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Fantasy of Flight (FA08)

Some libraries are required for this scenery to display as intended! Please see Dependencies! Before leaving a rating, please consider that this is currently a development release and not everything is going to be perfect! Please help out by reporting any issues in the...

File Information
Some libraries are required for this scenery to display as intended! Please see Dependencies!

Before leaving a rating, please consider that this is currently a development release and not everything is going to be perfect! Please help out by reporting any issues in the comments below! (Also, see Know Issues, below)

Located in Polk City, Florida, Fantasy of Flight is home to Kermit Weeks collection of vintage aircraft.

This scenery is based on the original FSX scenery by Vassilis “Dimus” Dimoulas, and has been "converted" to MSFS with his permission! Although I say converted, the models and their textures are the only thing that remains from the original scenery. The airport has been rebuilt from the ground up using MSFS native models, materials, and more!

Improvements have also been made to the original objects, improving performance by reducing drawcalls and adding LoDs. Some models have also seen some other improvements, including fixes and increased texture resolution by means of AI software.

As of now, this release currently includes the following features:

  • 15cm/px aerial imagery - Color-matched to the surrounding Bing imagery.
  • 3-Meter Digital Elevation Model.
  • Many custom models, including buildings and static aircraft.
  • Detailed placement of object libraries, including vegetation, fences, clutter, animals (static), and more!
  • Includes improved road and markings: Broadway Blvd SE (559), which runs along the entrance to FoF.
  • Improvements to many lakes and ponds in the surrounding area.



The "esd-airport-fa08-fantasy-of-flight" folder should be placed into your MSFS "Packages\Community" folder. The addon scenery will load the next time you start Microsoft Flight Simulator.


This scenery is based on the original FSX scenery by Vassilis “Dimus” Dimoulas. Emerald Scenery Design has obtained permission to bring his creation to MSFS and credits him for his outstanding work!


Fantasy of Flight is currently a dev release, which is only available to download at flightsim.to. If you find this addon uploaded anywhere else other than this source, please report it to me via PM on flightsim.to or contact me through the following form (https://emeraldscenerydesign.com/contact/). Redistribution of this addon is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.


Before commenting, please understand that this is a development release, which is not perfect! The following are current known issues:

  • Some models (such as runway warning signs) are not placed as accuratly as they could be. This is because each model places 2 signs at once. This will be fixed in the future, but requires a complete overhaul of the model.
  • Photogrammetry is available in the area. The scenery will work with it, but there will be some slight elevation differences that may cause certain objects to float, as well as other cosmetic issues. I have tried to mitigate this as best I can in v0.5.0, however Asobo will ultimately need to address issues with photogrammetry.
  • The airport name currently displays as the old designation. This has been corrected in the scenery, however MSFS does not update this information for existing airports at the moment.

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florida kermit weeks esd
Sim Update 10 0 0
Initial Release
June 17, 2021
Last Updated
2 month(s) ago — 0.5.0



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  • Updated to version 0.5.0

  • Updated to version 0.4.3

  • Updated to version 0.4.2

  • Updated to version 0.4.1

  • Initial File Release


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© Emerald Scenery Design & Vassilis "Dimus" Dimoulas - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden. This Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on was created by Emerald Scenery Design & Vassilis "Dimus" Dimoulas and shared in Scenery Enhancements » Regional Airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


is this right off I4? I pass it often



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by rotornut44

Beautiful, thanks!

Hello there!

Can you help me? It seems like altough I have all the required libraries extracted into the community folder, when I load it up in the game, none of the objects have textures and are pink.

Nice job though!

I love this scenery but recently discovered that it conflicts with the 4 seasons payware mod. The ground texture throughout the airport becomes pink, like a missing texture, with the 4 seasons mod installed. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed.

EDIT: This is fixed in the latest seasons mod. Disregard!



1 year(s) ago / Thanked by rotornut44

Hello rotornut44 your scenery is a masterpiece, thank you for this beautiful add on!

I grabbed the MILVIZ-Corsair and flew like kermit weeks two rounds over the place with a sightseeing flight over polk city and lakeland afterwards. You find the video here: https://youtu.be/X8erV3Qv5d4

Many greetings and keep it up!

Hi this is a great scenery that I have been flying from since its release but having installed the last MSFS update and Nvidia driver the other day the grass texture in the airport appears green! No other airport has this issue! Anyone had else had this issue?

Please don't bury the proper folder 3 folders deep after extraction.



1 year(s) ago / Thanked by rotornut44

Awesome. Love watching Kermit Weeks videos on youtube and was super impressed with this version.

Thank you

Why not just use polygons with exclude TIN/MSBldg/DetBldg to remove the photogrammetry you don't want? (That's what I used when I did KCON, that and vegetation polygons to cover up photogrammetry vegetation).



