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Initial Release August 11, 2021
Last Updated September 30, 2021
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  • Version September 30, 2021

    Changes in version
    - Heading is now reported based on the "true" heading, rather than magnetic.
    - Altitude is now reported based on the indicated altitude, rather than the "raw" altitude from the simulator
    - Aircraft Type is now read from the simulator, rather than the user enter it

  • Version September 18, 2021

    Transmitter now tracks your last landing rate, and publishes it to the internet along with the rest of your data - so you can now see everybody's landing rates during group flights at the "Who's Online" page -

  • Version September 14, 2021

    * Checks for new versions automatically
    * Warns when closing the app if the simulator is still connected
    * Fixes several bugs
    * Simplifies the interface

  • Version September 11, 2021

    - The modal dialogs are gone that appear when connection is lost - it plays a Windows exclamation sound instead.
    - You can now minimize the application.
    - The aircraft data is hidden by default - there is now a view menu, through which you can expose it (or drag the bottom edge of the window down).
    - The notes box shows up, and works in concert with a new "Who's Online" page on the internet - available via a menu in the app.

  • Version August 25, 2021

    New notes feature, where the "Who's Online" page shows notes that can be updated in-flight.

  • Launched August 11, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Thank You so much for this littlew piece of software!

Our Group used JoinFS, because JoinFS showed up the Partners as AI, so that they are visible in LNM. But since update 6 JoinFS has problems to show the orientation of the other Airplanes. It look als if they fly sideways - in MSFS and in LNM - this of course looks very strange.

With Your transmitter we can use the native Multiplayer-System if the MSFS without missing an option to control the gang...

Nice, LNM needed something like this!

If as been able to do this since alpha, there has to be a way for them to get it to work natively. In the meantime, thanks!

Nice app and feature that MS doesn't bother to implement. Enjoy the group flight more. Hopefully setting LNM to poll every 2 second will not overload the server.

Hey, great little app!

I'm currently building my own webapp in PHP to help with flight planning, sharing and recording and your program looks really interesting! Is it possible to send the data stream to my webapp instead of your own php processor?

I'm assuming it's sending $_POST data to the receiving PHP file?

What a great idea, especially the possibility to see groupmembers.

I do know one other addon that should be able to show groupmembers only - FSBlackbox- , but it does not work at my pc.

Would it be possible to devellop your tool in a way it shows group members at the VFRMap in FS2020?



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by jonbeckett

set up as described in the above instructions... boom.. on the map... using the default settings it seems to work as described on the box. look forward to see if anyone ealse shows up as i was the only one flying using the transponder... great job.. look forward to improvements etc

Nice idea, but using standard POST php functions are just begging for a expoit hack to bring down the server, possibly look at using node.js over websockets for a realtime tidy json hook would be cleaner and not cause breaks in code



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by jonbeckett

What a great idea! Seems to me, Microsoft should make this a feature of MSFS.

Wow, a very interessting app ! Thanks.

Is it possible to create our own server?

If yes, how ?

does this only work with little navmap ?

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