Altisurface Notre Dame de la Salette LF3826 (LFPS)

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France Exclusive Drag and Drop

Altisurface Notre Dame de la Salette LF3826 (LFPS in MSFS)

My first release for MSFS which began with the aim to improve LF3826 and actually make it usable! One landing strip and two takeoff strips are now available. This isn't intended to be a like for like match with the real life strip so I've added a "ramp" with parking for two aircraft and a few other features and objects to make the user experience a bit more fun.

Please see the included PDF and image to understand the takeoff/landing procedures (there are also videos on youtube). Runway 19 is used for landing and there is a choice of 21 or 24 for takeoff.

Please let me know if you find any bugs, otherwise happy flying!

Current version: 2.0 (26/04/21)

Firstly, apologies for the delay in getting this working with WU4. I haven't been an active user of MSFS for a while and was only aware of the incompatibility a few days ago.

The strip has been fully reworked to take into account the new elevation data that came with WU4. There was a lot of work involved (pretty much the entirety of the project) so this will release as V2.

I haven't had much time to test this latest version so please let me know if there are any oddities/bugs/glitches and I will do my best to get them sorted ASAP.

I have quickly tested funtionality with the landing challenge based at LFPS that came with WU4 and it appears to be fully compatible.

Currently known issue (SDK limitation): Pushback/ground crew will sometimes spawn at the parking spaces. I'm still working on the .xml files to try and remove these and hope to have an optional update soon.

Pretty empty over here.


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Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 2.0 April 26, 2021

    Full rework to enable compatibility with WU4.
    Please let me know if there are any bugs.

  • Launched October 16, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Request: Compatibility fix for WU4
April 26, 2021
Thank you!
October 23, 2020

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Le mod est de bonne qualité et les textures sont sympas.

Malheureusement il est loin d'être réaliste, une rapide comparaison avec google Earth montre que le vrai altisurface ne ressemble pas du tout à ca. Pas de numéro de piste (juste de l'herbe), pas de double runway pour décoller... pas de barrières et pas de rochers à l'atterrissage

Thank you for updating this wonderful scenery!

Your return has been like when Gandalf disappears and shows up as Gandalf the White! Thank you!! 😀😀
Thank you so much for the update 👏
2.0 works beautifully, thank you very much. Just did a couple of landing challenges there, not a problem.
WOW! Now that's a proper roller-coaster of runway/landing strip! ;-p
Ouah ! Merci pour la mise à jour !
Please fix for the WU4 get-sucked-into-the-ground bug was introduced. 😃
il semblerait que la scene provoque un retour bureau avec la dernière MAJ😭
Really hope the author can update this for WU4!
i hope this gets updated with WU4
It did indeed break, a shame as one of my favourite airfields.
update broke the airport. I love him so much
thank you! very cool!
Thank you very much, very nice airstrip on very nice place
I love it!! the objects, the relief, the love creating it ... xD only disapointed me the autogen building against the monastery xD Thanks for this 😊

PD: the pushback worked can be removed with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8xtNGoK_3g
Please add the installation procedure, Folder, and other 😉
Problem for me : the upper platform (parking) is colored red and violet ?? Any solution for this problem ? Thanks
Brilliant. Even harder than in real life, due to stones, fences and higher trees, which are closer to the airstrip than in real life.
This is, BY FAR, the most difficult place to land that I have ever been!
The airstrip chart does say "Altisurface très difficile...", "Very hard mountain strip".
The CAP 10 is even more difficult to land as it is a taildragger!
Especially, with temporary instruments failures from ~4:32 to 4:40, 9:06 to 9:30,
and, on the approach to landing, from 13:06 to 13:36. I don't know what happened, but each time I flew close to the Basilica, my instruments temporarily failed. Watch the video and you will see...
An awesome touch-up to a challenging airport! However it seems to keep making my sim CTD with the new release?

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