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Version 3.2.2notify
Initial Release December 03, 2020
Last Updated November 20, 2021
File Size 153.49 MB
Downloads 11,664
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Compatibility with Sim Update 7 has been confirmed.


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  • Version 3.2.2notify November 20, 2021

    AP Heightmaps flattens Helsinki Photogrammetry.
    Fix: remove "EF_HELSINKI.bgl" and "EFHF.bgl" from folder "morko-dem-finland-heightmap-airports\scenery\heightmaps\finland".

  • Version 3.2.2 October 29, 2021

    Airport heightmaps:
    EFTP rebuilt
    EFPR added, from NLS laser scanning data
    Removed some unnecessary areas

  • Version 3.2.1 August 03, 2021

    Removed bugged heightmap near Saana

  • Version 3.2.0 July 27, 2021

    Heightmaps is now the main file! (CGL-DEM is now redundant because Asobo updated local CGLs, unless you fly offline)
    EFVA fixed broken runway
    Airports by WildLynxPilot: fixed terrain under buildings (99%)

  • Version 3.1.0 July 06, 2021

    Main File (CGL-DEM part1): Covered parts of Estonia updated with high quality DTM data.

    No changes in CGL-DEM part2

    Heightmaps: EFHK rebuilt, no more issues at heightmap seams.

  • Version 3.0.0b June 24, 2021

    - Asobo POI fixes (Helsinki)
    - Saana heightmap edge bug
    - EFVA buildings
    - Version number bump to match main dem

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Thanks for your work. I have my EFKT scenery and the runway elevation is completely messed after the sim update together with this mod. Trying to fix this with a polygon. I haven’t tested your mod with the default EFKT but you might want to check if the problem exists also with the default airport.

Doesn't work with the new default Helsinki photogrammetry anymore

ok, the two DEM folder (Part 1 and 2) share the same filename and therefore cannot be placed into the Community folder together! Or have I missed something? And what files must we disable and where to find them? There is No "scenery" folder inside the Community Folder as such - or is the location elsewhere? Sorry but your instructions for disabling are not clear?

Is this still necessary after the world update?

In MSFS Addon Linker for the file "morko-dem-finland-lvl13" it says this file is "DEM for Norway"... what is it really?

Small addition to my former post. The bumps only appear when AP heightmaps are loaded.

Very much appreciate your work. Lately, however, noticed two bumps on the runway of Vaasa. One 500meters from the southern threshold, the other 830 meters from the northern threshold, the middle part of the runway being higher than the ends. Planes will crash here if you don't go very slowly. I used to live in Vaasa myself, so I go there pretty often in the sim. It would be nice if this could be fixed.

In the folder script I saw the file "coverage". There I saw, that this mod also covers parts of sweden. I have the mod of the airport of stockholm. Will this mod work together with your mod? Or does this mod not cover parts of sewden?

The new 10 meter DEM is a great addition to Finland. One small flaw is the narrow hill that rises high in Saana fell. Could I get it off, please.

Hi, in morko-dem-finland-heightmap-airports, the subfolder ContentInfo is missing: is it normal ?

  • I found that there's now issues with the Asobo Helsinki landmarks (and perhaps with some others except the ones in Turku), which are now floating in the air.
  • Also is it possible to cut off Estonia from it? There's now a huge bumps all over Tallinn. There you can find LiDAR data for Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. I wish you could make a seaparate add ons in high res for those countries as well.
  • I still wish it would be compatible with the Justsim EFHK, as it gives you a nice slopped runways, but it is not fully compatible as there is some of the floating buildings now. Is there anything I can help you with so it will be copatible with the Justsim EFHK?

Will this be available for xbox series x?

I have yet to try this out but I'm extremely impressed with people like you who have the knowledge and algorithm skills ! Are there any collaboration efforts ongoing with Sweden/Norwegian developers? You could help them definately 😊 This overlaps those countries, imagine a complete build for Scandinavia, that would be so cool 😊 -Thank you from Brønnøysund Norway, Finland here I come (bushflying 😊 ...
Very nice job!
Are you planning on updating this with the new finalized KM2 info?
Great job.
But I didn't find it much useful since the Finnish landscape is mostly flat.
Thanks for your work first of all, however I have just purchased EFHK from Justsim and there is a major bump on ryw04R - so bad that you not only crash, but the sim CTD. Is there any way to fix this - other than remove your files, I would like to keep them 😊 Thanks in advance
Is it possible to make it compatible with the Justsim EFHK? With this mod installed I got some buildings and fences floating now above the ground. And one of the runways also got really sharp bump.
Would you considor making this for Austria, I will provide a link to the open goverment DEM of the whole country 10cm Quality

Its free to download and use in any projects and its updated from time to time
While at some parts of the region it improved elevation by a lot (especially on a lot of small islands), unfortunately it also created a lot of hilly terrain where the Sim update fixed them. At some cities I also noticed the elevation data cannot distinguish between the hill and a building - again, creating a lot of bumps where the terrain should be flat. So, while it can indeed improve the shape of the hills unfortunately it works exactly the opposite way where terrain is mostly consists of fields or a cityscape.

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