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Animated Human 3D Models Library

You may well have noticed there are only four moving civilians available as stock models, and three look identical. That seems a little sparse to populate an entire planet, especially since they're all male.  Therefore this is a library of animated human models to...


You may well have noticed there are only four moving civilians available as stock models, and three look identical. That seems a little sparse to populate an entire planet, especially since they're all male. 

Therefore this is a library of animated human models to put in your creations.  

There are just under 300 models in total in here which are based on about 65 different model meshes with variations in colour and action. You should be able to populate a largeish airport without too much saminess. 

These will show up under 'ahq' in the SDK object list followed by a short description of the model and action.

Most are simply standing or sitting with a short loop of movement or action such as talking, waving, stretching.

The sim quickly reduces frame rate as you get further away making the action jerky with more complex animations such as walking so there aren't very many of those.

These are all stock animations created by Mixamo, an online animation site, so they're limited in number and variety.

If a model comes in a version with a different colour it will have 'C1' or 'C2' etc after the name so you can use it in the same scene as the original and not be too obvious. 

In the SDK object list search -

'guy' for a male. 

'gal' for a female.

'boy' for a... boy. 

'girl' for one of those. There aren't many kids. I can't stand them. 

'business' for some smart people. 

'beach' for some gorgeous flesh. 

'Fireman', 'airline' and 'security' will turn up some airport firemen, security guards and airline pilots. 'Old' will find some hot elderly people if that's your kink. 

The most common actions to search for are - 'sit' or 'stand' obviously plus 'idle' 'talk' 'walk' 'phone' and 'wave' with a few others sprinkled in. 

Some of the models are very good. Some are awful. Some are downright disturbing. I didn't make any of them. I scooped them up from various sources. 

There are way, way too many white people, but since 90% of human 3d models seem to be Japanese schoolgirls I did my best. 

Most but not all models have LODs, but obviously the animation is the main strain on computers. Interestingly when you hit a certain number of visible moving models all of the animations stop in unison at once. I can't be bothered to count that number but it's a bit over 200 animated models. 

You'll probably get bored of looking at these rapidly but it's obviously an infinite subject. I'd call this more of a start than a final product as there's lots to refine and more and better organised categories are definitely required. 

The second download is a collection of thumbnail photos of each model. 

Model credits - blendtek, thunder, mohsenmousavi2313, Udara Sampath, mike alger, rusty greinder, tural 3d


V 1. 1

Cleans up mistakes in existing models. 

Adds some police, paramedics, doctors, air ambulance pilots, military pilots, military ground crew, people in overalls and a few more civilians. 

Also added a tutorial on how to do this yourself with your own models. It's pretty straightforward and doesn't require actual animation knowledge. Big up to Rhumbaflappy from fsdeveloper for outlining the technique. 

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May 18, 2022
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do you just drop the file into community?

Hey Spud! The update is great! Thanks for adding military and more crew workers. Those flight suits are prefect!

Love the animated people. I like to make military oriented sceneries so adding more military/air force type models is a nice addition. However, now when I try to use them in my mods, they do not appear - the box containing the model appears. If I resize the model to 1.6 or 1.8 (I don't recall exact number atm) then they appear. This makes them way to big and not seeing them regular size makes it hard to place them appropriately.

Any ideas where I am dropping the ball here? Any ideas would be appreciated.

PS: Would love to get hold of these to be able to place directly in to a scenery mod without being dependencies. That would rock.

Thanks for the work you do for the community. You are appreciated!

the new UK emergency humans are absolutely amazing. More of these types of characters would be incredible so we could have much more detailed hems stuff. Anyways great job as usual

Interesting. Is there any way to "personalise" them - paint them, say, in national dress, so that we could end up with more of the little blighters than we did of the coffee cups?

Just a thought...

Un grand merci de France pour ces splendides objets

A big thank you from France for these splendid objects

Thank you! Very nice! I use it in my Scenerys..

Iam hoping for animated Animals in Future 😊

best library evah ! thanks a ton 😊

How can these be used commercially?

Thank you so much for creating this !

Now do animals and marine life. Please. It would be great to see a herd of pronghorn or a polar bear, walrus or schools of fish under the water (if that's even possible, probably not).

No WAY! This is most excellent! hahaha I can't wait till ppl add this into custom waiting lobbies.. and that St Martin beach! Great job keep up the most excellent work!

wow ! really a great start for the animations, it's really nice to see them moving ! thanks a lot, I'll use it for my future LFCB scene

Dank je wel. Het is zoveel leuker als bij een airport leven in wordt geblazen

SPUD!!!! Once again proving your superness!! Thanks!..... Hopeing there is a military person or two in the group? lol

"Too many white people"

Give it a rest.

This is a great add-on. Would it be possible to do some more emergency stuff maybe UK??? DM me if you want to talk more about it. But this would be super cool to add to some scenery!

Damn you Superspud... DAMN YOUUUUUUU! Now I have to go back and see how I can integrate this library into my sceneries! Great job!

Really great you created this library, SUperSpud! Thanks!

Hopefully many devellopers are going to add people from your library to their addons!.

I'll be so glad to see someone else at St Mary's!!!!

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  • Version 1.1 September 18, 2022

    Cleans up mistakes in existing models.

    Adds some police, paramedics, doctors, military pilots ground crew, people in overalls and a few more civilians.

    Also added a tutorial on how to do this yourself.

  • Launched May 18, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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