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Dundee Airport

Living in the local area made me annoyed that flight sim has a huge building in the middle of the main apron at Dundee airport. So I've attempted to remove it and add some more detail. This is a work in progress and hoping...

Living in the local area made me annoyed that flight sim has a huge building in the middle of the main apron at Dundee airport. So I've attempted to remove it and add some more detail. 

This is a work in progress and hoping to include more realistic buildings for the terminal, Tayside Aviation, and Dundee city as a whole. 

I'll try to keep working on this scenery for those who don't want to buy the ORBX Dundee scenery.

Known problems on the list to fix:
  • Taxiway and holding points markings being duplicated
  • Spawn area on main apron a bit buggy
  • Replace default buildings with more realistic models

Change log:
  • Better taxiway markings and parking spots
  • PAPI work. Runway 27 3.75 degrees, Runway 09 3.00 degrees.
  • Taxiway lights for taxiway A, B, and main apron.
  • Removal of 2d painted aircraft in ground from Bing maps 
  • Zip file.
  • Removal of some duplicated markings
If you enjoy the file please support me to make more.
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Thanks for your work ! A pleasure to land here with the accurate parking. The only problem is the two windsocks that don't indicate the same direction .

I installed this airport yesterday and when I tried taking off from the airport end of the runway (eastern) my Logitech x52 pro joystick refused to respond. It was worse than driving a Tesco trolley 😊 The steering was all over the place, the power was fluctuating and none of the controls would respond. My first thought was that my x52 config had gone wrong but after checking and rechecking and rechecking..... I went to bed last night unhappy 😞 This morning I took off from North Connel and flew to Dundee. All was well until I had touched down at the western end of the runway and taxied up to the southern end. All hell was let loose just exactly the same as when I tried to start a flight from that end the day before? I was so frustrated that I purchased the ORBX version for a tenner, works flawlessy definetly worth £10.00 😊

Two notice: two blinking aircraft: da62 and bonanza g36 and white walking figure (man without texture on airport apron). Correct this. Overall good job.
Thanks for the airport. Good work. I just flew into Dundee for the first time and noticed that there is a windsock problem. On both ends there are two windsocks pointing in opposite direction. Possibly due to that you placed the windsocks with a different heading than 0° in the editor. Could you check your version and possibly fix it?
See linked screenshots:
just what I needed but there is a freaky all white person on the ramp
Love it!

Would you mind having a look at Scone airport? Another brilliant little airport thats been short changed IMHO.
Great work mate!
Looks great, as a relative local (fife) it was a shame landing and seeing that ugly building, looking forward to visting it properly.

I don't know if you are willing to take requests but Fife Airport (EGPJ) could do with some improvement, the Ramp Area is sloped and the Fuel box is misplaced, plus has very limited ramp spaces. Anyway good work.
rar file no use to me . Any chance of zip version .
Is there any chance of adding the Tay Railway Bridge, please? It seems weird to fly into or out from Dundee and not see one of the most famous rail bridges in the UK.
really nice airport! just flew into it!, glad to see you know abt the PAPI, also im not sure if this is something related to the scenery, but when i requested taxi parking via ATC, they assigned parking but i could not acknowledge, only the Say again option was available, so maybe it has something to do with the parkings you mention in the desc. Great work!
No one would have believed that in the early years of the 21st century, the immense mind of Pilot Ryan would create such a thrilling recreation of Dundee Airport. 10/10 would download again. Hey heeeeeyyyy birddooogggg
Lovely job. Beats 'crashing' when pushing back because the parking spots are inside the building in the default airport! Slightly confused by a boat sitting beside one of the buildings though 😀
Great job! Could u have a go at the Law Hill statue please? 😊 Thanks for the scenery!

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