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Version 1.0
Initial Release November 17, 2020
Last Updated November 17, 2020
File Size 5.53 MB
Downloads 1,031
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  • Launched November 17, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Some of the aircraft's props do not stop after shutting down the engine. They continue rotating slowly. Otherwise a fantastic mod.

Work this with sim update 1.18.15?

Thank you very much for this wonderful job. Both standard mod and deluxe/premium mod are very helpful for me. However, I only wish you to give a look at sr22, c152-aerobat, pipistrel, and shock ultra files one more time. For me, those four mods need some touch to be perfect.
Update: I found that my MSFS program cannot read mod folders of above mentioned four aircrafts from the community folder with unknown reason. My solution was simply copying modified files of each aircraft’s mod folder (four files for each) and pasting them into the original TEXTURE folder of each aircraft’s original folder to replace original files with same names. Now, each propeller works perfectly with clear vision through it. Thank you.
I wanted to personally thank you for the propeller mods. This makes a big difference with warping for VR.
Just one request please - I am not sure if its part of the deluxe or standard edition, but it appears you left out an aircraft.
the Flight Design CTSL is not included in any of your mods and the propeller warping in VR is really bad. Please can I ask you to add it to one of your existing mods? I would really appreciate this. Thanks
Can’t get it to work for either one of your mods. I had it in community folders you stated.
Hi OSM, thank you for the mod.

The 10 props mod works OK but for some reason, the 6 props for the deluxe premium has no effect. Any idea what might be wrong? The two are installed in the same way - via MSFS Addons Linker. Thanks.
Yesssss... and thank you very much
Hi, thanks for the additional props!!!
The mod appears to reduce the visual effect of the propeller spinning. If the visual difference is perhaps caused by a change in the prop pitch what is the performance impact? Thanks!
That looks really good - thanks for sharing !
What does this and the 10 prop do ?
Thanks a lot!

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