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LZIB Bratislava M.R. Stefanik airport

Scenery for Bratislava airportInstallationExtract the zip file into your community folder.DescriptionThe scenery contains 3D models of buildings made by google maps decoder. All freq. STARs SIDs and ILS remains unchanged.Improvements compared to autogen scenery: correct taxiways and stands designators 3D models of the terminal building, tower and...

Scenery for Bratislava airport

Extract the zip file into your community folder.

The scenery contains 3D models of buildings made by google maps decoder. All freq. STARs SIDs and ILS remains unchanged.

Improvements compared to autogen scenery:
  • correct taxiways and stands designators
  • 3D models of the terminal building, tower and firefighter station
  • added apron lights
  • added aircraft in the position of old DHL aircraft left of RWY 22 (unfortunately the A300 is not yet available in the sim) and aircraft in the position of the government A320
Known downsides
  • 3D models have a lower quality and little imperfections in details
  • Slovak government aircraft always loads in the livery of your A320, or in basic A320 livery
This is my first scenery and I know there are many things to improve, which I would like to.
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Thank you for this beautiful scenery!

Very good FPS,

I hope you will do other airports.

Thank you.

Ahojte všetci. Mám so scenerkou problém. Po rozbalení .zip som obsah "Packages" - teda súbor "mb-airport-lzib-mrstefanik" vložil do môjho priečinku "Community". Po zapnutí MSFS 2020 som išiel na LZIB a tu sa mi letisko načítalo zle. Konkrétne je tam zobrazené pôvodné defoult + zmiešané z novou LZIB scenerkou. Tá je ale dosť čudne znázornená. Napríklad veža je úplne biela (akoby obhádzaná snehom). Tiež na ploche nevidno čísla stojanok. Viete mi s problémom pomôcť? ĎAKUJEM
Hello everyone, I apologize for keeping the project dead for quiet long time, unfortunately I have had different issues to deal with. For those having problems with scenery, I feel sorry and I will try to address this problem as soon as possible with the next update which, if everything works good should be out in June.

Have a great day.
GUys.. idont see lights on apron.. what do you exactly copy to community folder thanks
hi do you think you will be updating this scenery soon? 😊 if possible could you remove that 747 on the taxiway? its a bit tight for an aircraft to taxi on the adjacent taxiway. Also a sloped runway would be nice 😊 otherwise thanks for this scenery!
btw. ten debil mi zmršil formátovanie, ale hádam sa to dá pochopiť 😊
Problém je v tom, že sa treba prehrabať súborovým stromom v zipe:

* mb-airport-lzib...
do Community treba nakopírovať vetvu označenú *.
Nazdaaaaaaaar.... nejaky novy "update"???
It looks good based on the pictures but for me a bunch of bad textures come down we might have a problem with that
Hello it doesn't work properly i put it in the community map but i don't measure which of the 4 maps exactly
HELLO, I unpacked it in the community folder and it doesn't work for me any advice?
Well thank you 😊
But LZTN scenery works for me without any problems.
Ahoj, ďakujem za tvoj čas, vyzerá to pekne, akurát keď vstupujem na dráhu 13, píše tam 04. Zle som si to nainštaloval? Tiež som musel skopírovať súbory z Packages do comunity folder.
Ahoj. Skvela praca! Tesim sa, ze sa do toho pustil aj niekto iny ako ja 😊 a na letisko som nemal odvahu, takze dakujem! Akurat by sa mohol hecnut este niekto dalsi a spravit tie budovy rucne :/
Thank you!
Excellent!!!! Great job 😊 I like correction to autogen scenery.
Maybe one comment for all developers, if I may 😊 What about to agree on common system of Community folder names? I would suggest to start all Slovak files with prefix LZBB (name of Slovak Flight Information Region). Then airport, city, region or so. As an example: LZBB_LZIB_Airport_Scenery, LZBB_Castles, LZBB_Bratislava_City_Scenery etc.
hello but i have one question why are the airport buildings not sharp and they are like triangles am i doing something wrong?
Thank you! Konecne i letiste na Slovensku a zrovna Bratislava. Diky 😊
sorry, but for me doesn´t work from Community folder. Can you help me pls? where I should extract the zip file?
Can you please rename all folders to be the same at the beginning like "lzib" or "mb-airport-lzib"
Nice looking airport & I see a city in the distance, can't wait to see it. Never been to Bratislava in any sim before, Thank you !

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  • Version 1.1 November 11, 2020

  • Launched November 10, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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