1 year(s) ago / Thanked by rotornut44

A big thank you to Chris for the effort he did to optimize the work I had done on this for FSX as a rookie scenery builder and all the great stuff he has added and created from scratch. I also had never been to the place but have received very good help in photos and info from Cermit's crew when I first made the scenery for FSX.

It is great to have this in MSFS!

Great work!

As an FYI: There is no such thing as MSFS 2020. The year 2020 has never, ever appeared in the product name. It is just MSFS.



1 year(s) ago / Thanked by rotornut44

What a talent you have! You have created a wonderful atmosphere of this actual airfield with some great detail. I visited this museum years ago, and still hold fond memories of the flight simulator experience they provided inside one of the buildings. You actually go thru a briefing in the briefing room before you go out and get into the physical cockpit of the simulator. You flew combat against other pilots via networking then came in and landed. Graphics were pretty simple compared to today's MSFS 2020. Nice Job! Look forward to any updating you do on this field.

I've been to Fantasy of Flight twice and you have done the place justice. You've captured the Art Deco feel and done a magnificent job. Even with the photogrammetric scenery on, it still looks great. I only noticed the burn-in from the Connie, but your Connie sits perfectly over it and the shadow almost perfectly covers it.

Just one favor to ask. The name of the place, as you so delightfully rendered at the front gate, is Fantasy of Flight, Not "Worlds Greatest Aircraft Collection". Could you please use the formal name on the world map, so we can search for the place when setting our destinations?

Great work, many thanks!

So excited to see this! I was recreating one of Kermit's YouTube videos and, while it was fun to get up to altitude and see the satellite imagery of his planes at the airport, obviously the scenery was really disappointing.

I would expect most folks won't want to turn photogrammetry off. Wouldn't an exclude polygon excluding TIN in the area allow the sim setting to stay on while fixing the problems around the airport? (At least, that's how I believe it's supposed to work from the couple of airports I've made. I also realize with the current state of the sim not everything works as you'd expect! 😊 )

Thank you so much for doing this! What a great addition!

Thank you so much for bringing this scenery into MSFS, it looks fantastic! I am going to be flying here a lot, as I did in FSX.

Thank you soo much for this! I didn't think I'd see this happen in FS and you did it. Amazing job!

Nice start. Thank you. Do they really have a Lufthansa Constellation? Exactly the same plane is standing at Munich airport 😊

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Remove aircraft/building textures from photogrammetry.
⌛ On Hold

Estimated 16 Feb 2022 » Aircraft, buildings and other objects show in the photogrammetry ground textures. I am investigating a way to hide these. **Estimated release is added only because it has to be. Timeframe currently unknown.**
RC Aircraft Field
⌛ On Hold

Estimated 20 Dec 2021 » There is a RC Aircraft flying field near FoF that Kermit has landed at a few times. I intend to eventually add a lite rendition of this strip that could be landed at with STOL aircraft. STATUS: Not yet started. **Estimated release is added only because it has to be. Timeframe currently unknown.**
PBR building/object textures
❗ Investigating

Estimated 31 Oct 2021 » A lot has to be done before this can happen. Expect a gradual roll-out over time. **Estimated release is added only because it has to be. Timeframe currently unknown.**
Remove ground service equipment
✅ Finished

Estimated 21 Aug 2022 » I'm hoping to eventually be able to remove the ground service equipment (tugs, busses, ect) that sometimes show up around parking spots. Unfortunately, the available method to do this affects the entire region and can cause conflicts with other addons. So, this will not be done until is can be set up for individual airports.
Remove runway light effects
✅ Finished

Estimated 04 Dec 2021 » With the popular vote favoring realism, the runway light effects will be removed in the next update. STATUS: Done. Available in next release.
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 0.5.0 July 17, 2022

    - Added a 3-Meter Digital Elevation Model for improved terrain definition.
    - Added Amazon Fulfillment Center building off RW04 approach.
    - Added tour Golf Cart on the main ramp.
    - Added small shed at the end of RW32.
    - Adjusted TIN exclude poly to follow natural borders and be less noticeable. Note: As of SU9, this photogrammetry exclude also removes the aerial textures that come with it. This causes an unavoidable hard-edge around the border.
    - Finished placement of seaplane ramp access road fencing.
    - Fixed centerline paint at parking lot entrance.
    - Improved 15cm Aerial Imagery: Recolored to match new default aerials in WU10, removed several footprints from the imagery, & improved edge blending in a few areas.
    - Improved Runway Markers: Cleaned up duplicate vertices, added face to underside of marker top (LOD0 only), new UV unwrap, reworked PBR materials, reworked and optimized LODs.
    - Refined multiple water polygons in the scenery for compatibility with WU10.
    - Removed a glitched water exclude that was also excluding trees.
    - Removed some stray trees near the storage buildings.
    - Removed some water polys that were no longer needed.
    - Replaced Tractors with Emerald Object Library model ("BeeKay-Pack1" in no longer required).
    - Replaced Windsock with Emerald Object Library model ("Windy Things" is no longer required).
    - Tweaked elevations of several models in the scenery to match new DEM.
    - Tweaked LOD trigger distances for: Runway Markers, Water Tower.

