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Version 1.0
Initial Release November 14, 2020
Last Updated November 14, 2020
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  • Launched November 14, 2020

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Absolutely love that someone has finally fixed the overly flickering props. However, since installing the mods, when I shut down the modded aircraft, the prop slows down but does not stop. The Cessna 152 and 172 don't seem to be affected, but the cap10, da40, Vl3 do.

Please make this Mod available for every prop aircraft!! Including Add-on aircraft, such as the Just Flight Warrior!!

These are great thanks. Any chance we could have them for the 208 and TBM?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what does the mod actually do? I hear people talking about it fixing an issue in VR, but which issue? I have motion reprojection on, and the prop looks crazy (swirly and blurry), is this what this mod addresses, or is it for something else?
Well done, I like it better than the original. It is now permanently installed.
May I suggest though, that you include the two coloured bands in the front and to the tips of each propeller blade. In RL it aids in spotting it and in the simulator, it get closer to the RL.
this is fantastic, it solved the vr problem for me in cessna 152. I wonder if it could be copied/modified to work with 152 aerobat or whether you would consider adding one for that variant?
I can’t seem to get this to work for the Bush League XCub Performance mod. Is it possible for you to look into adding that one? I tried putting the texture files into the Perf. mod itself but that didn’t work.
Musthave for VR.
Thanks a lot.. This mod works Great ! but contrary to the install instructions, you have to put the separate folders in the community folder, if you dump just the Prop_MODS_Community folder in, the mods dont work..
i have the gamepass MSFS ..Maybe thats why
Excellent mod. This helps a great deal to clean up VR artifacts when looking through the spinning propeller. With this mod those are pretty much gone in 152.
Thanks a lot. Especially the King Air prop rotation was annoying. Maybe now its a bit to invisible, but much better as the vanilla.
Hi, Any chance that you would include the Virus 121 sw?
Thank you, was looking out for a prop fix.
Very annoying sometimes, especially on the BC 350 which is looking good now.

Deluxe version btw, works great.
So if I understand correctly, this is a purely visual change, to make the propeller appear more "translucent", right?
Propeller mod was tested with the Bonanza Turbo mod and it works great!

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