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Project YVR - Vancouver International Airport (Early Access)

Meet Project YVR, an accurate freeware representation of Vancouver's International Airport. This mod is still under heavy development, with more handcrafted buildings and models arriving in the near future. Discover Canada's western gateway today, suitable for planes of all sizes!

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NOTE: As an optional feature, you can download Nool's VDGS module to get functional visual docking guidance systems at 33 gates in YVR. I cannot take responsibility for any issues you may encounter with the docking system, as I have not created it, however, I have encountered no issues with performance or stability so far during the testing phase.

Download: https://flightsim.to/file/39576/msfs-visual-docking-guidance-system

See it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef6VX1xvgKY

VDGS created by Nool Aerosystems


Meet Project YVR, a freeware mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator that features a completely custom modelled Vancouver International Airport. It also has new taxiway, runway, and apron textures and lines, corrected gate and parking numbers, correct taxiway names and signage (VATSIM ready), full airport night lighting, and more!

Project YVR is available in an early access state. This means that while the airport is functional, features are missing, like custom modelled buildings, interior modelling, or ground textures, to name a few. These will be implemented in future updates.

Performance was a major consideration when creating Project YVR, including optimization of textures and lighting. However, it is recommended to have a modern 10 series graphics card from NVIDIA or an AMD equivalent, with at least 16GB of RAM, and a modern 4-core processor for the best experience. Project YVR may run on systems below these specs, however, you may encounter performance issues, especially at night, which is heavier on frame rate.

To install Project YVR, unzip the zipped folder that you downloaded from flightsim.to, open the unzipped folder, and copy and paste the folder named 'joelster-airport-cyvr-vancouver' into your community folder. Installation size is approximately 400MB, subject to change with future updates.

Project YVR is made possible by free textures from AmbientCG and is driven by community feedback. If you would like to see a feature or a specific building's modelling priortitized, please add it to #suggestions on my Discord server: discord.gg/Dwtz6eCDNr


For my other projects to enhance your experience in the Vancouver area, check out my website here: https://projectvanformsfs.wixsite.com/vancouver/project-list

For a list of ILS frequencies and IDENTS: https://projectvanformsfs.wixsite.com/vancouver/yvr


Project YVR is non-commercial user generated content. For any copyright/legal concerns, or general inquiries, please contact me immediately at [email protected] 

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Intl. Airports
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March 11, 2022
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  • Updated to version 0.7

  • Updated to version 0.6.7

  • Updated to version 0.6.4

  • Updated to version 0.6.2

  • Updated to version 0.6

  • Updated to version 0.5.4a

  • Initial File Release


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7 month(s) ago


Navigraph Users: Your sim may load in YVR after your Navigraph data, causing issues with SIDS and STARS. This does not affect normal users. You will need to manually modify your content.xml file so that YVR is before Navigraph. A visual representation of how to do this is here: https://forum.navigraph.com/t/no-stars-into-kord/3939/7

Or, if you prefer not to edit xml files, you can follow Navigraph's official solution here: https://forum.navigraph.com/t/faq-scenery-file-re-organisation-initialization/4035

FPS/CTD issues: If you experience a CTD or low FPS on your first boot of the sim with the mod installed, a restart seemed to fix this issue for most testers. Your FPS may also be lower at night, so I recommend running this airport during the daytime only on lower end systems until I can implement a better lighting solution.

Sorry for the inconvinience, and happy flying!



3 day(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

fantastic addition, amazing for freeware guys - Sadly I go from an average 50 fps to 20 fps around the airport I hope this can be fixed as it makes it nearly unusable



25 day(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Great work you did.Sadly I had to remove this as it was causing my sim to freeze..



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Fantastic freeware. Is anyone working on GSX for this mod?



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Absolutely insane detail! Easily one of the best airports for MSFS, even being freeware. I can't wait to see the future of this scenery!



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Despite your busy schedule, I really appreciate all the details and care you put into your updates of my favourite airport! 😊



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

anyone else have problems with AI being unable to taxi out because they're too close to other AI parked at gates? they're getting the "caution other traffic" instruction from ATC and get stuck forever until the sim deletes them.

3 and a half stars, due of the lighting problem, please fix it thank you.



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Superb work!



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

i was finally able to spend some good time flying around the scenery and its really well done. Love the continuous updates and improvements & cant wait to see more!



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Looks good. Make those textures nice and dirty

a gtx 10 series card with 16gb ram? I am on a rtx 3090 which is superior in every way to the mid range gtx 10 series cards... I assume I will be able to run this airport without issues? I have 64 gb ram ddr4 fast ram and i9 10k board.

Any thought of including the surrounding airports - like CZBB Boundary Bay (the busiest airport in Canada for 2020) and CZXX Abbotsford?