  • Version 0.4.3 January 07, 2022

    Note: The folder name has changed in this release!

    - Added fuel pump model near tank on the West ramp.
    - Added fuel refill spot/spawn.
    - Added more models around the airport:
    > Tractors added across from main ramp. (Requires "BeeKay-Pack1" - Optional)
    > Missing Pump Jacks added near the Interstate.
    > Rolled some new hay bales near the Museum Lite ramp.
    - Added services.xml to remove ground service equipment from parking spawns.
    - Adjusted apron tile texture on the main ramp to the correct orientation.
    - Adjusted runway start positions.
    - Excluded default road lights from parking lot.
    - Improvements to aerial imagery.
    > Fixed a seam in the imagery.
    > Removed traffic footprints from interstate.
    - Removed light effects from Runway Markers.
    - Removed stray taxi nodes.
    - Replaced fencing near Museum Lite main entrance (Blocking the road) to be more realistic.
    - Reworked and added aprons around Museum Lite building entrances.
    - Reworked, repositioned, and added more parking spawns.
    - Runway entrances & intersection now have 2 markers on each corner.
    - Changed folder name & file structure. (Remove old version from community folder!!)
    - Changed FoF access road links from type "taxi" to "road" to fix issues in SU7.

  • Version 0.4.2 July 16, 2021

    - Added barrier fencing and more clutter items around the main ramp.
    - Added custom globe pole lights. (Requires Emerald Object Library update!)
    - Added light effects to airport buildings and runway lights.
    - Added LODs to more models to further improve performance.
    > Boardwalk, Storage Buildings, Tables, Tents, Water Tower
    - Added water to many ponds around the area.
    - Adjusted position of SW Building (main ramp), as it was misplaced by a few meters.
    - Adjusted position of storage buildings.
    - Fixed an issue where two apron materials were conflicting on the main ramp.
    - Fixed an issue where photogrammetry would override certain terraforming changes.
    - Fixed missing seat-backs on chairs in Tent model.
    - Fixed some stray and missing trees around Little Lake Agnes.
    - Fixed water on Lake Helene, including a few nearby ponds.
    - Improved aerial textures by removing more object/building footprints.
    - Improved fencing around museum lite ramp.
    > Extended and fixed sections of fence near handicap parking.
    > Replaced a section with barrier fencing (Based off of a recent video).
    - Improvements to Lelynn RV Resort. (Still a WIP - This place is huge..)
    > Added more RVs.
    > Added improved road textures throughout the resort.
    > Excluded many buildings and trees conflicting with RVs (heh).
    > Improvements to positioning and orientation of some RVs.
    - Optimized aerial imagery to reduce file size.
    - Removed 1235 hidden triangles from the Tables model. (~32% reduction!)
    - Removed grass from under the Museum Lite building.
    - Removed stray trees around several lakes and ponds in the area.

  • Version 0.4.1 June 19, 2021

    - Added LODs to some models to further improve performance.
    > "Museum Lite" Hangar.
    > SE Building
    > Fence Elements (Brick Stucco)
    > Fuel Tank
    > RVs/Campers
    > PBY Catalina
    - Added new water polys for Lake Agnes, Little Lake Agnes, and a few other nearby bodies of water.
    - Adjusted positioning of static DC-3 near Interstate 4.
    - Adjusted height of old corral fence.
    - Excluded TIN around the airport for better compatibility with photogrammetry.
    - Fixed transparency of the fence near the main building entrance.
    - Fixed transparency of the Orlampa Conference Center sign at the Museum Lite hangar.
    - Improvements to Lelynn RV Resort, adding some missing RVs and excluding some buildings (WIP - Still a lot to do here).

  • Launched June 17, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

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Pink ground textures when using the "4 Seasons Pack" addon.

If you experience pink ground textures in the scenery and have Bijan's "4 Seasons Pack" installed, please make sure that it is updated to the latest version!

Older versions referenced a default material used in FoF which caused a conflict.


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70 USD

I have always really appreciated and admired the incredible work you have done in FSX, P3D and now MSFS. You have a real tallent for scenery design and a great eye for detail! It is reflected in the lengths you go to bring life and realisim to the scenery you create. Hope this helps a little and keep up the great work!




Thank you for bringing a little TLC to my home area. :)


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