Texture fix for SU5. 747/787/A320/A32NX/CJ4

Compatibility with Sim Update 5 has been confirmed.

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Hang on... did I miss something? I've been flying since SU5 and WU6, and I didn't even know there's a pink wing problem that requires a texture.cfg update.

Comparing the two Texture.cfg files from what I have with the one in this mod. I can see there are differences, but while it's obvious my current texture .cfg is still using an old fallback path, how come I never get a pink wing issue? This is an example for my FBW A32NX livery which I structured it to refer to the livery texture files that I put in the Asobo A320 instead. That way I can just download the same livery texture files but used in both Asobo A320 for Live traffic purposes, and the FBW A32NX for myself to fly without having duplicate texture files which takes up redundant spaces.









When I load the layout generator it doesn't have any function. I can't drag any of my layout.json files into it and the generator just says "press any key to exit" so I can't edit anything. Anyone have a work around for this?

Any chances to work it with A330?😊

This is great. Would not be great to write the tools to go recursive on all liveries. ?

Saying this because of Vatsim as we have lot of liveries....It is difficult to update one by one.


i still getting pinkish wing on 787 how to fix it

I have lots of liveries. Is there a quick way to do this?

Hi, there love the fix but it now working for me the livery that has the issue is Britsh Avgeek 787 livery for MEMBERS only and the wings are purple and checker and did everything that it says still nothing! PLS help!

kind of works for the wings on the 787 but now I'm getting pink wireframe around the fuselage and pink patches.

Did as instructed,

replaced the texture file in E:...\Boeing 787\Asobo_b787_Qatar\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_B787_10-qatar\TEXTURE.Qatar

then dragged the layout.json file from

E:\...\Boeing 787\Asobo_b787_Qatar to the MSFS Layout generator

If i did something wrong then let me know.

great job, could you put one in for the cj4 as well as ive been shown a few liveries on that are messed up. Thanks

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