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LIPG - Gorizia Airfield & Pipistrel factory, Italy

Over the top Youtube presentation The airfield was built in 1911 by the Austrians, it was after a short time put into disarmament. Recovered in the 1920s, it hosted several wings of the Regia Aeronautica up to WW2. After Italy's armistice in 1943, it was occupied...


Over the top Youtube presentation

The airfield was built in 1911 by the Austrians, it was after a short time put into disarmament. Recovered in the 1920s, it hosted several wings of the Regia Aeronautica up to WW2. After Italy's armistice in 1943, it was occupied by the Germans. This made the airfield the target of a heavy bombardment by the allies, which destroyed almost all the hangars. After the war, it hosted an airline company up to 1961 when the civil operations were transferred to LIPQ - Ronchi dei Legionari. It was then transferred to state ownership but the activity was limited and it got decommissioned a few years later. After several decades of direct management, the latest private owner is determined to bring the airport back to its splendor. In 2013 the manufacturer of ultralight aircraft Pipistrel started the construction of its newest factory, which expanded in 2018. 

The airfield is rich in history and today it hosts several worth mentioning, all modeled on the scenery:
- The Grumman HU-16 Albatross (MM 51-037) of the 15º Stormo of the Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare). The aircraft is in a semi-abandoned state and is currently under restoration
- A private owned Yugoslavian Soko G-2 Galeb (YU-YAH), one of the four still flyable today
- The Lapidary of the 1st and 4th Wing as well as the Monument to Amedeo Duca d'Aosta, who was the Commander of the 4th Wing and of the Aquila Division.


  • Detailed open main hangar
  • Pipistrel aircraft manufacturer factory and a landmark memorial with a statue
  • Static Grumman HU-16 Albatross (MM 51-037)
  • Static Soko G-2 Galeb
  • Added scenery objects, pavements, and roads near industrial or urban surroundings
  • Animated flag following wind direction and 4 states of wind strength (by mamu from fsdeveloper.com)
  • Reworked vegetation and terraforming


  • Elevation 207 ft / 63 m MSL
  • Main runway: 04-22 / 2,296 ft (700 m)
  • Auxilary runway 09-27 *note: officially this is a taxiway but for player ease, it is a runway, subject to change

To do: 

  • to implement 4 Levels of details
  • to add improvised night lighting on the runway
italia aeroporto gorizia VFR italy pipistrel
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Many thanks! Excellent work! Simply loved the details!

I lived there and crossing the Isonzo on final to rwy 09 is just unbelievable!

Again, masterpiece! I used to fly from LIPG for many years. Nice memories 😊

Amazing! Thank you for this masterpiece!

Really detailed and wonderful experience to visit you airport.

Thank you so much for this.

.. Sto facendo un Tour che abbraccia tutti i 12 Scenari che hai sviluppato... impressionante... uno più bello dell'altro... complimenti sei GRANDE


pazzesca è la FIAT 500 con la targa TO... incredibile... ma dove l'hai trovata?

Thank you very much for this wonderful scenery, and also your previous ones, which I've just discovered. They're easily the best freeware airfields I've ever seen in MSFS. No other scenery can even compare to its level of detail or magical athmosphere. Thanks once again.

Now I wonder if you have ever considered scenery for other areas in the world, specifically Washington state (USA) and its Olympic peninsula, or even fictional scenery.

As you might know, or can easily find on the net, there was once (in FS2004 times) a fictional scenery named Emma Field (by Lago), which generated a full-featured flying club. Later on, in FSX times, it was succeeded to some extent by Cushman Meadows (by Orbx).

I think no other scenery has been missed as much as Emma Field, and I wonder if you would ever consider a new version for MSFS. Probably nobody would qualify as much as you for the task.

Thank you very much, even if only for having read this far.

Excellent detailed scenery, I made a video, to highlight your great scenery & attention to detail, keep up the fantastic work, thanks,,,,https://youtu.be/ylPLQosS7f8

This is what I dreamed that msfs addons could become to be 😍 5stars!!

Hi, again,

It seems that this great add-on is incompatible with some other scenery. I have uninstalled the other sceneries from Italy and the pink zones disappeared. I don't know which one gives the incompatibility, thou.



Great work. But some areas of the car park are pink without texture. I don't know if there's a dependency or library missing. I have downloaded and installed the add-on again and the pink areas are still there.

Veramente un ottimo lavoro.

Hai pensato di sviluppare anche Avro Rivoli Osoppo.

Grazie mille

Impressive work (especially for a final zip of only 35mb) and nice historical description. Thank you.

Bellissimo Gorizia, grazie.

Credo di averlo chiesto ormai a tutto il mondo senza successo: hai vogli di fare LIDR Ravenna, aeroporto di terzo livello ma molto frequentato ? Se sì, posso inviare una serie di foto aeree ed al suolo assolutamente esaustive.

Pier Giorgio Bartolucci

[email protected]

... lavoro assolutamente meraviglioso ... ma non solo tutti e 12 che hai fatto...

Ben fatto!

Thank you, very nice

Very nice work, with lots of little details, it's great and fun!👍Thank you..

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