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Version 1.1.3
Initial Release June 15, 2021
Last Updated August 18, 2021
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  • Version 1.1.3 August 18, 2021

    # Update 1.1.3
    * FIXED: Stats position and readability in VR mode have been corrected.
    * FIXED: Setting EnableShiftZShortcut to false had no effect after update 1.1.2.
    * FIXED: Coordinates format (Lat, Lon) has been corrected.
    * IMPROVED: "Shift + z" keybind and toolbar icon handling rewritten.
    * IMPROVED: Autopilot lever state of PMDG DC-6 is no longer changed when cycling stats.
    * IMPROVED: "Toggle HUD" keybind changed to angle bracket key "<", ">".
    * ADDED: Stats can now be moved freely in VR mode (press ctrl and click on stats).
    * ADDED: New user configurable parameter: "ISATemp".

  • Version 1.1.2 August 16, 2021

    # Update 1.1.2
    * FIXED: TopRight position is now displayed correctly on wide screen resolutions.
    * IMPROVED: Position is now updated on simulator window resize.
    * IMPROVED: Autopilot of Just Flight PA28 and PMDG DC-6 is no longer overridden when pressing shift+z.
    * IMPROVED: userconfig.ini parameter values are now case insensitive.
    * ADDED: New user configurable parameters: "OutsideAirTemp, PressUnit, TempUnit".

  • Version 1.1.1 August 07, 2021

    # Update 1.1.1
    * FIXED: Pressing "shift + z" no longer interferes with the master autopilot switch.
    * IMPROVED: Frame rate statistics are now correct when VSYNC is disabled.
    * IMPROVED: Updated readme file with instructions and all available parameters.
    * ADDED: New user configurable parameters: "AltitudeAgl, AltitudeBaro, BaroPressure, QNHSetting, HeadingTrue, TrueAirspeed, AirSpeedGround, WindDirection, WindSpeed, FuelRemainingGallons, FuelRemainingPounds, VerticalSpeed, AngleOfAttack, TimeUTC, TimeLocal, TimeSystem".

  • Version 1.1.0 August 05, 2021

    # Update 1.1.0
    * FIXED: Compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator version
    * IMPROVED: Lowered default position to make room for the developer toolbar.
    * ADDED: The stats can now also be shown on the top right of the screen.
    * ADDED: The toolbar icon can be hidden through a user config option.

  • Launched June 15, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Once you change sim rate it will never go back to 1 (normal)

it will either be 0.5 or 2. is this a f-asobo issue or the plugin issue?

Been using this nice addon for a long time. But the reported FPS is now often way off (lower) compared to the developper's mode.

This currently breaks the new minimal hud option after SU7. If you select the minimal hud it always shows the full hud with this mod installed.

mod vers.1.1.3-All works fine in VR after Ctrl+0 !!!



9 day(s) ago / Thanked by AmbitiousPilots

Amazing, Thank You..

Only problem I had was when I used it in VR it would SLOWLY (every 30+ sec, sorry didn't time it) cycle through the defined [TextInfo.x] as if I was pressing Shif+Z, which I wasn't. I changed mine to only 1 [TextInfo] will see how goes it, not a terrible just though I mention it. Maybe just a fluke.

Not correct in 1.21.13 in VR

move window dos not works's issue not this mod!!! it problem of 1/21/13 update !!! left key mouse dos not work anywhere in VR!!!

Fantastic app! finally a way to see FPS on screen when in VR! I did notice though that when you have the app on screen that some of the cockpit buttons won't respond to the mouse, so some of the soft keys on the garmin 1000 and a few other cockpit switches. If you toggle off the app using the toolbar at the top, then the mouse interaction works again on all cockpit switches/keys. Love the app, thank you.

Is it possible at all to have the GPS coordinates as decimal degrees rather than Lat/Lon? Thanks!

Love this tool, I notice in the C172 Classic when I click on the AP master the modes flicker then it goes off, only way I can use the AP is if I use CTRL a to turn on the Autopilot, the issues disappears if I remove the shift Z tool



I confirm what another user has reported - after SU6 Shift-Z causes the menu arrow to stay on the screen all the time. Would be great if you could investigate. Thank you for this great mod.

Hi, After SU 6, with ShiftZ Stats installed, it doesn't allow the "Arrow" menu at the top of the screen to fade away. With ShiftZ Stats removed from my Community folder, the Arrow menu does fade away. I have tested this on two separate systems and with nothing other than ShiftZ Stats in the Community folder with the same results. Version 1.1.3

Great to have this tool in MSFS! Thanx a lot 👍

Unfortunately (at least) in 1.1.3. there's a serious bug with the AP FMA.

If you are disengaging the AP, the green AP engaged FMA stays ON,

despite the AP being OFF.



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by AmbitiousPilots

Einfach genial. Danke Dir.



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by AmbitiousPilots

Great addon! Is it possible to set text position a little bit higher in config? I'm not using developer bar.



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by AmbitiousPilots

This is awesome!

One question, or request, flying the DA62 and the fuel remaining in pounds is off by a decent percentage. Am I right to suspect that this is the discrepancy between AVGAS and JET-A fuel? Is there any way to change the conversion rate or change the fuel type based on aircraft?

I'm using an older version which allows me to alter the config file to give me larger text.I downloaded the last version and there wasn't a config file so reverted to the older one.I won't be downloading this one for the same reason.........................



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by AmbitiousPilots

Thx for the great tool!



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by AmbitiousPilots

Bless you man, finally got a way to find out wind and simrate FINALLY!

Is there any chance that you can change the FRAMES/SEC text to FPS?

Would really love to see rgba supported for the text color, not just the background color. I would also be willing to make a donation in order to remove the red text author tagline that pops up each time I turn it on. Thanks for the great ultilities!

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