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drgrundlos posted this
11 day(s) ago

Hej, I like your work very much! But i still looking for Helle Airport, Honningsvag and Bodo. Can you make these Airports? Greetings DrGrundlos fra Tyskland

frkristi answered
11 day(s) ago

Svolvær/Helle and Honningsvåg is underways by a couple of other developers. Preview of Svolvær can be downloaded here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ap8NPeI1SM-7g6UC2TAB9c6AZB5iYw?e=MOfnvr Honningsvåg is scheduled for release next month :-) Bodø is probably under development also by the norwegian gang... You don't really know until it's released with these guys :-)

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Does it still say Format: gITF Separate and Textures: ..\texture in the export properties in Blender?
Open in Blender and link the Wood_01.jpg texture to one of the planks. That should fix the problem. Not quite sure if the texture-folder in Blender is relative to the project or not, so it probably doesn't find the texture in the right folder.
Da er den klar for nedlasting
Probably just a different folder-structure or something... :-) Just select a plank and connect the texture again in Blender.
I second that. Would love a livery for the 208 :-)
Nothing to install. These are models you can use in your own scenery.
Don't put too many of them in one place though. They are low poly, but they're still resource-demanding. I tried putting around 200 of them around Oslo, and that didn't perform well :-D
Check out this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/TIaAVfv5QU0 Models in this package are ready to be used directly within the SDK, so you can skip most of the export-part unless you want to change the models to your liking...
I'm having the exact same issues with the map, and mine stops at around 76.5 degrees north. This surely is an MS/Asobo issue. No problems when using external software for flight planning and mapping. I highly recommend Little Navmap for this - it's free and really good...
Yes, the place looked rather lonely for a while :-) Just wish they had provided a better mesh and satellite imagery there - it would have looked soooo much better
The runway should be completely flat, so I don't think that's the reason. If your airplane is always drifting to the left, it's probably because of the propeller-effect. You should always kick a bit of right rudder when taking off to compensate for this.
Make sure navigraph-navdata is just below fs-base-ai-traffic quite high up un Content.xml. Most community addons should be below these two. A solution if you don't want to mess with the file yourself is to uninstall Navigraph, restart the sim, exit the sim, and then reinstall Navigraph. It should end up in the correct place.
But it works fine with your Icon A5, right??
I'd need a little more than a picture I'm afraid. The whole terminal needs to be modeled in Blender or something similar, and I'm not quite there yet :-) Thank you for the offer though...
I've tried a couple of places, but the result wasn't as I was expecting. Impossible to fit and georeference just an airport up there because the Bing material is just awful and doesn't even look remotely good when mixed with proper satellite imagery. I might try when the SDK is working as it should. I agree that a complete ortho of the whole region might be the best solution...
Put navigraph-navdata as line 2 in Content.xml and that will solve most conflicts with Navigraph trying to put their airports on top of everything :-) <Content> <Package name="fs-base" active="true"/> <Package name="navigraph-navdata" active="true"/> ... Everything else ... </Content>
Actually strange they could mess this place up so bad with that rather great satellite imagery. But we have the same problems further up north :-)

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