  • Add custom windtee. Unfortunately, it's inop.
  • Fix the color of re-asphalted taxiways and runway
  • Add weathered asphalt
  • Fix and add correct windsock(s). Unfortunately they aren't of the exact same size and color as the real ones.
  • Fix circuit pattern correct position (west side only)
  • clean up some trees on both approach paths

How to install?
Unzip the file into your Community folder. Keep the folder structure from the zip (\AirportServices \ContentInfo, \MaterialLibs, \scenery, layout.json and manifest.json at the root directory). Once installed go to L70 as usual. This scenery replaces the stocked MSFS one.


  • Free stocked MSFS Sedona (KSEZ)
  • World Update II (USA) and X (USA)
  • World Update XI Canada (only for electric poles)

Known bugs and limitations

  • The vegetation is overdensed on this area by default. The hill on the south-east side is way less covered by trees in the real world and version 1.1 tries to fix this. Let me know what you think
  • If you have Big Bear, California and L35 airport (https://flightsim.to/file/6334/big-bear-polys), be sure to have minimum version 5.4 (released 16th January) to keep the autogen vegetation around Agua Dulce Airport. Thanks to FlightsimDude (author of Big Bear) for the update..
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January 04, 2023
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Thanked by vbazillio

Un grand merci pour l'ensemble de votre travail qui améliore les scènes notre passe- temps

Thanked by vbazillio


Thanked by vbazillio

Obstacle improbable en courte de la 22 sur la droite. en effet un arbre beaucoup trop grand et beaucoup trop près ne semble pas exister dans le réel. Je ne suis pas sûr qu'il soit possible de le supprimer. Pour le reste, excellent travail: Bravo et MERCI !!!

Thanked by vbazillio

awesome scenery with lot of details, thanks

Thanked by vbazillio

Outstanding work, thank you for your effort. Really enjoyed the Orbx freeware version of this airport in prior sims and am really happy you gave it life again in MSFS. Another iconic airport that I miss very much from ORBX is Bowerman KHQM.

I think your style and skills would be a perfect fit for also bringing this magnificent airport back to MSFS 😊

Thanked by vbazillio

First of all, love all your Cali airports. Out of all payware i have, my GA always happen to spawn at your airports for some reason. So immersive.

Second, the file structure in this changed with this update. Add-on linker seem to only recognize the folder inside

Thanked by vbazillio

A great addon, as always. Keep up the great work, every release is anticipated!

Thanked by vbazillio

Great scenery bro! Looks fantastic!

Thanked by vbazillio

great fun to fly there

Thanked by vbazillio

Great Job!! Thank you again for your hard and serious works!!

Another great airport, thanks!

If you don't mind a few critiques... could you get rid of the satellite hangar shadows, especially those on the big hangars on the NW side of the airport? Also, those hangars seem to be a little crooked - part off the ground, part sunk in the ground.

Also, you said the vegetation on the hillside is thick? But it looks like you thinned it out very well.

Thanked by vbazillio

salut à toi. Je viens de faire un petit vol dans le secteur en Osprey...je commence à maîtriser la bête!! très belle scène. Merci beaucoup

Thanked by vbazillio

Thanks a lot for all your creations. Beautiful, with life ...

Thanked by vbazillio

Aww what a cute airport. Thanks booboo.

Thanked by vbazillio


Thanked by vbazillio

This is simply outstanding! I think it was OrbX that made this airport some years ago for FSX & P3D and your version is just as good if not better IMO; it's great to have it in MSFS in 2023. The area surrounding the airport is spectacular, from the Bouquet Reservoir in the north to the Antelope Freeway & Highway 5 junction in the south which leads into Los Angeles, the landscape and infrastructure makes for some incredible VFR sight seeing!

Fantastic work, another extremely well made airport. 😊 Thank You!

Thanked by vbazillio

Knew you'd get to this. Thanks, again, for populating California with worth airports. Cheers!

Thanked by vbazillio

Excellent as always!

Thanked by vbazillio

Outstanding work....very well done and clean.....also using Blender to create some custom building....you did really well with that! Sometime, I would like to know your method for exporting. The hangars are top notch!

Thanked by vbazillio

Excellent!!! You've modeled the red barn hangers that make this airport a special place.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version v1.2.0 March 16, 2023

    Fix ModelLibs and MaterialLibs path names
    Fix minor texture artefact on the small cabin
    Update transparent texture on the window restaurant

  • Version v1.1.21 February 10, 2023

    - Remove high trees on final 22
    - Fix some vegetation

  • Version v1.1.2 January 25, 2023

    - Fix and enhance FBO Restaurant building
    - Fix Vegetation on threshold runway 22
    - Add people on the picnic area
    - Add content in open hangars
    - Enhance environment threshold runway 4
    - Add new small cabin close to FBO/Restaurant
    - Add Commemorative plate
    - Fix the (now filled) pool

  • Version v1.1.1 January 14, 2023

    Fix north-west hangars size and position
    Add fences and plots

  • Version v1.1 January 08, 2023

    - Optimize FBO Building (new textures and optimized 3D)
    - Add detail and optimize fuel station (new textures and optimized 3D)
    - Clean of trees South East hill (let me know what you think)
    - New weathered and crack taxi textures
    - Add 122.8 giant marking on runway
    - Populate opened hangars
    - Add more electric poles

  • Launched January 04, 2023

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

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I have no autogen vegetation and trees around the airport

If you have Big Bear, California and L35 airport (https://flightsim.to/file/6334/big-bear-polys), you won't have the autogen vegetation around Agua Dulce Airport. Author has been warned (5th January 2022)


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