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Temporary light fix the Asobo generic AI

Mod no longer maintained.

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August 07, 2021
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  • Updated to version 1.2.4

  • Updated to version 1.2.3

  • Updated to version 1.2.2

  • Updated to version 1.2.1

  • Updated to version 1.2

  • Updated to version 1.1

  • Initial File Release


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why have been deleted?

hello there, I am trying to use this fix but I dont know how. Can anyone help?

Tested and doesn't work with 777 , can anyone confirm? thanks

Is it possible to make the lights look more realistic? Because at a distance the lights appears as a solid block or red, green or white. Looks like an oversized pixel on the screen and doesn't look real at all.

pls can you add the light fot 777, 787 and 737 pls? or at least for 787 pls?

Would the "generic" file pertain to the JF Piper Arrow? I had issues with landing gear and instrument lights yesterday. I think you said the mod only applies to default planes though.

Could you please tell if it is compatible with other live trafic mods like model matching ? Thanks

if we fly with A320 it menas that the A320 from traffic won't have navlights?

Worked for a while. But with the actual G1000NX from the marketplace, the avionics does not start, when this mod is loaded.

And the workingtitle G3X mod, can not be deactivated, cannot change the CDI source and the autopilot is not working anymore. When removing your mod from my community folder, everything works fine as usual.

Just as a note. Took me a while to find this out.


The text in the remark.txt file is not clear:

"Move the mod folder related to the aircraft you want fly for yourself out of the community folder or the systems won't work!"

Could you provide one or 2 examples?



Great work thank you. Unfortunately it's not working with vatsim. Is it possible to fix these planes too?

Hi, what's the big generic folder? Can I leave this folder out and the IVAO folder if I don't use IVAO? Thanks.

noticed since the latest wu6 update that now some AI gen planes are invisible and can only see the lights

Hi- I've just tried this with VATSIM and it's not working for any of the traffic at night. I still just see a lot of dark airplanes 😞

Does this work for IVAO traffic?

thanks much appriciated

It worked for me! Thank you!

Love the MOD. But,

The latest version breaks the NXi 1000 avionics from Working Title in the C172 G1000. This is the package from the MSFS Marketplace and will be replacing the stock G1000. It causes the displays to be black with no way to turn them on. I remover from YOUR mod everything except the Asobo_Generic planes and it still breaks the displays. Not a big deal because when I go back to your previous version, it works fine.

Just letting you know in case you want to investigate because the NXI will be replacing the stock G1000, or so WT says.

Very, very good job.

The only issue I noticed, as now: using your MOD, if You choose the Cessna 152 for a flight, its secondary avionic (radio, VOR, etc.) doesn't work.

NOTICE: the older version doesn't show this issue, anyway.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.2.4 October 03, 2021

    added aircraft:
    -CS 772, 773 and 777F
    -Headwind A330neo

    -Asobo 787-10 Dreamliner
    The 78X is an encrypted premium aircraft so i hope i was able to make it work.

  • Version 1.2.3 September 26, 2021

    -Tried new values for the Asobo A320 in an attempt to improve lights possibly popping away from the aircraft.

  • Version 1.2.2 September 08, 2021

    - added lights for some IVAO models

  • Version 1.2.1 August 14, 2021

    - splitting the aircraft into their own mod folder in order to prevent possible problems after removing one

    - added the PMP A330 and the freighter version

    IMPORTANT: Move the mod folder related to the aircraft you want to fly yourself out of the community folder or the systems won't work!

  • Version 1.2 August 12, 2021

    - moved back to some Asobo light effects
    - added the remaining non-premium Asobo aircraft
    IMPORTANT: move the folder of the aircraft you are using yourself out of the mod folder

    i hope everything works

  • Version 1.1 August 07, 2021

    -Changed the light effects for the generic GA and private jet

  • Launched August 07, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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