EGGP - Liverpool John Lennon Airport - Upgrade

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Version 1.1
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United Kingdom

This is only usable by deleting the Asobo version

so I don't think this will be of much use to anyone any more after the UK update. I reckon I did a better job landside but who gives a toss? This version is now primarily for historians and people running out of space. 

Only been to Liverpool twice myself. Once for twenty minutes with a lass who only wanted to see the Cavern Club, the cabbie looked like he wanted to die when she said that, and to fly out to the Isle of Man for the TT as it was the only route that didn't cost a million quid. A fine airport indeed.  

All ground textures and markings have been stripped and replaced. Many buildings have been erased and replaced. Others have had better buildings rammed into their innards. The control tower is an, erm, unusual concoction but it is at least the correct height. The flying school up the end has been fleshed out. Loads of bits have been detailed. 

I've tried to match reality wherever possible but obviously there are limitations with the standard buildings. 

Since there is no yellow submarine available I have chosen to install an elephant driving a speed boat. Some may ask what that symbolises. This is for each of us to find out for ourselves.

For some reason many sites that I get to work on become heavily distorted when loaded in the editor and then loaded in the sim when done. Everything landside on this one had to be reflattened even though it's flat as standard. It's OK for me but if this mangles any parts of the airport for you let me know. I'll be very sad if it does. 

The original taxi system has been kept and in places this makes for some cheesy ground markings. Theirs, not mine. 

V 1.1

Is for the handful of storage misers and car park fetishists who still use this. The world update killed it. Now it's back to linger like a deformed uncle who's kept in the outhouse. 

Pretty empty over here.


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Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1 April 17, 2021

    Restores this orphan after the world update was nasty to it.

  • Launched November 10, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

GPS Coordinates 53.336119, -2.855026


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Very good scenry. Thank you Sir😊
I love the description on each of your uploads. Almost as fun as the upload itself. 😀
So After the Update 3 Which EGGP do you guys prefer? this one or the ASOBO hand made EGGP? I can't tell much difference between the two.

brilliant job ! just what we needed. any chance you could do manchester please. many thanks..
re your comment about car park(s). used to work for them/in them when liverpool airport moved from the old terminal to the new terminal.bank holidays and easter/christmas where fun trying to find space for the cars.
Thank you Superspud.
The apron lighting is pure sex.
I feel so warm and utterly satisfied just sitting there admiring the highlights on my knobs on the overhead panel of the A320.
The only problem so far encountered is the knowledge that there is a fully grown adult male bull elephant, sitting in a speedboat just over the fence.
I fear it would be most meat and right to file the flight plan in a most timely manner and then get the hell out of here (at fully V2+ALOT) before we succumb to the temptation to abandon the aircraft and walk around the corner to visit him and listen to his, no doubt, enthralling overtures.
Airport looks great! Only complaint is that none of the jetways make anywhere near the plane. Any way to get them to connect completely?
Fantastic job for this airport. thanks
Fantastic have been waiting for Liverpool, we now just need EGCC!
This airport is one of excellent freeware airports. Thank you very much for your contributions.
Thank you for this beautiful airport. Just flown in from Gatwick. Great work. Also your other sceneries you offer here. Top!
Finally made it out to Liverpool last night & what a surprise ! I had for some reason not realized how special this airport was. I obviously didn't get it from the pics but as soon as I got close I realized this as the real airport, payware quality IMO despite the yellow submarine being stood in for which has it's own charm. Very happy the airport completes the area with all the great add-ons for Liverpool making it 1 of the best places to visit. Thanks so much for this airport !
Fantastic who needs Orbx. Thank you for this love the UK flying.
Thanks a lot for this, the airport update makes a huge difference to me as I use this airport as my main base.
A doubt. Is this scenery compatible with this other?
Speke and Liverpool Airport.
Yet another great addition
Marvellous work, live near by and can now enjoy practice landings at JLA. Star!
You've been busy again I see
Fantastic another great one..Thanks.
Downloaded this last night and super impressed with the improvements already. Great work looking forward to your future updates.

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