CYXX Abbotsford guys



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Merci beaucoup, je trouve votre projet très prometteur. Excellent travail et bonne continuation.!!



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Can you guys do Calgary Intl. CYYC?

Are there any conflicts between the ILS updates and a Navigraph install? Will one over-ride the other?



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Outstanding effort, thanks for sharing your fine work with us. Look forward to future updates.



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Very well done my good man



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Just gave this a quick look at.... Great looking Project.... keep up the great work on this.... cant wait to see the finished product....



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by The_Joelster

Absolutely amazing. This is better than the CYVR payware airports IMO, which I've uninstalled to use this instead. And for what it's worth, I get no performance hit at night vs daytime, but as usual with MSFS experiences will vary of course depending on myriad factors. But fantastic job, this is excellent. The Fairmont modeling, the Arrival/Departures signs, just fantastic. I fly to/from Vancouver a lot in the sim, and this makes it that much more of a glorious experience. Cheers!

  • Version 0.7 August 07, 2022

    -Added basic interior modelling to all gates
    -Tweaked exterior modelling around Pier D & E
    -Nool VDGS Support (available separately, see link in description)
    -Added weather doppler radar model
    -Added cargo building model to the North
    -Added custom hangar next to the South runway
    -Fixes and improvements to modelling
    -Reduction in flickering
    -Lighting tweaks in Pier D

    File Size - 395MB

  • Version 0.6.7 June 05, 2022

    -New weathering and detailing on roof textures throughout the entire airport
    -Improvements to interior modelling at Pier A and B
    -New lighting models added to the rest of Pier D and Pier E
    -Minor tweaks and improvements

    File Size: 354MB

  • Version 0.6.4 May 13, 2022

    -Interior modelling for Gates B18-B26
    -New modelled lights for Gates D62-D67
    -Early car park model included

    File Size: 299MB

  • Version 0.6.2 May 06, 2022

    -Improvements to interior modelling in Pier D around Gate 53 and 71
    -Interior modelling for landside departures hall in Pier E
    -New ground markings for Pier E
    -Custom modelled engine testing facility near the south terminal
    -Various minor fixes and improvements

    File Size: 282MB

  • Version 0.6 March 28, 2022

    -Improvements to Pier D Modelling (Gates D54-D71)
    -Added basic Pier E Modelling (Gates D72-E88)
    -Handcrafted south terminal model
    -Improved runway wear markings
    -Fixed minor modelling issues
    -Fixed some glass flickering

    File Size - 277MB
    For more details on this update: https://projectvanformsfs.wixsite.com/vancouver/post/project-yvr-v0-6-patch-notes

  • Version 0.5.4a March 23, 2022

    -Fixed custom ILS systems not working in the sim
    -Fixed ILS IDENTS
    -Increased variation in runway wear and minor changes to textures

    This patch is strongly recommended for VATSIM users. A list of IDENTS and ILS frequencies for all runways at YVR is available here: https://projectvanformsfs.wixsite.com/vancouver/yvr

    File Size: 230MB

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

How do I install this?

Download the file, then right click on the folder that downloaded, and click unzip folder in the menu that pops up.

Then go inside the unzipped folder (which should pop up automatically once it's finished unzipping), and find the folder named "joelster-airport-cyvr-vancouver." Click once on the folder and click Ctrl + C to copy that folder. Then, find your sim's community folder, and press Ctrl + V to paste the mod.

If your install was successful, the airport should have an orange/yellow marker on it.

How detailed is the terminal's interior?

The terminal's interior has been completed to a high level of detail in terms of placement. This means that stores, gate seating area, and other details have been modelled inside the terminal.


What does early access mean?

This means most features of the mod should work, allowing for you to complete flights in and out of the airport without problems. However, textures and modelling may still be missing, as well as other features. These will be released through updates.

This includes handcrafted hangars, the South terminal, interior modelling, taxiway markings, etc.

How is the mod under 500MB?

As of writing this (July 29th), Project YVR v0.7 s around 400MB. This is because most textures used around the airport are procedural and re-used, in order to save space. I have instead prioritized the complexity of the models, however, MSFS does a good job of automatically unloading smaller objects as you get farther away from them, allowing me to add more detail to the airport through models, rather than baked in textures, without worrying about performance. I also use decals for weathering and repetitive details, so assets can be re-used, saving even more space. Project YVR will likely cross 1GB by v1.0, however, I will be making file size one of my priorities.

What is performance like?

The performance impact varies by system, but on most computers, it isn't as noticeable at daytime. Night time is more intensive on frame rate, due to the lighting system used throughout the airport which has been carefully tuned to look similar to the real life lighting at YVR. Moving your camera near or into the interior of a terminal can also reduce your frame rate, as the model complexity is quite high inside the terminal. At least a 10 series GPU and a modern 4-core processor is recommended for the best experience.


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