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Greek Airports part 4

The forth part of my Greek airports-airfields collection including among others Omiros, Megas Alexandros, Kalamata, Tatoi, Aristotelis and Kastellorizo Airports with 45 custom 3d models (from terminals and auxiliary buildings to bunkers). All airports are up to date and as real as...

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Greek Airports part 4
The fourth part includes the following:
LGHI: OMIROS AIRPORT at Chios island in North Aegean sea.
LGKM: AMIGDALEON AIRPORT a small military airport W of Kavala city.
LGKV: MEGAS ALEXANDROS AIRPORT a civilian airport Eof Kavala city also includes Prinos oil rig.
LGKL: KALAMATA AIRPORT a civilian/military airport near Kalamata city. 
LGTT: DEKELIA TATOI AIRPORT located at the north suburbs of Athens. 
LGEL: ELEFSIS AIRBASE a military airport W of Athens.
LGKA: ARISTOTELIS AIRPORT located near Kastoria city in West Makedonia.
LGKJ: KASTELLORIZO AIRPORT the small airport of Megisti island (Kastellorizo) at the SE corner of Greece.
LGKF: ANNA POLLATOU AIRPORT the airport of Kefallinia island in the Ionian sea.
LGAD:ANDRAVIDA AIRPORT a military airport at the west side of Ploponnese.

To indstall delete the old ones then unzip the file and drop the folders of the airports you want into your ' COMMUNITY' folder.
Update 1.2
Minor fixes and adjustments to all airports
Major update to LGKF Kefallinia airport with the new layout.

Version 2

all airports have revisited and updated, for more information check changelog.

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December 13, 2020
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i am interested in LGKF and installed it to community folder.Unfortunately there is no tower.Any idea . . . thank you

What an amazing effort! All those airports and still i need to find one that i don't like!

As always, great scenery content! But I have to share also a problem I found with the LGKF airport: Yesterday, while approach to RWY 32 (via VOR Y) in FBW's A32NX, I experienced a strange downdrag which dragged the aircraft at my first landing attempt (manual) to the left side and up and at my second attempt (completely instrumental) made my aircraft completely uncontrollable and pulled it in the water. I really don't know why this happened, or if this has any to do with your great scenery, but I wanted to share this in case, someone also experiences these struggles while approaching LGKF 32.

Awesome! I really appreciate the "artistic" aspect, meaning you manage to capture the atmosphere of the place, not just the accuracy. This is rare, even in payware.

Im from Greece and i love flying here. You sceneries are AMAZING man!!! and the details in the ground are outstanding!!!! Keep Going!!!! and THANK YOU!!!

Thanks a lot again for these excellent airports,! Tried Chios again after the update and it is even nicer now than before, love all your packs! Especially the island airports that can take a A320 are the ones i enjoy the most! Thank you very much for doing these! A request; please consider creating a donate link i would love sending you a few beers , and perhaps some other folks might want to as well 😊

Amazing package! I really enjoy having all Greek airport & airstrip packs.

One small issue. Re-installing MSFS and the pack I suddenly now see that it is missing the Prinos oil rig and its place has taken an oil tanker. Not sure of why in the previous installation it was there and not now. Maybe I need to install any extra package for MSFS? eg. vessels library or so? Bring back the rig!!!

I would also be really amazed if in the future I can see the castle of Kavala and the ancient aqueduct of the city.

is this working 100% with latest update su7?

Looks really good. Kefallinia LGKF is so much better than the msfs scenery but I have been getting CTDs intermittantly when loading the msfs welcome screen

unless I remove LGKF from the community folder.

Thank you so much !!!

The runways at LGKV are completely outdated. There are no 05LR/23LR ... there are only 05/23 ... the parallel runway 05L/23R is closed and will now be used as taxiway.



where is part 1?
I'm doing the "It's All Greek To Me" tour on SkyPark, and just landed at LGKF. Couldn't believe how great it looked, and had to come back on here & confirm where I got it. Beautiful job.
Thank you for your work. I was looking forward to LGKJ Kastallorizo a captain's only landing and approach. Probably the most difficult in all of greece
I thought Greece was a small rocky country made up of a bunch of Islands...
Many thanks !!
A thousand thanks. Excellent job [LGKF FANTASTIC]
Many thanks!
V1-1 OR V1-2 ,,,,,

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 2 April 29, 2022

    All airports have revisited and updated according to the latest AIP information and Bing maps (2022), in addition 45 unique 3D models have been included, the major changes are:
    LGHI: New terminal and some auxiliary buildings added, also includes a small airstrip 13 km north of the airport near Pandoukios Bay for STOL practice.
    LGKV: New terminal, tower and some auxiliary buildings added, rearrange the airport parking spots.
    LGKL: New terminal, tower and hangars added.
    LGTT: New 3D models for the hangars and other facilities added mostly to the civilian part of the airport.
    LGKA: New terminal and some other auxiliary buildings added.
    LGKJ: New 3D models for all the buildings of the airport, also includes a heliport and the lighthouse at the nearby island Strongyli.
    LGKF: Rearrange the overall layout of the airport to match the new one.
    LGAD : New 3D models for some hangars, airplane bunkers and other facilities.
    LGKM, LGEL: Small updates and fixes.
    LGKJ and LGKF both incorporate the magnificent terraforming kindly offered by Arantis Aviation.

  • Version 1.2 January 10, 2021

  • Version 1.1 January 10, 2021

  • Launched December 13, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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