Yakutsk International Airport ( UEEE )

Yakutsk Airport is an international airport in the Far Eastern Federal District in the North-East of Russia. Located 7 km from the center of Yakutsk in the Gagarin district. From June 29, 2012, passengers will be served by a new terminal. The old building of...

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December 14, 2021
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Yakutsk Airport is an international airport in the Far Eastern Federal District in the North-East of Russia. Located 7 km from the center of Yakutsk in the Gagarin district. From June 29, 2012, passengers will be served by a new terminal. The old building of the Yakutsk airport has become a single whole with the new air terminal and is intended to serve passengers on international flights.

Joint Stock Company "Airport Yakutsk" is one of the leading airlines in the transport industry of Yakutia. It meets all certification requirements and is the only international airport in the republic.

Accepted aircraft types: An-12, An-24, An-26, An-28, An-30, An-32, An-72, An-74, An-124, An-140, An-148, Il- 62, Il-76, Il-96, Il-114, L-410, Tu-134, Tu-154, Tu-204, Tu-214, Yak-40, Yak-42, Airbus A310, Airbus A319, Airbus A320 , Airbus A321, Airbus A330, Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Bombardier CRJ, Bombardier Dash 8, Sukhoi Superjet 100, ATR 72 and other aircraft types of category A and B, helicopters of all types.

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4 month(s) ago

Сценарий работает только с DX11. При включении в настройках DX12 симулятор падает.

It’s crash to desktop while loading😭😭

после сентябрьского симапдейта у меня выкидывает на рабочий стол при появлении в Якутии (если сценарий удалить, то нет) 😞

Thanked by allexykt

Nice work, Thanks !

Thanked by allexykt

На 5-м скриншоте Ту-154 задвоенный

Hello. thanks for the scene. but she... not so much. The first time I just got stuck, the second time I landed I got half a working scenario + a terrible FPS drawdown.

Thanked by allexykt

This is really good! A tremendous effort with great quality static Russian aircraft, however, there appears to be an An-12 on one of the remote stand aprons without any textures and it stands out like a (very pink) sore thumb 😞 Otherwise, it's an amazing addition to one of the coldest cities on Earth! Thanks!

This scenery crashes the msfs 2020 while loading

Thanked by allexykt

Great job!

Thanked by allexykt

thank you for putting the Correct version 😊

nice scenery 😊

This is a joke? Why post a sccenery for X-Plane on the MSFS forum? Inside the archive, a scenery for X-Plane, but not for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 2.2 May 04, 2022

    Added and replaced statistical objects.
    Runway heights corrected.

    Добавлены и заменены статистические объекты.
    Исправлены высоты ВПП.

  • Version 2.1 March 07, 2022

    Bugs fixed.
    Added some objects.
    Remains of Li-2 that crashed on 12/27/1951 at a distance of 90 km were added. north of Yakutsk and a monument in memory of those killed near the crash site.

    Исправлены ошибки.
    Дополнены некоторые объекты.
    Добавлены останки Ли-2 потерпевший авиакатастрофу 27.12.1951 г. в 90 км. к северу от Якутска и памятник в память по погибшим недалеко от места крушения.

  • Version 2.0 January 12, 2022

    Brand new terminal buildings, Liner hotel, Yakutia airline, cargo terminal and some buildings. Added more lighting,
    P.S. This is the scenario for MSFS2020.
    Unpack the contents of the archive into the "Community" folder.

    Абсолютно новые здания терминалов, гостиницы "Лайнер", здания авиакомпании "Якутия", грузового терминала и некоторых зданий. Добавлено больше освещения,
    P.S. Это сценарий для MSFS2020.
    Содержимое архива распаковать в папку "Сообщество".

  • Launched December 14, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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