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Thanks, and I have good hopes that LKCM will be part of the next update.
Hi Alex, I will prioritize LKKO and will check LKPM (still some copyright related issues to solve). As for the POLY.bgl - well spotted, thanks! I will reflect this in the description above and from the next update also in the readme.
Hi Alex, in short - yes :-)
Hello everyone, just two things: 1) In case you see an issue, please let me know under the discussion tab, not here. 2) For the moment, I do not really have priorities with the exception of LKCM and LKJI. So if you want me to convert some scenery from the original Revival 2017 package first, please let me know the ICAO (max two airfields). Thanks, Milan
Will you please disclose what is the source of the photogrammetry data? Thanks.
OK, I was not aware of this - so sorry for my remark :-)
Thank you for this scenery. Will you consider please to tone down the green areas of the airport so that it blends better to the landscape?
I am flying this livery in our local Aeroclub :-) Thanks for it. Will download it later today.
Great to see you here, Neolord! Your addon rocks!
Hi Fiideell, I love to see some life at the airport as well as advanced (well... probably standard in today's terms) techniques like PBR texturing. Thanks!
No worries PuffinFlight, it is impossible to follow all the sceneries that hit the community, I am very well aware of it. And you are right - the SDK has a long way to go. I know that X Plane scenery layering was a good practice, unfortunately not followed by MSFS2020 :-( Even FSX/P3D did not support that, so for MSFS2020 I would not hold my breath :-/ As for the country split - I believe this could be done on the placement xml level. Get in touch with me on PM if you wish me to investigate a bit more (I am considering this approach for one of our sceneries to come out soon). Thanks again for your work and good luck! Milan
Hi PuffinFlight, great work and nice addition to the MSFS2020 :-) I can see 52570 xml placements! Please consider splitting the placements into xml/bgl per country. There are already country specific sceneries of this type out there and there will be more in the future quite for sure. Also, I do not know what you mean by "My mod is more like MSFS autogen and should be excluded if a proper, real-life object is placed." You placed the objects by a classic xml placement method so basically like any other object for any other scenery. Exclusion rectangle will not exclude anything. Therefore, to this end - please do consider my suggestion above - splitting the placement per country. This will give users a chance to remove those country placements for which they have more tailored sceneries. Thanks for considering that! :-) Milan
Thank you for sharing your lights freely with others. I was looking for a working obstacle light so I will check your package. Milan
Hello bad2000, and thank you for a great tool. In fact, I was using a similar tool for P3D. One question, would it be possible to have two "My addons folders"? I would like to switch on / off also my ORBX sceneries with your tool. Thanks! Milan

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